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Weapons of Mass Destruction

Updated on November 13, 2017

What is a weapon of mass destruction?

A weapon of mass destruction is a weapon which is strong enough to destroy a very large area or is able to eliminate millions of human life. Such power is dangerous no matter who has access to it. Humanity witnessed the horror of such weapon when USA dropped two nuclear bombs on Japanese cities Hiroshima and Nagasaki during World War II. Japan lost its 120’000 citizens and its will to fight.

What is a nuclear bomb/weapon?

A nuclear weapon is an explosive device which draws its devastating power from nuclear reaction of fission or from a combination of fission and fusion. A nuclear warhead weighing less than a ton can destroy a city.

In the history of warfare only two nuclear bombs were used by United States of America which brought Japan to its knees during the World War II. 6 August 1945 was the day when US dropped first nuclear bomb on Hiroshima. And the second bomb was dropped three days later on Nagasaki. The deaths that followed immediately totaled 120’000 and many in the following years due to the after effects of the nuclear explosions. The use of these weapons was and to this day is still controversial.

Why nuclear weapons were created?

due to the fear of that Nazi Germany will succeed in creating a weapon of mass destruction allied nations decided to counter that by create their own. So a team of international scientists which included scientists from UK, Canada, Central Europe and Germany also, developed nuclear warhead in United States during World War II as part of the top secret Manhattan Project. First nuclear bomb was tested on July 16, 1945 at a site near Alamogordo, New Mexico. It didn’t take long Soviet Union to develop their own nuclear weapon as they tested their first nuclear weapon in 1949 four years later. Both nations developed weapons powered by nuclear fusion by the mid-1950s. When stable rocketry becomes a thing in 1960s it was possible to target any place in the world with nuclear warheads.

Diplomatic uses of nuclear testings.

Nuclear weapons become symbols of and nuclear testing become new way of sending political messages during cold war. Other nations in the world (UK, China, and France) also succeeded in acquiring or developing nuclear weapons. But they agreed to limit the spread of nuclear weapons. But during the time period four other countries India, South Africa, Pakistan and Israel) acquired or developed their own nuclear weapons. In the year 2006 North Korea claimed to have successfully conducting an underground nuclear test, many believe that it was not fully successful.


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