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Creepy Urban Legends Based Around Creepypasta

Updated on March 11, 2015

Creepypasta is a popular website based on user generated content. Content is mostly centered on user submitted horror stories, images, videos and urban legends. A lot of the stories and content has gone viral. Many of the urban legends I previously spoke about have origins and have first made its rounds on Creepypasta (like the Grifter) Here are a few examples:

Illustration of Slenderman
Illustration of Slenderman | Source
Slender Man graffitti art
Slender Man graffitti art | Source


Slenderman is a popular urban legend and internet meme. The first pictures of Slenderman were first uploaded on June 8th 2009 by Eric "Victor Surge" Knudsen. Soon the sightings and images of Slenderman appeared all over the world and shared.

Slenderman is a supernatural entity described as a very tall “slender” and faceless man that wears a dark or pinstripes suit and tie (and sometimes a fedora, bowler styled hat). P.S Slenderman sounds stylish to me! This man is pale, featureless and faceless with tentacle like arms, is between 6- 15 feet tall, and can teleport and read minds. His torso and limbs can stretch to supernatural lengths and he is able to turn his fingers into tendrils. Slenderman often appears in the forest and abandoned places. In this legend, Slenderman targets, stalks, kidnaps, and sometimes kills his victim. Many of his victims simply disappear without a trace.

In recent times Slenderman inspired crimes have appeared in the news. The most popular is a May 31 2014 stabbing where two Waukesha, Wisconsin 12 year olds stabbed a class-mate 19 times. These attackers wanted to be “proxies” (equivalent to followers) of Slenderman and felt they need to murder their classmate to get Slenderman’s attention. They were charged with the attempted murder of a friend and are currently on trial. The most recent story happened on September 4th, 2014 in Port Richey, Florida. Where a 14 year old girl set her house on fire, while her 9 year old brother and mother were inside. It was reported that this girl had been reading stories of Slenderman.

Jeff the Killer
Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer

Jeff the Killer was first noticed as a Creepypasta story and meme that centered on a serial killer that stabbed his victims to death in their beds. Jeff the Killer began his killing spree by killing his parents and brother. His appearance is up to debate but it is often and consistently depicted as a person without a nose, a pale face, lidless eyes, and a creepy smile ear to eye (much like the Joker in Batman). Some say his face was burned off in an accident involving acid. Some say one night he cut his eyelidsoff so he couldn’t sleep and he cut his mouth to permanently smile ear to ear. A lot of people believe and prefer this version (since it’s in the original story) This killer often hides in closets and is known for his “Go to Sleep” quote that he tells his victims before he kills them. Jeff the killer is at large.

SCP Foundation Logo
SCP Foundation Logo
A classified picture of an SCP
A classified picture of an SCP
SCP creature
SCP creature

The SCP Foundation

The SCP Foundation which stands for secure, contain, and protect, is a foundation that first appeared online in 2007. There isn't much about this foundation background, other than the fact that it's a secret government organization with classified experiments and research.

Even so, this foundation is devoted to cataloging and experimenting abnormal, and paranormal objects and creatures called SCPs. They hope to protect the public by understanding the biological nature of SCPS. The SCP Foundation also experiments on death row inmates.

Normal Porn Home-screen Screenshot 1
Normal Porn Home-screen Screenshot 1
Normal Porn Screenshot
Normal Porn Screenshot

Normal Porn For Normal People

This urban legend is based on a chain letter that urged a select group of people to go on the website, titled Suggesting it was for the good of mankind these visitors were met with a seemingly ordinary website that had the line “Normal Porn for Normal People, A Website Dedicated To The Eradication of Abnormal Sexuality.” Most of the people left the site immediately, but for the ones that stayed were left with a disturbing discovery. There was a wall of words on this website that turned out to be links to videos. When clicked on these links reveal various shocking videos. An example is a video titled, “privacy.avi”. In this shocking video there is a legless masked man walking on his hands while a woman masturbating on a bed. Towards the end of this video an animal is seen running through a hallway. Other video links are a bit more graphic. Forums describing the videos appeared online everywhere. No one really knows who created this site.

The Rake
The Rake

There are plenty other Creepypasta viral urban legends (such as The Suicide Portrait, the Smiling dog, or the Rake). By the way these urban legends are NOT TRUE/FAKE/UNREAL!! Even so, I hope this scares you silly!. If you have any obscure urban legends and myths to share please comment below. Thank You!

Have you ever heard of any of these urban legends?

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  • NateB11 profile image

    Nathan Bernardo 

    4 years ago from California, United States of America

    I'm not sure how to explain it. The bizarre nature of the legends; the weird long limbed guy, that these things seem to drive people crazy literally (as the legends go), that it plays at the weird parts of the mind. I hadn't heard of the Suicide Mouse (just realized this is from your other article, I read that one too), that was fascinating; it's quite a juxtaposition to have Mickey Mouse get creepy in any way. The picture of Jeff the Killer is very disturbing, and that fascinated me too.

    I'd say the images especially attracted me. I guess I always get fascinated by anything outside the norm.

  • danicole profile imageAUTHOR


    4 years ago from United States

    Oh thank you!!!! It is fascinating!!! If you like this hub, feel free to check out my other hub on Scary Internet Urban Legends based on Videos!!! That gave me a good fright!!!! Btw what interested you in this hub?

  • NateB11 profile image

    Nathan Bernardo 

    4 years ago from California, United States of America

    This kind of stuff is totally fascinating to me, so many intriguing elements.


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