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How To Create a Vision Poster

Updated on January 29, 2011
2009 Vision Poster
2009 Vision Poster

Vision Poster 2009

What is a vision poster? It's a poster with pictures, magazine cut-outs, words, dates, goals and dreams for the following year. My vision poster is still in effect and life is happening according to what was visioned in the Fall of 2008 for 2009.

Pictures and Words

I sat down on the floor and cut out pictures and words from magazines I had subscribed to: Oprah Magazine, Traditional Home Magazine, and Better Homes and Garden. Words: Life Dreams, Focus, LIve Your Best Life, Good Works, A Lifetime of Inspiration, Space The Next Generation, Energy, The Hot List, Finances, Around The World, Moving Day, etc. were selected and glued to the poster as my thoughts, energy and focus reached out to the coming year of 2009.

As I arranged the pictures and words, it was like planning and looking into the future. I believe in the law of attraction, which is as certain as the law of gravity. What goes up will come down (gravity), what goes out of you will come back (attraction). I put out to the universe my visions and dreams. My spirit was aligned with the Spirit of God to bring into existence His perfect will through it all.

Some goals had monthly dates and others yearly. Some were "way out there." Others appeared more achievable. Some made my stomach hurt and float. Others didn't. I didn't have all the tactics or logic to bring the visions and dreams to fruition. They were visible and dated for me to visit and instill in my heart and mind's eye.

Dream Come True

Even the colors in the pictures were subliminally used when I chose the paint colors for our new home. By the way, "Moving Day," were words chosen and dated to happen 9/30/09. Guess what? It happened and was finalized 8/30/09. As I was moving the vision poster with all of the furniture, I noticed the moving date on the poster. Needless to say, chills when up my spine and showered through the pores in my scalp.

There was a picture of a traditional home on my poster with the same style of the home we bought. I selected a picture of new kitchen appliances and glued it to the poster. Guess what? The new home has new kitchen appliances. My husband wanted a flat screen TV so a picture of one appeared as I was going through the magazines. I cut out the TV and glued it to the poster. Guess what? He was offered a flat screen TV at a price $700 less than retail. We bought it before we had bought the home. Now it's in the new home. Another dream come true.

Law of Attraction and Faith

A vision poster is put together with inspiration and faith. Before assembling it, go deep within yourself by inhaling and exhaling ten times to bring yourself into the present moment and align your spirit with the Spirit of God. This will put you into a state-of-mind to accept whatever happens in your life and be grateful to God for the outcome -- whether it's favorable or not -- whether you meet your goal or not -- whether life gives you ups or downs, ins or outs. Remain steady and hold on firmly to Him. Through Him you will attract what's best for you.

The pictures and words on the vision poster are only the beginning of what's to come. The law of attraction and faith, with works, are in motion. It's exhilarating to see God's will and ways manifested in our lives. Yes, to Him, the Master Visionarian, be the Glory!


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