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W.C. Fields Speaks Through Michael Dennis

Updated on October 22, 2009


One day I was thinking about “the spirits” being a nick name for alcohol. My own name Dennis comes from the Greek, name of the god Dionysus, god of the vine and wine and festivity among other things. I certainly live up to that name and have some Dionysian qualities. I enjoy partaking of the “spirits” and I was wondering just how many others do as well. Just what is the deal with drinking, I wondered. Why do we drink and what do we want and expect from it? I closed my eyes and let my thoughts continue to wander. What if some famous drinker could talk to me? I asked. Who might they be and what might they say?

The image of W.C. Fields popped in my head. A smile came to my face and I began to snicker. I had not thought much about him as he was around long before my time. “W.C. Fields”, I said softly. I had heard that he was quite a drinker. Wonder what he might have to say about the “spirits” and the “wine of the gods?”

“Hello, my little chickadees,” I immediately heard in my head and I had the urge to laugh. This was not surprising since W. C. Fields was a marvelous comedian. I sat down at the computer a little while later and wrote the following.

“Greetings to you, my little chickadees! How I would indeed enjoy cracking a joke, and making you laugh. Most of you know me as the hearty clown ever full of funny lines to juggle, just as I juggled about anything else I could get my hands on. I was always ready to twist reality, to provide joy and merriment to people. I really liked to have a ball as the old saying goes; maybe that explained why I became so interested in juggling at a young age. In laughter does the soul receive much catharsis and healing. Those clowns and other merry makers who reincarnate on the earth plane from generation to generation indeed do so for a very good purpose. They are very old souls and serve a special purpose-that of dispensing humor and laughter. Laughter is indeed good medicine for the soul. I call it my “for cell” remedy for the very cells of your body are cleansed, energized and rejuvenated by heartfelt laughter. We must all learn to laugh at both ourselves and humanity at large if we ever expect to be able to deal with all the curve balls that life throws in our direction. We all need deep heartfelt laughter. The belly rumbling kind is the best and gives us the most benefits and we need to get our daily allotment.

“As you know on the earth I was a chief of comedy. The king of the joke whether as a juggler, actor in silent films, or in those films where I spoke my lines along with my fellow actors and actresses. I have always loved to have the last line or antic; my desire was to make others erupt in wild, passionate laughter. For that is indeed the best kind of laughter there is. Those little restrained measured laughs are so inauthentic and make very little medicine for the soul. No, it’s those rip roaring belly laughs that I aimed for in my performances. My big “cell’s pitch” is to give the innards and outwards all a big overhaul. That is what genuine, uninhibited laughter can do. It literally releases tension, stress, and stilmulates those molecules, and atoms of your body. No hang overs. No gas or belly aches. No taxes. Nothing to pay. Just play!

“Oh, how, the soul loves for us to laugh. The benefits are many. Do not misunderstand or underestimate the comedians and makers of merriment. We know that the human condition and experience offers more than just frolic laughter and gladness. We are very much aware of the doleful sad experiences that life often gives and we are most capable of understanding, and experiencing sorrow. Otherwise, how could we become masters at making merriment our business? It is true that where laughter abounds, so sorrow is ever nigh. For without sadness and sorrow to feed laughter, there can be no zany craziness and heartfelt joy and merriment, such as I was known for. If every experience of life were humorous and fun, and life was one big party so to speak, then there would be no need for comedians and clowns.

“We all have our sorrows and we come up with our own personal means to help numb ourselves. The means that many resort to is “drink”, “the spirits” or “the devil’s brew” as some refer to alcohol. The imbibing of the spirits, and the taking of drugs can certainly numb pain and allow us to bask in the arms of oblivion for awhile. With your permission I would like to speak of some purposes of this so-called “devil’s brew” for they are many.

“Alcohol is indeed one of the tools and toys of the gods. It can be a blessing or curse or both. It can be an interesting indulgence for relaxation and amusement. It can be a monster that unleashes locked up demons within. It can be a “calm downer” as one lady used to refer to it. Some even refer to it as a friend, companion, or even lover. It has been said that “art is a jealous mistress” Alcohol could also be that for many well-intentioned people begin as social drinkers to wind up becoming full blown alcoholics, truly obsessed and possessed by alcohol. It can help one experience altered states or be a tool to help one partake of what I call “sacred seeing” for the purpose of better knowing and exploring the self. Alcohol can indeed be a liberator or a bitter spirit that locks and imprisons the soul further into karmic interplay and entrapment.

“The effects of alcohol vary from person to person. It can enhance or hinder soul growth and self realization. One thing for certain is that alcohol numbs inhibitions. Be nice. Be proper. Be socially acceptable. Don’t make any scenes or attract undue attention we’re so often told as children. So we learn to become inhibited from our natural self that at times has the need and desire to be a little wild and maybe even raise a little hell. It is no crime to get a little wild or loud at times as long as we are respectful and not too obnoxious.

“Everyone has a need to be spontaneous. Who wants to always have to guard their words, gestures and motions? So many moons ago mankind learned the art of distilling sugar, rye, wheat, and other grains to give us vodka, bourbon, gin, rum, beer and other spirits. Through imbibing the “spirits” our inhibitions are numbed and the voices that so criticize us are hushed for a time. I call them the the “lousy threes” “The shoulds” The “coulds” and the “oughts.” You should be a better person. You could do so much better if you’d only get off your derriere and try harder. Wouldn’t you like to make more money? You ought to be nicer to people. Many messages from the lousy threes haunt many a decent, honest, hardworking person. For relief he or she may turn to “the spirits”. I believe that a few “shoulds”, “coulds” and “oughts” can go a long way. When they begin to go into overtime and over drive the spirits can hush them for awhile.

“However, let me warn you, that the spirits not only hush inner critical voices and numb inhibitions, they can also awaken the sleeping characters who inhabit the domains of the psyche. For the repressed angry types alcohol can unleash inner demons and turn them into a cruel monster. If you’re a naturally charming, sweet type of person, alcohol can bring out that nature more. We’ve all seen people become affectionate and want to hug everyone after a few drinks. Some become flirty and talkative or generous and will buy drinks for total strangers. Others become childlike and will sing, dance, or strum a guitar. These are the affable drunks. Normally shy and introverted, after a few drinks, they do things such as take out a guitar and play and sing then give money to the children. The mean drunks become mean, argumentative, obnoxious, or violent.

“The one thing for certain is that alcohol helps bring out the true character of the person; albeit on an exaggerated level. By this I mean the inner self; those characters and personalities we carry inside us. We may succeed at repressing and ignoring our “shadow selves” or “dark other halves” when sober, but when we partake of the spirits, the gates that lock them away begin to vaporize. We can never really know ourselves until we integrate and assimilate our shadows and dark brothers and sisters. So in this regard alcohol can be a useful teacher and guide if caution is observed. If you are a mean violent drunk, then you are like a seething volcano or a walking time bomb when you’re sober that could explode any moment. You may exert great force of will and determination to keep your anger and rage repressed, but if it comes out when you drink then it’s there or it wouldn’t come up.

“Our deeper subconscious impulses exist and live a life of their own beneath the bridges of our conscious minds. They constantly desire and need to be assimilated, and integrated with the conscious mind and the everyday life and world we live in. When they surface during bouts of anger, be we drinking or not, they need to be acknowledged and dealt with. Sadly, some people will drink more and more hoping to push and shove the subconscious urges down deeper. These urges can be any feeling. Feelings of anger, guilt, worry, fear, pains and fears of yesterdays and yesteryears all dwell within us. If we are wise, we will observe our words, gestures and actions when we drink and listen to our friends who report our behavior to us.

“Those people who become obnoxious drunks, or even dangerous to be around are certainly not the people you want to keep company with. They are in much need of “shadow work” where they venture into the domains of their deeper, repressed memories and feelings and face their own internal monsters. Some people can have a few beers but give them hard liquor and they really become mean or even violent. Needless to say these folks are in pain and do need to reach out for help. My belief is that we can view alcohol as a tool to help us better view and honestly get glimpses of who we truly are. Once we begin to see our different sides that come out, we are in a position to really look at ourselves and to make some choices about what to do about this.

“If you want to really know what someone is really like, get them good and “dog drunk” a friend used to tell me. Then you will see them for their true colors. There is truth in that statement. I am proud that I was known as a charming drunk although I too had my obnoxious moments and could be most irritable. It would do well for the high strung, emotional, volatile people to refrain from drink, but sadly they are often the ones who take to “the spirits” first. Those who are not at ease with themselves are certainly not at ease in the company of others.

“Imbibing the spirits certainly does not have to be a negative experience. Just as we may be haunted by the “lousy threes”, we may be enticed and allured by other parts of ourselves that need, crave, and hunger for expression. I have noticed people who were naturally very stand offish and distant by nature who after a few drinks, were hugging strangers. Usually when we exaggerate any behavior, the opposite polarity stands in waiting; ready to be expressed when an opportunity presents itself. The alcohol in this case could be trying to show us that we really do need and desire more affection. For someone who becomes verbally argumentative when drinking, the alcohol could be trying to show them a side of themselves that could find positive outlets such as entering the arena of politics where causes and opinions can be defended and stood up for.

“Don’t be so quick to judge alcohol as the brew of the devil. It can equally be the brew of the gods. It can help needed emotions surface to be felt, cleansed and released. Some of these emotions may have been repressed for years. It can resurrect old hopes and dreams one long ago gave up on. It can bring up memories that need to be relived and looked at then perhaps let go of. One of the nice things it can do is to put one in a silly frame of mind where laughter comes more easily and spontaneously. Why do you think drinks are served at comedy clubs? People like to get relaxed to better enjoy the show. This is not to say that drinking is necessary to have a good time or to let out some hearty gut laughter. I personally loved to see people laugh until they cried. Whether imbibing the spirits contributed to this or not was of no concern to me. Some people get a natural high out of life and can laugh, enjoy themselves, and be open and spontaneous without drinking.

“The imbibing of the spirits is certainly one means to enter the domains of the subconscious mind, but for those not familiar with the terrain, I do not recommend this journeying. If one is not familiar with their dark sides, cognizant of their shadows, being suddenly thrust into this realm via a drunken binge could be disastrous, and lead to much confusion or even violent behavior. Still the attraction is powerful, and so many become victims to the primal impulses which pull at or overwhelm them when they drink. So many will say after a night of drunken debauchery or violence, “I don’t know what came over me. I was not myself.” In a sense this is true, and in a sense no. They were not themselves in the sense that who they became was not someone they were consciously aware of. But they were themselves in the sense that this persona or part of them that emerged is part of themselves, be they consciously aware of it or not.

“It is also true that they were not themselves if in their drunkenness they attracted alcohol loving spirits who can temporarily possess them in various degrees. Some enraged people can attract many dark entities and spirits who can prod and tell them to commit acts of violence or even murder. Spirits are enticed and attracted by our strong emotions be they positive or negative ones. A spirit who was murdered by his wife may be attracted to someone who is abused and tormented by their wife. Such swarms of enraged spirits are more than eager and ready to show up and whisper messages to the person.

“We are more vulnerable and susceptible to the whisperings and influences of spirit when intoxicated. The auric shield that protects us from intrusion and invasion of spirits on the other side is weakened, thus enabling such spirits to attach themselves to our energy fields and even suck off our life force. They are a type of vampire. Yet one could not say “the spirit made me do it” any more than they could say “the devil made me commit any unpleasant acts.” Yes, mischievous and evil spirits can influence us but we are ultimately responsible for our actions, and when we choose to become irresponsible we must pay the consequences. Weak willed, emotionally unstable, and very angry people should be the first to refrain from too much drinking.

“On a positive note people have received much relief and comfort by pouring out their hearts in some bar or club to a total stranger. Many a bar’s walls holds dark secrets, hidden desires and fears, memories and stories. How do you like your bar? a lady was once asked. “Why I like my bar tender,” she replied. “I need a sensitive bartender who has a tender gaze and smile and who will listen to me. Many people like to pour out their woes and life stories at bars and such places, and this can be a good thing. The alcohol relaxes the inhibitions and can remind them what they know at a soul level; that we are all related and interconnected and should be able to speak with each other of our shared humanity and the stories of our lives including our joys and our sorrows.

“Some people drink to excess just to be physically helped to the car or taken home and put to bed. Touch deprivation is the cause of more ailments than most people can begin to imagine. They might not admit it, but on a subliminal level many are hungering or starving to be held and touched. Most sober friends or family who would tend to them have good intentions and consider them vulnerable, having no desire to abuse or harm them. But we all need tending to and physical touching and affection is very beneficial and healing.

“I also admit that the bars can bring out the deepest darkness of the human spirit and lead to disasters. Horrible things and crimes can be committed in the darkness, but so can loving acts and deeds. The darkness can shield us and contribute to our relaxation and help us become less inhibited like imbibing the spirits can. The darkness indeed does seek the light just as the light seeks the darkness. Neither are complete without the other. Why do you think bars are so frequented and the “night life” appeals to so many? People like the dark atmosphere with the loud, often dark somber music blasting in their ears helping to numb their senses from the mundane life they lead.

“People enjoy indulging in the spirits, dancing with strangers and perhaps, if they are lucky enough, they may even be able to engage in a one night wild frenzied sexual encounter with a total stranger. Any boost of the imagination can offer a temporary fix or spurt of happiness and pleasure. The loud music, the smoky mist created from all the smoking and the intoxicating effects of the spirits seduce and numb the rational mind, from whose clutches we all seek from time to time to be freed. In such an environment primal urges surface, and libidos which are usually restrained and controlled can be turned loose. Many who are not attracted to the bar scene will simply party at home with friends or family.

“People are most willing to work their quote “40” hour weeks in order to be rewarded a small reprieve from their normal jobs and lives. When Friday, or other free days arrive, people are ever eager to put aside their obligations and responsibilities to take in amusement; to party for a spell as the saying goes. “I’m a party animal” is a familiar phrase proudly spouted by college kids and other drinkers. Alcohol can certainly contribute to the spirit of lightness and playfulness that we all need if it is not abused. The nice thing about holidays such as The Fourth of July, and others is that it reminds and gives people a format and reason to party and celebrate. Many of your most die hard work-a-holics will ease up and join in the fun on holidays.

“We all need to kick back and relax. I might add there is something about these Fourth of July firework displays that excites the soul. It reminds us how the soul so freely soared, enjoying and experiencing so many different colors in times before in incarnated into a physical body; times long ago when the spirit was young. During the celebration of such holidays there is an expansion; a movement of energy that so excites you. You need not understand with your mind. The soul knows what this holiday is about. This is why it is so eager to partake in joy making and merriment; thus the phrase “to have a blast”.

“Creative and artistic people are very prone and vulnerable to take to drink or other drugs. The mere lifestyle of a performer can be so demanding and taxing that alcohol can offer some temporary relief. It can reduce the intensity and perhaps some of the anxiety. It takes a lot of physical stamina and energy to travel around the country or world performing. You literally open yourself up psychically to hundreds or thousands of people along with spirits who may be drawn to your energy. There is far more going on and taking place on mental, emotional, and spiritual levels than you are aware of. One is giving an outpouring of their passion, art, creativity and energy to those fans and likewise are they subliminally taking in the energy of the spectators and possibly even some specters. In a sense it is like psychically making love to all of those people. Souls are touching and minds and hearts are meeting at the concerts from people who have never met before. A lot of energy is moving about. The lights and sound are all blasting and stimulating the chakras at accelerated paces which can lead to euphoria, or ecstasy.

“This can be a positive experience and can offer some natural highs for the applause and attention do offer their own rewards. But taken to extremes people can overload and confusion, psychosis or hysteria can result. No performer can endure such intensity for long periods of time. As a result of schedule demands and rising popularity, many stars find themselves seeking some escape from such rigorous demands on their energy and time; the result is that many turn to drugs, pills, or drink. It would be more beneficial and healing for such performers to improve their diets and get adequate physical exercise and rest. Admittedly, it is difficult to just have a nice light meal and go back to the hotel after a performance. People need time to come down so to speak from “the high” and all that intense energy. Many will gladly welcome the alcohol at the after concert parties.

“Some people use alcohol to help numb them from the human experience altogether. In their soul, they know and remember that the earth is not their true home or their first or natural dwelling place. Such folks are often filled with deep yearnings and longings which they can’t quite name or define. Those with more creative dispositions and fertile imaginations can often find solace in art, music, writing and other creative outlets. Such artists are not immune or simply shielded from their soul yearnings and stirrings. One can even tap into other realms and dimensions through creativity and utilizing the imagination. For some this becomes so intense that they either want to lose themselves in their writing or art, or it simply becomes too painful to deal with the daily mundane aspects of life and they may resort to the “spirits” for relief and escape.

“Having the creative capacities and abilities to soar literally to infinite vistas and domains via their art and imagination, some simply abandon their craft and resort to whatever numbing device they are drawn to or is available. Some are even overcome by madness because the inner realm is so much more enriching and rewarding. One man became so miserable that he wound up in a mental institution. Every day he would take his chalk and write on the walls, “I don’t belong here. My soul is trapped in this body and on this world. This is not my home. This earth is a wasteland, the garbage heap of the universe. How did I get stuck here?”

“My heart goes out to the poor chap. There are others who struggle with such demons. Extremely impressionable and sensitive people are like an open receptor to energies, beings and entities from all over so to speak. The realms of myth and fantasy are just as real as everyday life, and sometimes more satisfying. They are just real on dimensions beyond the third one. As you have learned in your metaphysical studies there are many dimensions and realms that exist beyond the mortal worlds. Certain sensitive people can make contact with them. This can be done via imbibing certain drugs and stimulants. Or one can train themselves via meditation techniques, hypnosis and exercises of the imagination. Feeling a sense of restriction and limitation being in a physical body can lead to depression and despair. Such old souls are usually winding up their earth lives. Part of them is ready to move on to the spirit realms they visit in dreams and where they lived before ever taking on human form and where they will return after completing their earthly responsibilities. Past life regressions and hypnosis can offer some relief and knowledge which can put them in touch with who they’ve been in other times and in other places.

“Learning that the earth may not be your native home can benefit some lonely souls, who like ET, are constantly dreaming and star gazing and wanting to “phone home.”

“It has been a pleasure and a delight spending some time with you. In closing, please remember to exercise caution and sound judgment if you choose to experience the many altered states that “imbibing the spirits” offer. Be not overly seduced or ensnared by the devil’s brew as I jokingly used to refer to alcohol. Equally important, have some good laughs and know that my spirit will be nearby joining you in raucous merriment, as you think of me. In humor I take my leave! W.C.



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