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WMD - Weapons of Mass Destruction

Updated on May 7, 2015

allegation that Saddam has WMD could not be proved

Memories of Western allegations and assertion that Iraqi President, Saddam Hussein possessed large hidden stockpile of ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ (WMD) in 2002-3 and is working hard towards acquiring nuclear arsenals, was proven wrong and internationally condemned, but those who were mastermind of this propaganda and instrumental in spreading the rumors of WMD; namely, US ex-president, George W. Bush, Collin Powell (former US Secretary of State), Dick Cheney (former vice-president of US), Tony Blair (former British PM) and many others, were not charged in the international court of Justice for the genocide they had committed by misguiding the world and invading Iraq.

The acronym ‘WMD’ may refer to the collections of scientific and technological destructive devices (weapons) designed to cause large scale impact on human lives (death/injuries), properties and infrastructure. It may include poisonous chemicals weapons, biological agents, toxin, radiological, nuclear and other weapons that can kill and bring significant harm to a large number of people or cause damage to cities, villages and natural infrastructure. The question, one may ask how Middle Eastern countries, like Iraq, Syria and others got involved in acquire WMD and who initially prompted and helped them to get those weapons?

Though WMD in terms to chemical forms were in existence for ages and may have been used during major wars by countries involved, but the world population, specially, Japanese have seen the destruction caused by atomic bombs dropped by US on Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan. The entire cities were wiped out killing thousands of people and damaging city infrastructure, beyond recognition.

A part from major wars, people of Iraq, Syria, Iran and countries of Indian sub-continents were neither well versed nor familiar about WMD. They were not exposed to or possessed those devices. It was US, Britain, Germany, France and many other western countries that secretly persuaded, helped & fulfilled the ambitions of Iraq, Syria and other countries by providing the know-how and material, facilitating them to have chemical WMD.

Just like ‘freedom fighter’ of Afghanistan who was created and funded by US to resist and compel USSR vacates Afghanistan; ambitions to acquire WMD were fed to the rulers of Iraq, Syria and other neighboring countries, by the West and specially US. With the departure of Russia from Afghanistan, cold war defused considerably. The US and the West lost its interest in the region and with the passage of time the so called ‘freedom fighters’ were declared as terrorists, by the West. Analogous to this, US and the West first helped, pursued and provided support to Iraq, Syria and other Middle Eastern Countries to produce chemical WMD and then later on propagated the news of the same as genuine cause to attack Iraq and destroy the same. The West is responsible in planting the seeds of WMD in order to divide and rule, in an attempt to sustain their war based economy. There is no doubt that the WMD, irrespective of its nature, will cause catastrophic disaster wherever it would be used.

During Iraq-Iran war, Western countries including US helped Iraq to acquire chemical weapons (WMD) and use it against Iran and Kurds. Saddam ambitions to acquire WMD, both chemical as well as nuclear were assisted by a wide range of governments during 1970 and 1980 period. Germans firm Karl Kobe is said to have helped Iraq in building chemical weapon facilities including lab, bunker and administration in early 1980, under the label of pesticide plant. . Another German firm provided mustard gas, satin, and tear gasses. This allowed Iraq to produce 150 tons of mustard agents in 1983 and 1984.German also provided centrifuge data that helped Iraq to expand is nuclear weapons program. Most of the equipment for chemical weapons was of German origin.

In 1980, British government secretly gave permission to, arms company, Matrix Churchill to supply parts for Saddam Hussein’s’ weapons program and US Defense Intelligence Agency reported that Iraq had been actively acquiring chemical weapons for several years. Iraqi forces have been alleged to have used poison gas against Iranian. Washington Post reported in 1984 that CIA had secretly provided intelligence to the Iraqi army during Iran-Iraq War, including information to target chemical weapons strikes. Though, WMD were allegedly used to crush the uprising of Kurds in 1991. It is reported that Chemical weapons were used extensively, with more than 100K casualties of Iranian soldiers during 8 years of war against Iran. Nerve gas agents are alleged to have killed 20,000 Iranian soldiers.

US had supported Iraq during Iran/Iraq war. Some non-profit organization helped in biological samples of anthrax, West Nile virus and botulism to up until 1989 for medical research some is alleged to have been used for Iraq’s biological weapons research program…US and the West have provided all these…

During 1990-91 Gulf war when Iraq invaded Kuwait, Us policy towards Suddam changed due to the fear that he may attack other oil rich countries of the region, including Saudi Arabia. Atrocities during takeover of Kuwait surfaced and Saddam’s WMD spread and neighboring countries got alert.

In pursuit of becoming nuclear, Saddam Hussein of Iraq visited Russia and asked about building an atomic power station but he could not succeed in getting nuclear reactor due to Russian demand that the plant would be regulated by International Atomic Energy (IAEA). Later on around 1968, Iraq got a research reactor to produce radioisotope. Few months later, France provided 72 Kg of high grade uranium to Iraq without informing IAEA.

Iraq was able to get a French built 70-megawatt uranium-powered reactor. Its construction was near completion, close to Baghdad when Israeli’s F-16, surprisingly attacked the plant and destroyed it in 1981. The Israelis complained French and Italians for supplying Iraq with the nuclear materials that could have been used to make nuclear weapons. As a result, Iraq’s nuclear weapons program suffered a serious setback. The attack was strongly criticized around the world.

After gulf war of Middle East, both Bush and Blair had ambitions to remove Saddam Hussein through military action justified by conjunction of terrorism and WMD. The intention was to saved Israel and the Western World from probable nuclear or chemical strike by Iraq. Pre-text of this fear was the nuclear reactor “Osiris” that Iraq had purchased from France in 1976 and was under construction close to Baghdad, Iraq. Though it was intended for peaceful scientific research but Israel viewed with suspicion and the facility was destroyed, surprisingly, by Israeli air strike under “Operation Opera”, on June 7, 1981.

After the destruction of Iraqi reactor, US and the Western allies got alert, fearing repercussion of the attack and they tried to brainwash the world population by propagating the news that Iraq has WMD and as such a major threat to US and Israel.

Concerns about WMD, surged strongly during and after the destruction of Iraqi nuclear reactor by Israel. To nullify the fear of WMD, United Nations weapons inspectors were employed in Iraq, before 2003 war, to search and find WMD but their finding were not conclusive as no WMD was found in Iraq. It proved that the US and Western allegations were false and baseless. Discovery of some old degraded chemical weapons that were found prior to 2002, appeared to have been designed in US, manufactured in Europe and filled in with chemical agent in Iraq as reported by N.Y Times. It implies that US invaded Iraq to find new weapons in order to justify its stance in invading Iraq and the West failed in this endeavor. The Western approach in invading Iraq on the basis of WMD is considered a lie and word of mass deception.

In 2002, Britain decided to participate in American led invasion of Iraq and RAF and US aircrafts attempted to provoke Saddam into giving the Western allies an excuse for war. Intelligence facts gathered by UNO were seems to have been mixed to support Western allegation and US along with allied forces invaded Iraq on the bases of presumed existence of WMD in Iraq.

During 2003 invasion of Iraq, Tony Blair strongly supported George W. Bush in spite of widespread public opposition amidst vague and doubtful intelligence on WMD. In 2009 he said categorically that he “would have supported removal of Saddam Hussein from power, even in face of proof that he had no such weapons”. It is an indicative of biased approach taken by him and the West, under false accusation about WMD. Testifying before Iraq inquiry, Jan 29, 2010; Blair said Saddam was a monster and a threat for the world. After 9/11 incident, British and American attitude towards Saddam changed a lot.

Ambitions to disarm Iraq in support of Israel were also ridiculous as the West failed to support its claim about existence of chemical WMD in possession of Saddam Hussein and all advocates of this issue were found totally wrong.

Dick Cheney, categorically stated in his speech to VFW National Convention that there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein now has WMD. Similarly George W. Bush stated in his speech to UN General Assembly that Iraq is expanding and improving facilities that were used for the production of biological weapons.

Bush also had said that US intelligence agencies estimate that Saddam had the material to produce 500 tons of sarin, mustard and VX nerve agents.

Colin Powell also believed that Iraq had WMD and suggested that Iraq should disarm. Ari Fleischer said on April 10, 2003 that “makes no mistake –as I said earlier –we have high confidence that they (Saddam) have WMD”. He was confident that that US will find WMD.

Based on mere misguiding assumption and lack of concrete proof, the West invaded Iraq, killing thousands of innocent people and as such Bush, Blair and all their lieutenants should be charged for war crimes and punished accordingly, to set precedence and avoid repetition in the future.

Currently, US and its western allies including Israel, are making big fuss about Iranian Uranium enrichment facilities, propagating the rumors that Iran is in the process of producing high grade U238 that would certainly be used to produce nuclear bomb as well as chemical WMD.

One may fail to understand, the reason behind nuclear arsenals required by many countries due to various reasons as well as opponents who are opposing the move on the basis that it could be misused due to lack of intelligence of the recipient countries. This stance does not justify as US is the only country which produced and used nuclear bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki of Japan, killing tons of innocent people. France had used Africa for underground testing of its nuclear arsenals, possibly disturbing the geological plates that has disturbed equilibrium causing frequent earthquakes

The issue of WMD is still alive and surging back and forth, in world’s political arena. Recently, it is being re-claimed that Syria and other neighboring countries, still have WMD, especially chemical weapons that are being used against Syrians, Iranians and Kurds.

Though, acquiring WMD, be it chemical or nuclear, is not advisable at this day and age, knowing the results of nuclear bombs, dropped on Japan’s cities; no country should try to pursue the desire of make nukes and seven countries who are members of the nuclear club have no right to oppose their will on other countries in this regards, unless they all the countries in nuclear club, have defused their nuclear and chemical weapons of mass destruction. The only way, one can stop the spread of WMD (nuclear as well chemical) could be by first destroying the stockpile of WMD in their own possession.

Mohammad Ashraf, Winnipeg Canada


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