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Village life and city life

Updated on November 11, 2013

Village life and city life

Village life is a life that is full of fun and activities.  From the morning till the evening we all are working in one way or the other.  As soon as we get up we would have a family prayer.  This is mostly started by dad.  Everyone will come for the prayer when they hear the first song sung by Dad. It would be around 5.30 am.   Then we would study for some time.   After the studies, the next thing is to brush the teeth.  While doing the brushing, we roam around the surroundings.  Then we get ready for the morning tea.  Two of us (we are three brothers) would be assigned to milk the goat.  We use goat milk in our home. Then we go to the river for taking bath.  While taking bath, we do swimming. 

Walking towards the river and swimming also involve physical activity.   Then we go to our school.  We used to walk to our school.  It would take around 35 to 45 minutes. Imagine walking 45 minutes.  After the school we walk back to home.  Then play for around one hour.  Then again sometimes we have to help mom in griding rice and pulses for breakfast.  Then we would take bath and study/homework  till the dinner.  That is the typical day in a village.  In the day time we had to do physical work like chopping the wood, brining water and other thins.  Some times we go for fishing.  Sometimes we had to bring grass for goats from the field.

When I started to live in a city after my studies  there was many changes happened in my daily life.   I got a job in an office.  All the physical activities come to cease.  Living in a flat/apartment compels me to roam around in two rooms till I get out for my office.  Then after reaching office sitting there till the evening.  Then I return to my apartment and prepare some food and sleep. There is very limited physical activity in city.  For transport we depend on motor vehicles. 

Now physical activities are available only when I visit my village.  Now a days villages also motorized.  Mixers and grinders are taken over the tradition grinding.  Houses are connected with water supply.  No need to go to the river for taking bath as bathrooms are connected with pipe lines. Just turning the knob is that you need to do for taking bath.  Life become mechanical and easy now. 

In villages life is peaceful as there is no noise pollution.  Calm and cool atmosphere.  Air pollution is also very little.  Go to the post office or bank would be the work of a few hours in village.  But in a city you can do many things in a short time.  Traffic is minimum in villages.  Accidents are very rare. In city you will find many accidents in a day. 

Another important factor is that people maintain a bonding relationship in a village whereas there is no relationship with the person next door in a city. 

The bad news is that city life is slowly creping in the villages too.  TV, and mobile communication and better transport is making a village like a city.  Now a days people in the villages are occupied with TV and Internet and have no time to spend with their neighbor.  Now  people knows each other with their user Id or email ID and face book photos. 

The time is running fast and technology reached its highest position.  We do not know what will happened in the coming 10 years.  We cannot predict the future.  Technology can lead us to different position in the coming years. 

Crime and theft and immoral life is exceedingly higher now than ten years back.  Pollution is high.  Relations are broken.  Parents do not have control over their children.  Many of the children are living with one parent.  There is no place for family life in the society.  Live as they wish is the custom now. 

Life has no meaning or purpose.  Mechanical life.  Lack of faith in God  is growing.  What is the reason for this changes.  How can we live a purposeful life.  How can we find the meaning of our life?  That are the questions remained  unanswered.

I am sorry for the next generation

I am afraid that the village life would become a fantasy story for the next generation as our villages are turned into cities now. What is that which is available in a city is not in a village. Every facilities in a city are available in a villages now. Every moment villages are changing. I am feeling sorry for the next generation as they won't be bale to see or understand what is a village looks like. Even if they find a village, that would be a much developed village. They won't find much love and affection in that village. I am sorry for the next generation.


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    • profile image

      ankita 5 years ago

      i think nice village life for helth & nessasry

    • jacobkuttyta profile image

      jacobkuttyta 7 years ago from Delhi, India

      Very interesting