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Vaginitis,Do You Know That You Could Be Suffering From One

Updated on February 20, 2015

Vaginitis can be a great health concern for women since it is difficult to diagnose. To make matters worse, some of them show symptoms later since they may be may be infected with more than one type of the disease. Therefore, it is crucial to identify the type of and give the patient appropriate medication.
Types of Vaginitis

Medical books indicate that there are more than six types of this disease, namely, bacterial, yeast, trichomoniasis, Chlamydia, among many more. These have more of less the same symptoms and different treatments.

  • Bacterial vaginitis; This is characterized by a foul-smelling odor, especially after having an intercourse with the partner, accompanied by white gray colored discharge. The best for this treatment is to look for oral, cream, and gel medications. Fortunately, these medications are also safe during [pregnancy. If not handled early it can lead to complications such as pelvic inflammatory disease or premature delivery if the woman is expectant.
  • Candida Yeast Infection; this type occurs in women who are giving birth. She may experience a lot of itching on the pelvic part to the extent that it has a burning feeling. The difference with the one above is that this does not have any discharge. Even though it might go away by itself, chances are, it might recur, hence the need for treatment and care. The best drug is miconazole nitrate family of drugs
  • Chlamydia; unfortunately this is very hard to detect since it can present itself without any symptom at all. In other instances, the women at the age of puberty may see some whitish discharge at the infected cervix area. To completely treat it, a woman can take any drug of erythromycin family. Essentially, a full dosage is advised.
  • Trichomoniasis The main symptoms are frothy, smelly greenish discharge. In addition, there is a lot of pain while urinating and during intercourse. This is serious hence, it requires proper medication. All the partners should be treated with oral antibiotics

Having a good health is the dream of every woman, as it enhances her confidence. In this article, we have highlighted symptoms and treatment of different types of vaginitis.


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