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Using The Long-Division-Patterned Cube Root Algorithm

Updated on August 14, 2009

Subjects in high school are taken in a school year. Compared to college, each subject is taken in only a semester with limited number of hours per week. That is why topics are presented rapidly and in larger quantities. And since previous topics play an essential role in learning the next lesson, it is important that instructors and professors will utilize the most effective method and way of presenting the lesson consuming the least number of hours. This is for them to absorb the information and be able to relate and apply in the next topic. It is necessary that each student learn absolutely the basics because this will be their foundation in facing the next chapters. The said process is very much applicable in Math subjects.

Mathematics is a science (or group of related sciences) dealing with logic of quantity and shape and arrangement. It follows a precise rule (or set of rules) specifying how to solve some problems called Algorithm. This is a subject that requires critical thinking and deep analysis in order to have a clear view of the concepts implied in each problem. Memorization doesn’t make sense at all.

Before solving the most challenging and critical Mathematical problem, a person must know first the fundamentals and the most basic operations, specifically the paper and pencil method. The expertise and competence of a person is like a whole number which is made up of small partitions called fractions. Or shall we say a peso can’t be called peso in the absence of a centavo. Every single information and basic knowledge of man made up his intelligence.

Though in today’s generation wherein everything are run by technologies and things are made easier and faster, it is still important to inculcate in the mind of every learner the how and why of every process. These so-called technologies were developed employing the basic information that inventors acquired upon their studies. For example, a learner may ask how does calculator made and be able to display the most accurate answer. Of course expected that the inventor of such has the knowledge on how to add, subtract, multiply, divide and many more basic operations. Therefore, it is still important to learn the basics though technologies can solve it faster than the blink of an eye.

School is said to be the nursery bed of learning. It is where formal development of knowledge took place. In a Mathematics classroom setting, students feel bored when they don’t understand. It is a common student’s perception that this subject is the most difficult one. Difficult if they don’t get the concept. Nowadays, they are permitted to use scientific calculators. Teachers also must see to it that they know why the calculator displays 5 as the cube root of 125 or why 6 raised to the power of 2 is 36. It is advised that they should be taught first how to solve it manually before using the device not just for the purpose of the basic knowledge but also for them to be able to do the manual operation in the absence of these advanced technologies.

Advanced English Encyclopedia states that foundation is a good grounding in Mathematics. It implies that the referred foundation is the basic knowledge which is useful in facing higher mathematical problems.

One of the branches of Mathematics is Algebra. And under this subject are the basic mathematical concepts that deal with radicals and extraction of root of positive real numbers. Presently, these basic mathematical concepts are taught in basic mathematics subject which is offered separately from Algebra to present the concept inductively.

Because of the realization of the significance of the basic knowledge, this study was conducted to find out which method of extracting cube root of positive real numbers is the students’ preference in learning. After which, the researcher will recommend which method shall be adopted to achieve maximum learning in the aforementioned topic in basic mathematics.


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    • profile image

      param 3 years ago

      excellent explanation

    • Caleb DRC profile image

      Caleb DRC 6 years ago

      I volted useful and awesome. People may think I'm being overly generous on the awesome volt but not if they consider the value of your advise. UNDERSTANDING math not only can advance and solidify one's career but it can save lives if one's career is, for example, engineering. And you are correct: If a student does not understand the fundamentals of math then he will be in a quagmire of dependence on the calculator when more advanced topics are taught, and this is assuming he/she will even know what to ask the calculator.