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Urban Legend Eating Monkey Brains

Updated on September 16, 2014


Monkey in cage - zoo
Monkey in cage - zoo | Source
Monkey with potato chips
Monkey with potato chips | Source

Monkey Brains

I can understand how some people might believe this because there are a lot of strange things that are true. Also people can be true. Just because something does not sound right does not always mean it is not true.

I read about this first in a book that I was reading. It had included a description of people being in a huge Asian restaurant in an out of the way country in China. The diners at the other table had ordered monkey brain. The little monkey was brought out ready to be eaten. The top of its head was taken out. It was then stuck in the middle of the table with its head sticking out to show the brain. Then the people began to eat at the monkey. It was a horrible story that had me pretty angry. It was a work of fiction but it did seem to have been taken from something in real life.

There is another part to the legend that shows something else about it. The story was that the monkeys were being kept in a cage before they were to be eaten. When the cook would come over to get a monkey to take out, the monkeys would get together and choose the weakest one. The monkeys hold the weakest one together to give it to the chef. I think that says something else about the legend and what it was. It is a very cruel idea. It is not something that I think the monkeys would be doing at that point. They would more likely gang up together against the cook if at all possible. It is an idea of human nature. It is also of the lowest sort.

Other people get the idea partly it seems from the Indiana Jones movie the Temple of Doom. They serve monkey brains in the movie. They would seem to have been already dead then.

Just because a person says it is so, does not mean that something is absolutely true. It turns out that just about the whole thing is more or less the work of active minds in fiction. It is from what I have read all an urban legend. It is something that sounds terrible and people hear about. It may even have come true maybe some time or another. But it does not happen all the time or with any regularity. People can do strange things but all people will only put up with so much. I don't think that many people really want to deal with a screaming monkey next to them at the other table. It is a grotesque scene for fans of horror movies.

Another thing one could think about for it is that I know the French have a dish of brains. It is called cervelle de veau. It is calf brains that they serve. It is under a French name of course. It was in an English TV movie years ago. The English waiter was teasing and trying to get to know an English tourist in France. He served her the evening meal. It was, you guessed it, the calf's brain. I think I remember that the English lady had then freaked out and run upstairs to her room at the inn. He was not really a good waiter. You see he should have asked her what she wanted for dinner. I don't think it would be the best thing to try to serve to tourists.

There are other creepy things that it looks like people are actually serving. It according to one place has a dish that is served in Japanese sushi restaurants of live fish. I don't think that all of the dishes are really urban legends. There is a lot of strange food served that I would not want to eat. I am not the only one that does not want to eat it.

People are also supposed to be at risk to get a disease if they eat simian brains also. It makes sense because I think our makeup is so similar to the monkeys.

One of the girls at work a time before had a monkey fur coat. I never really liked her.

Monkey Eating


Monkey Eating


Urban Legends

Urban Legends are ideas that seem as if they could be true in the city. The ideas get spread around so much that many people actually believe it. It was probably started as a joke or by someone making up a story to get attention. It is usually if you listen to it a little scary. It sounds like something that would make your worried. It is a little strange and you don't really want it to happen. Well, it most probably did not happen. As a matter of fact, people that know what they are talking about know that it is not true.

An example of an urban legend would be the alligators left in the subway in New York. I still hear about it really. The idea was that people were buying the alligators as babies. Then when they got too big they would flush them down the toilet. The kid probably would not know what happened to it. The alligator would end up in the sewer. Then it would get bigger. The alligator would be able to survive because it could eat all the garbage that was down there in the sewer.

It turns out that it was all made up. It would be an impossible thing to happen. It was believed by many people in New York City. It is not really that far fetched to think of. As a matter of fact, one of the bosses at the companies in New York City had been discussing keeping an actual live alligator in his basement. I am not sure of the exact reason he was keeping it. It seemed to have been one of those things where he kept it to impress people. But it was kept in the basement.

Before seeing this site, I had seen them telling about eating monkey brains before on the Internet. I had seen it before when I was looking it up. They had pictures with it of the people eating. I was beginning to get suspicious. I had seen then somewhere else on it that it was not really true.

I looked it up this legend on, a respected Internet site for urban legends, and it was not there at all. I think they just may not have it on there yet. There was discussion about it on their message board. The ones discussing it thought it was not true and gave their reasons. I have quite a bit of information about eating live monkey brains saved to show that it is not true. It is something that was talked about to shock people. It was not really done. They do in some Asian places eat monkey meat.

Another episode of this sort is what they have been telling on the Internet about the donkey met from a live donkey. It states that the donkey's legs are held and they begin cutting the meat out. People are not quite going for the idea. It is rather disgusting I know that. They think that it is probably made up. They are saying that it may most probably be another urban legend. The idea for one thing, is that they would be wasting money by doing that and not just selling the donkey.

The Princess and the Monkey

The Princess and the Monkey
The Princess and the Monkey | Source

Monkey Brain

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