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Male fertility

Updated on November 5, 2015

Pills for Male Fertility

Research reflect that modern lifestyles of people, along with exposure to pollution and various stresses can add to a man's impotency

Manipulating the hormone levels may aid in male's fertility,This will pave a new strategy for developing 'the pill' for males, say researchers.This discovery would also give hope to people who cannot become parents because of low sperm counts in male parent.

According to the researchers the Androgenic Hormones would work in the Testis of a male to control normal sperm production and male fertility. This new development of 'the pill' for males would bring hope for couples who lack being parents.
To conclude we can say identifying about how androgen control sperm production?can provide new insight for the development of new treatments for males' infertility and perhaps would provide a new male contraceptives,says the researchers from the Center for Reproductive Biology at The Queen's Medical Research Institute in Edinburgh.

Not only does this research pin points Androgenic hormones and their cellular receptors as a prime target for the development of new birth control medication, instead it promises to hasten the development of new findings to boost sperm production in men to attain parenthood .

Note:---Couples who take amino acid and omega 3 fatty acids usually have sperm with ability to float(a longer life span too).Moreover they also produce embryos of better quality as OMEGA 3 AND AMINO ACIDS stops DNA damage from taking place and thus avoid birth defects,before you get ready to bear a child start with the food intake which has these nutrients present in then also go for food that is rich in various minerals and vitamins for both expecting parents .


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