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Use of natural talent

Updated on September 5, 2014

Reading natural talents

There is some endeavouring reality in the job of reading the natural talents of the learners of the whole class. For the professional teachers such reading demands a lot of observation and creativity and their professional skills become more multidimensional as they venture to become the guiding force of the young learners . Discovering and understanding the position of natural talents of young learners the teachers need to work ,through their lessons and presentations, for shaping and guiding the growth of the talents of the learners.

Reading strategies

The students, it is generally observed that, learns more from their reading if they are made aware of the reading process as well as its outcomes. The concept that any reading material is a unique combination of 'body'( the language works) and 'soul'(the idea expressed by that language) encourages the learners much to absorb much from that reading. As guiding and shaping force the teachers initially determine the reading strategy of the students ,but as time proceeds on the learners themselves discover their strategies which are more comfortable and rewarding to them.

Changing strategies of learning

Individuals vary in their strategies of learning. A particular individual when finds any of his strategy helpful, proceeds further in search of a new srategy to broaden his learning outcomes. The learner himself is in a constant habit of rediscovering his ability and skills and the process continues indefinitely. In his variations of presentation the teacher helps students finding their effective learning strategies.

Analytical approach

The instructor shall do it very well if he undertakes the trouble of analysing the basic mental pattern of the learners and this job includes gathering information about the trends of the learners when they read and become attentive to the learning program. Sometimes such analyses may need well-prepared testing materials which will bring into focus a broader aspect of the situation of the learner's mind ,which in turn will help formulate newer and stronger strategy for the class as a whole.


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