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Voices - My Story

Updated on October 27, 2017
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Craig has been a writer on HubPages since 2013. He is currently studying for Marketing at Nottingham Trent University—in the land of Robin.

The animal-brain inside of us is fighting to stay relevant - and almost like it was meant to be - there is the first appearance of unexplained voices
The animal-brain inside of us is fighting to stay relevant - and almost like it was meant to be - there is the first appearance of unexplained voices

The grief. The disrepair. The antagonising threats of danger. The tipsy-turvy Monday through Sunday’s. The loss of magic in the air. The loss of liberty. The loss of friends. The lacking of energy. The feelings of disownment. The endless sorrows. The state of disenchantment. Imagination becomes your regretting nightmares. The evenings are filled with dread. The nights are filled with solitude. The mornings are filled with short-bursts of disorganised thoughts and shallow energies. Voices are a mix of will, emotions, strength, and will drive you as though they were persona-incubators - without the voices you would probably be dead.

This is only a few of the feelings that come to mind in the first few seconds before voices tell me I’m right, wrong, or just look right, or the moreover - you look wrong. Thanks, voices. - A message from the other side - to the story.

Sorry, the voices would like a turn. First paragraph do-over:

Strange. Irritating. Mischievous. Hate you (I prefer, person). Now, we just want to kill you (nice choice, guys). Now (joe-blogs) said dog (I prefer, person). OK, now I’m peeved off (person). - This is where I’m going to cut off the voices, they have been wonderful (no really, that wasn’t at all depressing).

The truth cannot be told - the voices always know where to find you - as such, the words listed above have been changed, as not to offend them.

OK, voices are rude.

Now, comes the story.

Voices are like the worst thing that you could possibly imagine, and when they find out where you live, boy can it be difficult to bring your mind back down to earths gravity. I’m grounded, at least for the next 30 minutes (I’m listening to music - shhh, they might hear us having a conversation). Only kidding, voices know where my ears are, too. Yep, still depressing.

Anyone who hears voices will have elaborate depictions of who they are. Their characters are never mere reflections of good or evil. They will succumb you to a world of despair, maddening, and disscontempt for human existence. They will be around when you awaken, perhaps even at your bedside, they will tread close to you whilst you walk, they will fill your mind with further beliefs of despair, and before they themselves exit their vocal existences in your mind, they will leave your brain just enough information to form a nightmare. Well, that wasn’t depressing.

Voices can be your closest friends, allies, and memoirs for the books. Then, they can be pure evil, speaking of them in such a light-yet-still-tainted manor is only distracting (you, the reader) from their true hellish existence on planet earth. These voices are depictions of real build people, but who on this weakened planet could bare their mindsets to your bedside (only the unfortunate, the unbroken, the unwise, the unlikely, and the misread), as these people will be deciding upon your true fate. They come into existence in the most disturbing ways possible, as they walk this earth as shattered souls, perhaps even the abused, but they are a burden to only the weakest minded of us all - those who hear voices. Burden. A burden. ‘The’ burden. Son of a gun - these mother know-it-alls are the burden of eden - not that anyone wanted them there.

Who can judge your lively intentions, your biblical beliefs of a time long overtaken, the mindset of a human soul in a new age of anxieties and lively threats (oh my, the nuclear weapons, North Korean military infrastructure, terrorists from new orders, the potential to be subdued into watching a movie rated 2 stars [or below] as listed on Rotten Tomatoes), and whatever else life decides to willingly throw at us. Hearing voices is the epitome of evil. Humans may have long forgotten the biblical rights of man, but the modern age of industrial revolution, military technological weaponry advances, and technological securities cannot protect a person from being put under the arrest of voices. Yes, voices. Don’t look to your partner. Look here, the voices will find you too. There is no time that can be lost in your ambitions to remain untainted, untouched, unrivalled for your life force, and it is now or never to find a savour (not them, stop looking over there, god-dang-it).

Sorry, speaking of my voices always leaves me wondering about the greater good of mans free spirited mind. There is a new war, and this is one that mankind could have never predicted in the great age of the impossible becoming new life creation. Humans may actually create AI technology that could bring a new order to life, and that order would be the great human robotic age. There are robotic technologies already under the works, and they will strike when some kind of motherland strikes a force that could shatter a chain reaction of doomed nations.

Voices - The Demonic

There has always been the feeling of lost ambitions in the face of voices. They sleep where you sleep, they awaken when you awaken, they walk where you walk, they shop where you shop, they live in the nation where you live, and they have no sense of the true damned-nation that they have put you in. The very air of life has been filled with whispers from the voices demonic dimension, and do they care that this is somewhat unsettling, I would think not.

The greatest horror-psychological story tellers of the modern age must be living under the tainted mindset of voices, as they wither your life-force into a neutral shell of constant wariness and sanctioned protections. The invasion of demonic voices are upon us my modern-aged man/woman, as we must find the will to overcome our servitude. Perhaps this is being laid on a little strong, but it cannot be exasperated enough that these voices are present as an unstoppable force against our basic lizard-brained survival instincts.

Are you living with demonic voices?... No? Then, please step aside as just reading this passage from a small slice of hell may weaken your willpower to be ridded of all voices evil (even the good, they are evil messengers that heaven could not handle no more. Sorry, the answer was ‘yes’ for me? Well, there be a tragic sentiment of altercating thoughts of overwhelming displeasure over the very essence of unexplained voices. You are one of the few amongst the many who are unwilling to come forward and lay claim to the evil that has become a way of life for so many of us in this difficult time of un-executioned trials of stigma. Our parents suffering with voices will have been told; “step aside a moment, everything that you just said is to be spoken to no-one, not a single soul, are you hearing me well”? They will have been young, confused, and vulnerable - and so, they will have lived on with the struggles of a medical phenomenon by their sides. No more… will there be singled out individuals struggling from the mornings first breath with voices. No more… will there be a nations soldier dealing with the trauma alone at home with echoing voices of terror as they saw a no-man atrocity on foreign soil.

Demonic presences are not real, they are the works of the complex human brain, having skipped ahead on basic lizard survival instincts. These people suffer the most with the suppressed instincts of the basic survival of a human - not experienced now for a thousand years. Since, civilisation formed and the human brain was sanctioned to rules at school, laws in life, and the management in workplaces, there has been the evolutionary suppression of basic survival instincts in the human mind.

Voice Hearers Are Tale-Tellers

If there be a tale to be told, then sure. Voices can ruin mere moments of a humans day, or entire weeks that could turn into months. Life goes on, as it should, but there is always the succession of human anomalies in the brain where voices exist where they should not. The tales are formations of visions over time for as to how these voices exist, co-exist, think, believe, and in the end - they are fully formed characters in a novel. They could be brave, strong, ignorant, arrogant, kind, mean, honest, liars, and quite often the unknown - and therefore the uncontrolled. There is no way of connecting to your voices, no means of cleansing your mind of your voices, there is only the entanglement of mismatched, misconnected and the basically miserable of opportunistic voices that have little knowledge of the greater life to trudge your brain to a better place. I told you, hearing voices is exasperated signs of depression - nothing more.

But, you are not alone.

Help! I'm Hearing Voices! - You Are Not Alone - Check out this TED Talks video straight from the mind of a successful Psychiatrist that has overcome her voices

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