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Uric Acid Test Kit: How Accurate Is It?

Updated on May 30, 2016
Blood test.
Blood test.

What is Uric Acid?

Uric Acid is the byproduct obtained by the body during the metabolic breakdown of purine, which makes up the human DNA and RNA nucleoside base and is found in variety of food and drinks.

However purine is also the reason behind high uric acid level in the bloodstream called hyperuricemia. The abnormal rise of uric acid leads to many illnesses such as the most prominent inflammatory arthritis: gout.

With thousands of people afflicted with gout from across the globe, many individuals are looking for ways to watch out for their uric acid blood level and avoid the painful attack of this arthritis.

Thus, the use of uric acid test kit is being recommended in order to help in early identification of hyperuricemia, and for some people, with no history of this condition, to altogether avoid the said illness.

So now, many are asking if uric acid test kits are really an accurate tool for monitoring the uric acid in the body. So, here are some guidelines so you can easily understand the readings in this tool.

Uric Acid Test Kit Features

Uric acid test kits are questioned for its accuracy, but in reality, it would only give a correct result with proper usage. Most of the uric acid test kits available online contain the following apparatus:

• Test Meter

• Battery

• Monitor Checker

• Test Strips

• Lancing Apparatus

• Code Card

• User Guide/Manual

• Log Book

Blood and Urine Test

Typically, blood testing is required since uric acid crystals accumulate in the bloodstream, and using the provided lancing apparatus, you can quickly draw blood sample from yourself and smear it on the test strip which you can then insert to the test meter. After a minute or two, the monitor checker would show you the result of your uric acid level.

On the other hand, few uric acid test kits can be used similarly to pregnancy tests, on which it is the urine sample that is being tested and checked. Regular blood or urine testing is required before a precise and accurate result could be obtained. A log book is usually included in the uric acid test kit packages for organization of monitored uric acid level.


The variety of test kits means that it would also yield different reading formats, but the universal measurement of levels is milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL), but others would possibly have millimoles per liter (mmol/L). The result that is obtained must fall within the normal ranges of 2.4-6.0 mg/dL for women, and 3.4-7.0 mg/dL for men, and a measurement above or below this range is an indication of an imbalance.

Understanding the Results

A single uric acid test is not adequate to diagnose a gout, but this is not merely due to the test kit, it is also because of the fluctuations within the human body, which sad to say, leads to misdiagnosis of pseudo-illnesses. So once you have a uric acid test kit at home, you have to form some consistency in testing.

For one, the reading might show low uric acid level during a gout flare, but this is can be the result of urate crystals formation which have led to the low distribution in the bloodstream. This is why a test should be done after an attack as well when the body is settling back to its normal functions.

The Verdict

Identifying the consistency of fluctuations of the results is important, since this could mean that if the uric acid test kit consistently indicates 1 mg/dL higher than the lab readings, you can do some adjustment until you obtain a similar result. Testing the kit at the same time as the lab works can improve the result of your home-based tests and the multiple test would help you achieve a realistic result.


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