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Updated on November 30, 2010

For years the US Government and some members of the scientific community have come up with lame explanations and/or excuses for unexplained occurrences; and they have denounced psychic ability publicly. Privately, however, the Government has been spending a great deal of money (over $20,000,000.00) proving themselves wrong. The Star Gate Project is an example of one of these top secret government projects.

The Project Star Gate is the code name for several clandestine psychic studies and undertakings the US Government has been party to. These investigations were basically for the military application of clairvoyance and OBEs (Out of Body Experiences), but they also included collection of information from outer space. It began in the 1960s when it was rumored that the Soviets were studying the advantages of using people with various psychic abilities to get information regarding other nations and for espionage. The recent movie, “Men Who Stare At Goats,” was actually based on a true story and detailed one of these projects. The results of the various psychic studies and projects were reported to the Senate and the House of Representatives on a regular basis. At its peak, the Star Gate Project had over 20 psychic seers and 14 labs dedicated to psychic research.

Because the government didn’t want the psychic viewers (spies) to feel what they were seeing or sensing was inaccurate (or too accurate) the viewers were never given any feedback after they gave their information to the government staff. This also kept the psychics from knowing too much individually about what they were seeing. (Although this makes no sense because, after all, they were psychic!) Most of the viewings were involved current events, but some psychics (clairvoyants) were able to predict the future, as well.

The Star Gate Project lasted until 1995, at which time there were only three psychics left on the government’s payroll, (at an astounding $500,000.00 a year salary). When a viewer left the project, they were not replaced. (It would be interesting to know what happened to the
psychics who did leave, since they had been able to see top secret information.) Joseph McMoneagle was one of the Government’s project psychics and he wrote a book about his experience.

The CIA took over the evidence complied by the Star Gate Project. They contracted with the American Institutes for Research for an evaluation of the information, but it was never completed. Another analysis was performed by Jessica Utts, (author and statistics professor at the University of California). After studying the statistical records, she concluded that the remote viewers in this project scored correct information 5-15% above chance. This was enough of a success record to prove that true psychic ability did exist, in her opinion.


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