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Updated on February 5, 2012
To deliver commencement speech to winning school
To deliver commencement speech to winning school | Source

Work must continue

Its back to business as usual for the President. He has made an appearance in El Paso, Texas on Tuesday in hope of increasing border patrol agents. He feels that he has fulfilled the requests by the Republicans,who support broader reform. How is the President able to enforce any means of actions when the Republicans continue to add on to what they want done without fulfilling their obligations. I agree it takes both sides to give a little to accomplish something of greater need and urgency.He only ask that everyone come back to the table to talk out what has already been started.

President Obama had to choose between three high schools to which to delivery a commencement speech. The three finalist were Bridgeport High School in Bridgeport Washington.They exceed the national average of on-time graduates. There will be 37 seniors graduating next month

Bridgeport High School,commencement
Bridgeport High School,commencement | Source

The other finalist was High Tech High International, located in San Diego, California.They have 100 percent of their seniors graduating.They are a public charter school which has 395 students. .

High Tech High School
High Tech High School | Source

The third finalist was Booker T. Washington High School in Memphis,Tennessee.This school is known for being the first school to educate black students in the area and now the winners. President Obama will deliver the commencement speech on Monday.They are a public school that was established in 1913.The principle,Alisha Kiner,and students are very excited for they have just made history.

winner 2011 commencement contest
winner 2011 commencement contest | Source

I could only image how proud and happy the students are, for i am happy for them. Education is very important to everyone but in today's economy,with so much unemployment no can get a good job if they do not have a college degree. Graduating High School is the beginning of the rest of their lives. This visit I hope will encourage the students to continue on with their education and to be proud of their roots and accomplishments .I wish all the students good luck in their endeavors and congratulations on your win and in graduating.

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