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Volcanoes: Beauty & The Beast

Updated on July 15, 2020
Active Volcano
Active Volcano
Volcano Erupting
Volcano Erupting

importance of Volcanoes

The very name Volcano is derived from the Romans named for their God of Fire, Vulcan. From the very beginning, when Earth was forming, volcanoes were erupting all around the Earth. Without them, the Earth's water would still be trapped in the crust and mantle, far below the surface.

These eruptions led to current atmospheric conditions by bringing to the surface heat, water: organic compounds, and vast quantities of oxygen.

Ringof Fire
Ringof Fire | Source
Tectonis Plates in Ring of Fire
Tectonis Plates in Ring of Fire | Source

Ring of Fire and Tectonic Plates

Also called the Circum-Pacific Belt and has over 75% of active volcanoes with the horseshoe. The Ring is 25,000 miles long zone from the tip of South America to the west coast of North America, through the Bering Strait, to Japan and on to New Zealand.

The ring surrounds the tectonic plates that are sliding under the continental plates they border. In North America, the Pacific plate is slowly sliding under the North American Plate at intersections called transformer faults. A documentary, Ring of Fire has been released on DVD and is available on iTunes.

Countries With Most Volcanoes

  • The United States 173
  • Russia 166
  • Indonesia 139
  • Iceland 130
  • Japan 112
  • Chile 104

Most Dangerous Volcanoes in The World

Eight of the Most Dangerous Volcanoes:

Mt. Vesuvius, Italy

Mt. Ranier,

Novaripta, Alaska

Mt. Pinatubo, Philippines

Mt. S. Helena, Washington

Mt. Agung, Indonesia

Mt. Fuji, Japan

Mt. Merapi, Philippines

Graph of Dangerous Volcanoes
Graph of Dangerous Volcanoes

Positive Aspects of Volcanoes

Ash and cinder are natural fertilizers and very rich in minerals, and agriculture surrounding the volcanoes thrive in those regions. They are also valuable as tourist attractions helping the comics surrounding the volcanoes.

Geothermal energy is vital, and in Iceland, this is especially true. The magma rises close to the surface, heating the groundwater to 200 degrees. Wells are then driven into the tricks, and hot water is pumped out, becoming steam. That steam is used to drive turbines creating electricity. As the steam cools, it becomes heated water and is then piped into the homes and businesses.

Iceland has 90% of the homes and businesses heated through geothermal energy. After the heating is completed, the water is pumped into greenhouses under the soil for fruits and vegetables.

Yellowstone Park Caldera
Yellowstone Park Caldera
Yellowstone Super volcano
Yellowstone Super volcano

Major Volcanic Eruptions since 1800

  • Mt. Tambora,1815, Indonesia
  • Kraatoa, 1883, Indonesia
  • Novarupta 1912, Alaska
  • Mt. St. Helen, 1980, Washington
  • Mt. Ruiz, 1985, Columbia
  • Mt. Pinatubo,1981, Philippines


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