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Using NLP at Work

Updated on October 17, 2015


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What is Neuro-linguitic Programming?

Neuro-linguistic programming is the enhancement of linguistic communication and behavioral patterns, which any one can incorporate in order to achieve certain gols in life.

As its name implies, it encompasses the connection between the neurological processes inside the brain, the verbal interaction and learned behavior through experience. The communication skills learned through NLP can be applied by anyone to improve their effectiveness in personal and professional life.

NLP Main Components


We experience life subjectively through the five senses and through the manipulation of sense-based representations, we can modify behavior


Consciousness is divided into a conscious and an unconscious mind


through imitation and modeling, we can reproduce the outcomes of others who have had some kind of success in varied areas of life

Conducting Surveys

¨What type of detergent do you buy most often, ¨ I inquired.

¨Ariel, ¨she answered.

¿ How many items of this kind of detergent do you usually buy in a week? I inquired.

¨Three, maybe four, ¨she answered.

¨Do you buy another Brand besides this one,? ¨ I continued with the survey.

¨No, it´s the only one I buy, ¨ she stated categorically.

I was performing my job as a survey person for a marketing company. The questionnaires were being surveyed on the topic of household products. This was the first time I was doing surveys and I was enjoying it.

¨You´re doing great, Jose Juan! ´ a coordinator exclaimed.

¨Your surveys are well raised,! ¨ he added.

¨Would you like to go to other states to conduct surveys, ¨ he offered.

¨Yeah, I would like to go, ¨ I answered enthusiastically.

Interaction Using NLP

  • Establish rapport with the client
  • Collecting data about desired goals
  • Use of certain tools and techniques to make interventions
  • Mirroring non-verbal behavior
  • Responding to eye movements of the client

Persuading Clients

At the bus station, there were four of us waiting for another four coworkers to join the group of eight surveyors. BY early evening, we had all gotten their places on the suburban bus. We finally arrive to the borderline city of Reynosa Tamaulipas, Mexico.

¨Have you conduct surveys before? ¨ a job partner asked me.

¨No, I had never conducted surveys, ¨ I said right away.

¨Last week´s were my first surveys ever, ¨ I added.

The following day, all of us left the hotel rooms and headed in pairs to different point in the city. We were going to conduct surveys for the biggest brewing company in Mexico.

We were supposed to conduct the surveys inside every single selling beer spot in town and with this endeavor in mind; we had to get inside nightclubs, cantinas, etc. Some surveyors found it very hard to conduct the surveys and left. I was the only one from the original group of surveyors who remained there for three months.

¨What brands of beer do you buy most often, ¨ I inquired a person.

¨This and that, ¨ the interviewed would say.

¨Do you buy another Brand more often than other? ¨ I inquired.

¨Yes, I can buy this other Brand, but definitely, I prefer this Brand, ¨ this was a regular answer.

After three months, I returned to my hometown and received a fraction of the remainder payment due. Three days later, I was sent to the state of Veracruz, Mexico, where I stayed for two weeks and then to Acapulco, Mexico.

NLP Techniques

Originally, the NLP techniques were therapeutic in nature, intended to provide help to those who for one reason or another were experiencing failure; however, its functionality made it suitable to be applied to other fields, including sports, business, teaching, persuasion and public speaking, among many others.


NLP at Work

¨What´s your profession? ¨a woman asked me.

¨The last thing I did was surveys for a big company, ¨I answered.

¨I´ve seen people asking questions to people on the street, ¨she said.

¨Is that a difficult task; are they always willing to answer your questions, ¨ she wanted to know.

¨They would give you some of their time if you approach them decently and amicably, ¨ I responded.

¨But surveys take a lot of time, right? ¨she inquired.

¨About an hour, but you just use a clear tone of voice and write with enough speed without avoiding eyesight with the clients; They would stay with you one hour or more, ¨ I responded.

¨After the hour has past, often people react with dismay when you tell them that the survey is over because for them, it has only been minutes, ¨ I added.

¨I think you were using neurolinguistic programing, ¨she said

¨What is that? ¨ I inquired.

¨It´s a technique that I use to guide my customers in the store, ¨

¨Whenever, a customer comes inside the store, I already know that he/she has entered with the intention to buy some product; I just have to guide them into buying a product based on what the client it´s staring at, ¨she explained.

¨I got a doctorate on that, ¨ she added.

Economic Success

I worked for this woman for three months doing sales and helping in the store. The business had some kind of success economically speaking.

Fundamentals of NLP


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    Miguel Angel de la vega 22 months ago from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spain

    Very interesting all the nlp. I use it in spain with Talent Institut. Do you know them? Here is the website: