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Decision 2016 - I have made up my mind.

Updated on July 20, 2016

Who do I choose? D or H ?


Decision 2016 - Why vote?

I've listened to the speeches of both candidates.

I don't like the fact that I can't make a clear and informed decision this time. I only know that many are unhappy with the choices this year.

I for one am a Democrat and some call me a Liberal. I don't feel like a liberal actually. I feel like a person. I have listened to what both candidates, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump have to say against each other and that seems to be more of what we hear in the news than what he or she plans on doing for America.

At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio, Donald Trump made a show of it all almost like some late night time talk show host, introducing his wife, Melania Trump, as the star attraction and who did most of the talking. In the back of my mind I keep thinking about what happened hours before the convention when the Democrats tried to shut down everything until they were voted out of the convention center because those in favor of the Trump Convention out numbered those opposed. Based on the level of noise they made, the Republicans made more noise than the Democrats.

So, who do I choose? well, I have thought about it and I have issues voting for a candidate who is basically formerly charged with sending secret documents over her private email server and everyone knows that ain't right. But she managed to avoid prosecution after hours of interviews with the FBI about it.

Then there is Trump. He is a business man, a leader in his own right but still he ain't no politician either. But he does have some good qualities. He is terribly honest about his feelings. He is brash, forward, confident and boastful. To name just a few traits. He is a billionaire and an American. He is a person who has no doubt gained the attention from both sides, the left and the right.

But some fear that Donald Trump, if he takes the White House seat as Commander In Chief, he will lead us to oblivion when he pushes the button that sends the NORAD missiles to blast isis off the planet. He is very intent on getting rid of the terrorists and sees no harm in carpet bombing the entire area if need be.

I have a problem with that. World War 3 comes to mind.

I don't get much sleep at night, thank you prime time media. Many of the people at the GOP National Convention on Monday, July 18th, 2016 were carrying signs that read: "Keep America Safe" I read that guns were prohibited at the RNC on Monday night in Cleveland, Ohio. I guess Trump wanted things to be safe, at least for he and his family. What about Open Carry? That is another matter. I became very enthusiastic with Tuesday night's speech by his son Donald Trump Jr. He shows real honest American integrity.

At this point I am tending towards Trump. I see more positive force behind him, from the testimony of his wife and his children. That kind of endorsement I like.


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    • lookatdesktop profile image

      Anthony Davis 18 months ago from Dallas, Texas

      Even though.

    • DreamerMeg profile image

      DreamerMeg 18 months ago from Northern Ireland

      even though Melania Trump plagiarized some of her speech from Michelle Obama's speech 8 years previously?