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Valentine Hopes and Dreams

Updated on February 9, 2010


Enamored And Embraced By You


I hear your voice from beyond this sphere,

singing softly to me a magical and sacred hymn.

I close my eyes and behold your angelic beauty.

You come from a starry world far past this realm.


You visit me often in dream time, wearing

an amethyst tiara encased in diamonds pristine.

You reach for my hand and lead me to a

fertile verdant meadow lush and green.


We sit beneath a towering oak tree,

whose majestic branches extend to the sky.

Then the moon spirit shines brightly upon us,

In awe and wonder we release a joyous sigh.


There is so much love inside our heart.

This is I know to be real and true.

I think that one day soon I shall be ready

to be fully enamored and embraced by you.




Love That Eternally Lasts


Let us step beyond our mortal perceptions.

Won’t you meet me upon a radiant distant star?

Beseech Time to lead you to me no

matter how near I may be or how far.


It was ordained long ago in the field of the

No-Time that together we shall always be.

For two souls that compliment each other,

are completely yoked for all of eternity.


There are places that you take me

far beyond this world that we know.

It is only by stepping outside our humanity,

that our wings can soar and our soul grow. 


We shall not be limited to human restrictions.

We shall not bow to the future or past.

Hand in hand we shall stand before the angels,

and give thanks for Love that eternally lasts. 




Celestial Guardians and Angels Above


As I sail across the sea of my dreams,

I behold a glimmering radiant star.

Chills fill my entire soul and being.

Someone is contacting me from afar.


She is an angelic being who wears

a diamond tiara encased in pure gold.

She is a bearer and keeper of secrets.

When the earth was young she was old.


She has many gifts to bestow upon me.

I have many to present to her as well.

We shall revel in our abilities to soul travel.

We shall visit Heaven and we shall visit Hell.


For we are the holders of ancient codes.

We shall help awaken humanity to love.

But first must our souls be awakened by

our celestial guardians and angels above.



Our Soul And Heart


As I listened to the wind chimes,

I felt your tender ethereal kiss,

blowing to me from the No-time.

Its sweetness was utter bliss.


I know you have always loved me

just as I adore and love you.

For we are soul stars from beyond.

Our tears of joy create the morning dew.


We play many roles upon this world,

but we know they are not who we are.

We are remembering more and more daily

that we come from distant ancient stars.


We must never forget that our soul's

true essence is pristine golden light.

The angels beheld our magical birth into

lower vibrations to experience mortal delights.


There are many reasons for our being here.

We have secrets to humanity to impart.
Come, take a stroll with me, my sweet one!

It is time to awaken our soul and heart. 







To watch our love blossom

fills my soul with joy and delight.

You are the sunshine that brightens my day

and the moon that illuminates the night.


When I am sad I have but to think of you

and your spirit soon is nigh.

You whisper sweet words in my ears.

In your intoxicating presence do I sigh.


That we fell in love so magically

is a story worthy to be told.

The love that fills our total being

is undying and never shall grow old.


I thank the goddess of love for

the day that you came to me.

You are the angel of my soul

for now and all of eternity.








Won’t you stroll down the corridors of time with me

so we can perceive what has been and what can be?

Let us sit at the banquet of remembrance.

I am ready to know who I truly am to thee


I want to feast on the joys of yester years.

I want to sigh as I recall our very first soul kiss.

I want to behold you in your starry radiance.

This to my heart and soul will be bliss.


The outward appearance betrays our true essence.

It barely reveals a trace of who we truly are.

For the valiant souls not afraid to make the journey,

we are permitted to dance and sing on the stars.


Our hopes and dreams provide the wings needed

to explore the worlds above and within.

I look deeply into your eyes and my heart sings

and it will do so time and time again. 


Love And Romance  


I wandered alone not long ago;

gazing at the moonless night.

Remembering the things left unsaid.

The precious moments full of delight.


Love is a mystery we can never fathom. 

We can only comprehend it in part.

I am willing to step into the unknown

if you will make room for me in your heart.


I do not expect us to attain perfection.

In reality I doubt this could ever be.

When I behold the twinkling stars above,

I pray that you will come back to me.


Would you like to start over, my beloved?

Could we give our love another chance?
I am ready to let go of the past.

I miss you, I miss our love and romance.




My Heart Melts


My heart melts, my Beloved,

when I look into your starry eyes.

Each day our love grows stronger.

When I think of you my heart joyously sighs.


There are many sad memories

that cause you to weep

I shall sing them into oblivion

and bring you magic in your sleep

It is time for delight and passion

to fill your heart and soul.

It is time to let go of everything

that keeps you from your goals.


I see your hopes and dreams, my sweet one.

You need not utter a single word.

Let ours souls dance to joy and mystery

and sing songs that by angels are heard.


We Can Never Part


Time ceases to exist when I speak your name.

Forest creatures love to sit by your side.

You nuzzle silver unicorns in magical valleys.

Your eyes see through secrets that many do hide.


You have come to this earth for many reasons.
One is to love and be loved by me.

Together we shall travel to worlds near and far.

In dream time we shall dance on the sea.


People are too afraid to see beyond appearances.

They hide behind elaborate fabricated masks.

To see past all illusion to the seat of the soul

is one of our very monumental tasks.


We can never be fulfilled or truly happy

until we completely open our hearts.

I will take your hand, if you take mine.
Bound by endless love we can never part. 





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    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      7 years ago

      Thank you for your kind words. Sorry i don't get onto HubPages much with the writing of my new books.



    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 

      8 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      Beautiful and sad and heartfelt! Opening our hearts is the hard part - must know ourselves and must be able to trust. Very deep. Thumbs up!


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