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Voices of The Purple Flowers

Updated on January 26, 2015

No Matter What The Conditions, Flowers Grow

A Beautiful Honeymoon Reminder
A Beautiful Honeymoon Reminder | Source

First Flower

If we came from the stars it is from the stars that stayed on earth. What if we come from a flower that chose to remain in this galaxy? If we came from the birds or the rocks or the trees it is only on earth we find any of these.

If we just appeared, it is still the earth that feeds us, the sky that shines on us, Just like a flower the winds blow on us, the trees warm us, house us, shelter us, protect us,

Even the seas have purple flowers for the fish. Even on still the mountain tops in spring purple wildflowers come up from the ice. Nothing of anything, dry dust used up, destroyed, all of that over and over again will continue with or without us. We the purple flower will remain.

All of it was here first, we in human form came last to respond and echo all the beautiful voices for the other parched universes. We the purple flowers are waiting for you to accept that when we can love completely this world we still know so little of will continue to create what it wants. From the first purple and white crocus of of winter remembering spring, purple flowers sing.

We each have an original something before earth, we said okay like every bird, fish, and flower with a breath that didn’t breathe until mother earth said come into this life like this. Some of us choose to be purple flowers among the humanness. We chose to be this colorful way to experience life on earth.

Life is only here as we know it. Not up to us what life out there means. Our freedom taken away, stuck here without hope, without choice,,,,no, no, no, in this place we get to grow and change and transform and be these most beautiful purple flowers, created to know love.

Perfect Flowers From Nature

Nature Loves the Color Purple
Nature Loves the Color Purple | Source

We Hear You Mother Earth

She says nothing as the seas overflow her on one side, as the ice melts, as the grass wilts, as the animals die, as the thunder rolls as the rains flow through her veins again sparking and uniting her roundness.

Her ability to keep going, growing changing, building upon landmasses as she is stripped bare in one place. Mountains blow up in another, deserts heat up her core on onside, water and trees and ice and winter constantly in motion all over her as she just spans ever connected to the sun the moon the other planets.

The only one the only child of all the galaxies of all the stars, of all she needs to be a pretty flower. One plant, one place one something that said, okay, I will become the example of mother, birthing new life, becoming willing to continue to twirl, to dance, to rotate on this axis.

Eternally connected with those invisible strings that binds the earth to mother moon father sun brother planets, sister galaxies. All that is needed to keep this ever changing earth to fulfill her obligated duties, her promise to the dark vastness beyond that asked.

"Will you do this?" and she said yes, I will continue to transform my body to sustain life, all life that has been imagined, created, that flows from flowering mysteries of thoughts or whatever, whomever, alien beast or kind salvation…..a flower needs no justification.

Purple Flowers

"The sweetest thing God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into." Henry Ward Beecher

Flowers In Every Season

We can leave we can go back to the original nothingness anytime we want, we can go beyond all that we know here. What more do we know in this century than what we did then?

Flowers have always been important. We can touch each and every star and planet. At our core sits a supreme being ness keeping us and our mother earth alive. We as a flower know this that we see, touch, feel, hear, and trust only as our truth to bring love.

We know we are good for the earth. We know we are good for humans and the beasts. We bring beauty and food.
The only reason we are here, nothing else is to keep our love alive.

What we have been before, what we remember, does no good here. Leave it for when we go back to what was before, whatever it was. A seed into the ground so what, we are flowers now.

Flower Don't Hide

My humanness asked for a break as the distant dogs howl and the robins sit close enough for me to watch them gurgle their sounds while sitting in this sun. The flowers saturate me with not only warmth, but their sweet perfume. No longer coldness in my hands or feet, now I must remove some of this extra clothing. Why does a purple flower not have to do that?

They move with the coolness. They can endure it, or they dip into the sea or take a drink of water or just stand there breathing it all in like a tree waving their arms in the breeze.

The sun beats down on them from above pushing and pulling out more little green and another shade of purple hues of color and delight. Even if the pansy cannot feed every blood and bones heart beating creature that we are a part of, we are gifted looking at it.

We Love These Long Flowers

How Glorious This Shade of Purple
How Glorious This Shade of Purple | Source

Time Lapse Purple Crocus

Flowers Bloom All Year Long Someplace

Stand only at that day when we said okay like the first bird, tree, seed, or rock.

With a bone, or a stem, eagle, dove, cloud, raindrop, dirt, water, air sun, said together we will grow every purple flower together.

Every first thing that said in unison with you on that very same day, very same space in time on a page marked as a day in the history of this planet. We the purple flowers are yours and mine on their first awakening to this life on earth.

Every bee, every fly, every blade of grass each and every one of them became brand new with me, with you, born on that same day too, as you were, as I was, as we came through the woman’s body at the exact same time we drew our first own breath separate from our mothers for the very first time all of nature was born anew. When we first opened our eyes a flower bloomed at that same moment.

"Me too," said a hummingbird, so did an eagle, so did an evergreen tree, so did everything of spring. They all need each other to feed us and the purple flowers.
Have we not noticed that only a human can be born at anytime of the year? Are we the only ones that have that choice? Purple flowers grow all year, yet have you ever seen a tulip in the winter or a lilac in the summer?

We seem to think we do but probably not. Spring seems to be when the first seeds are shown, depends on what you are, a rock, fish or purple dessert cactus. Does nature stay true to that unfolding consistently? Flowers bloom all year long no matter when they are planted or do they? All around the world I am sure of it a purple flower blooms someplace.

Colors of Purple Are Often Flowers

naming purple flowers
purple names
"Heavens's Masterpiece." Dorothy Parker

We Are The Softness of Life

Only in this place, this body of substance is their breath is their bones, is their flesh is their water and life. Flowers, like us could not live without sunshine and rain and food from the earth.

Voices of the Purple Flowers

Sitting now in the warmth of the sun we discuss the feelings of the sweat lodge purification ritual as written in those books. As experienced, as evidence of the humanness we continue to accept. The as the purple flowers stay alive doing our part of speaking up for mother earth.
She herself does not speak, all that lives on her does.

Go To Sleep Now Precious Flower

Here is my favorite color, purple blue.  Flower too?  I don't know yet.
Here is my favorite color, purple blue. Flower too? I don't know yet. | Source

© 2015 MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose

Choosing Flowers

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  • MJ Martin profile image

    MJ Martin aka Ruby H Rose 3 years ago from Washington State

    I am glad you liked it Iris

  • Iris Acheson profile image

    Iris Acheson 3 years ago

    Thanks for sharing about the purple flowers!