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Village Kid Vs Urban Kid

Updated on June 1, 2016

Jason and his baby sister Joanna were going to the village, where his mother spent her childhood, for the first time in his life. He was sulking at the back of the car his father was driving. He was angry because he was going to miss out on all the fun that the rest of his classmates were going to have during their summer term break, while he was stuck with his baby sister in some godforsaken village 50 miles away from Boston.
The station wagon was filled with all sorts of luggage along with Joanna's Portaplay Convertible Activity Center, which was the best exersaucer available this year. His parents always gave the best of everything to Joanna, he thought to himself. In their home, she used to sleep in a Europa Baby Palisades Crib which was one of the best convertible Cribs available this year. She also used to run around the house in a BOB 2016 Revolution Flex Duallie Stroller, the best double jogging stroller this year.
This trip had been planned by his parents as a way to spend some quality time together. Peter, his dad, was a stockbroker who spent the majority of the day and most of the night at his office. His mother, Patricia, was an interior decorator who spent most of her waking hours at her client’s homes and used to occasionally feel guilty about leaving her kids behind with Maria, her Mexican maid. That was the reason why the entire family was driving off to Patricia’s village for a week.
They would be staying at a farm, owned by Janet, one of Patricia’s childhood friends, who was still in touch with her after even after so many years. Jason was not really looking forward to it as he was unsure what to expect.
After a couple of hours of driving, Peter drew his station wagon into the driveway of Janet’s farm and all of them fell out of the car to stretch their legs. Patricia rang the doorbell and stood back.
“Patricia! Great to see you!!!”, said Janet, hugging her tightly.
“So, you must be Jason”, Janet said, bending down to his level.
“Yes Aunt Joanna, how are you?” Jason politely answered back.
“I am great, it's so nice to finally meet all of you.”
Janet took Patricia by her arm and motioned to the rest of the family to go inside the door. Peter, carrying went inside, with Jason lagging behind.
“This is Paul, my son, who is your age, Jason. Both of you can become great friends, just like I have become with your mom”, Janet said.
Jason looked at Paul and snorted to himself thinking he was stuck with a country bumpkin for the next week. Jason ignored Paul for the rest of the evening, playing with his Playstation instead.
Next morning, Jason was jolted by the sound of the cock crowing loudly at sunrise. He groaned to himself, putting the pillow over his head. Soon, he was shaken by Patricia.
“Wake up sleepyhead”, she said, tousling his hair.
“But mom! It is 5 in the morning! I have never woken up so early!”
“Well, little man, you have to experience farm life the best you can as long as you are here”, Patricia said.
Jason groaned to himself and roused himself to brush his teeth.
He went down the stairs and out the door to the cowshed and was greeted by loud moos of the cows who were moving around restlessly.
Paul was already at work with the pail, milking a large Jersey cow.
“Here Jason, make yourself useful”, he said, giving Jason another pail.
Jason went close to a cow cautiously and whispered to Paul:
“What if he kicks me while I milk him?”
Paul laughed…”It’s she silly, not he. And she is the sweetest creature that can be there, don’t worry and get started”.
Jason blushed, his face becoming red. “Yeah I know, it was a slip of my tongue”.
Jason set to milking the cow, following Paul’s hand motions. Initially, he had trouble getting positive results but after a bit of hit and miss, most of the milk started collecting in his pail.
After an hour or so, all the cows had been milked and half a dozen pails were full. Strangely, Jason started to enjoy the experience, completely different from anything he had done before in the urban jungle of Boston. He started chatting with Paul himself and noticed that while Paul was soft-spoken, he had a rather earthy charm to him and was much simpler than any of his other friends in his class, the majority of whom were obsessed either with their iPhones or the latest trend in teenage clothes.
“Maybe there is something to village life after all, who knows, I may start liking it”, thought Jason to himself. He challenged Paul to a race back to the farm and set off at a quick pace. But, within a few yards, Paul quickly overtook him and was at least a 50 meters ahead of Jason when they reached the door.
“Mom!” Jason said, “can we stay more than a week here? I think I am really liking it here!”


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