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Updated on August 13, 2012

What makes you to succeed ?

Success is a single word which turns people on and it is the only word which gives meaning to life in all walks of life. We all run after success in our lives, wherein some reach their goal and some fail wasting their time and energy at the end.

Why is success considered as the most important thing in our lives. Because, it gives money, fame, ego, upper-handedness and a feeling of being above all. Is there a scale to measure success?. Yes! it is measured by one's ability to reach a distance in their life . It may be a big deed for the individual, but it might be something meager for the other who has already reached that point or inherited from their parents.

Everyone can succeed in their lives, considering the fact that in all walks of life someone or other does something great which can't be easily achieved or reached for the ordinary. Now, why we say ordinary people don't shine in their lives, while special people have the gift to reach tremendous heights. It all depends on our belief. Belief alone cannot take us to great levels. There is something else which is essential to get us lifted from ordinary position to our dream position.

It's nothing but calculated plans and actions. How many of us are doing this ? Very few. There are people who plan their success as we plan our budget. They get perfect day by day, as they know how to succeed by their experience.

So, plan your every move and time your planning. You will be great someday !


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