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Walk With Hope In Your Heart

Updated on July 27, 2010


I often think of and sing the song "You'll never walk alone" from the musical, "Carousel." I love the line "when you walk through the storm hold your head up high and don't be afraid of the dark." We've all had our own storms to walk through in this lifetime and hopefully in time we learn to hold our heads up high. Or at least some of the time. I do realize that sometimes the briars and brambles that 'Life' tosses our way can be so challenging and even overwhelming that we simply cannot hold our heads up high or create positive feelings. But one thing I have discovered is that with patience, time and practice we can learn to hold our head up high and walk with hope in our heart. And we can become more astute and proficient at manifesting our hopes and dreams.

It is not my belief that our soul, higher self or our guides expect us to be on top of the world every single day of our life, and I seriously doubt that this can even be done. However, I do believe that they do hope and expect that we will choose to learn from our obstacles and problems, and call upon them to help us walk through the storms of life. I believe that the dark nights of the soul and stormy times can actually help us to appreciate life more and help make us aware of all that we have been blessed with. Sort of like a few cloudy days help us to notice and appreciate the sunshine more.

Recently, I had a little dark storm of my own. A lady called and scheduled a psychic reading session for me and her friend. When I called to confirm her appointment, as I always do, she assured me she and her friend were looking forward to their reading and would show up promptly. On the day of the reading, I neither received a phone call to cancel or reschedule the readings, nor did the two ladies show up. I didn't sense that an emergency came up, and had something come up, most people call and cancel and/or will reschedule their readings.

I had made room and filled in their names in my calendar for that particular time slot. To have clients no show without even a courtesy phone call is very upsetting to me; especially when I sometimes have other clients wanting that spot. As the clock ticked ten minutes past the appointment time, then fifteen, then a half hour and then an hour, it was obvious they were not coming. The fact that my phone was mute revealed they had no intention to call me. I could feel the dark energy of anger descending upon me. I wanted to call the lady and reprimand her. I fumed and pouted as I ranted and raved, walking back in forth in my apt. I spoke out loud as though they were there in person, reminding them how important it is to keep appointments, and the necessity to have the courtesy and professional responsibility to call if they cannot show up for their appointment. The little 'fit' I threw didn't really accomplish much but it did make me feel a little better to get the anger off my chest. I frequently remind myself and clients that such little 'telling off fits' have their place and sometimes people need to be confronted when they are rude and inconsiderate.

I had thought to call the lady and ask her what happened, but something told me to 'just' let it go. I didn't want to let it go, but I know that when my intuition speaks with that gut hunch I get, that it is always right and for a good reason. So, I tossed the sheet of paper that had the woman's phone number on it.

Immediately, I felt a little bit better. By the simple act of tossing the sheet of paper in the trash, I had made some effort to release the anger. Next, I heard "Now, what is your focus and intention on?"

"Service and helping others," I replied to my inner guide without second thought.

"Very good, and in what ways do you wish to serve humankind at this time?"

"Along with my spiritual consultations and parties, I'd like to work at some new age spiritual centers. I've been away from that for awhile and miss it. Plus, I've become too much a hermit, working on my books and doing my marketing. I need to get out more. As much as part of me is truly a hermit, too much time alone is not good."

"You are very clear about stating your intention. As all of your wonderful books tell you, it's so important to name and state your intention very clearly. It's important to give it energy, thought and feelings and to build momentum. See it happening. Believe it is happening. Imagine it being manifested in the here and the now. You know what I am talking about as so many people do, but since repetition is a worthy and needed teacher I am reminding you of what you already know. That way through this essay you can teach people best what you most need to learn like your wonderful book, Illusions, by Richard Bach says.

"Yes," I replied out loud as though my guide were physically standing next to me. "Thank you very much for reminding me about the need to state my intentions and to give them thought, enthusiasm, feelings and energy to build momentum, which is what makes them manifest."

I thought about what my guide had said for the rest of the day. And the next. And the next. It made so much sense. Instead of focusing on what I wanted to manifest, I was letting myself dwell upon negative feelings of anger for a professional discourtesy. I know about the amazing power of feelings, and I have learned that part of the healing can be to allow our self to express hurtful feelings. There is a place for that. But sometimes some of us have a tendency to dwell upon something negative; it can start to eat at us, and if we don't take charge, it can land us in the pit of rage or depression.

I had fallen into the pit of anger, and the victim, poor me syndrome too many times in the past and I know it is a weakness I have to work on and watch out for. I took out pen and paper and wrote down what my guide had told me and what I had replied. "I am doing classes, psychic readings and book signings at spiritual centers," I wrote. I recalled past events and took out my file where I had old flyers of past events.

It was very refreshing to look over the flyers, some dating back to the year 2005, 2000 and even back to 1995 and 1990. I had not realized that I had been doing public channelings since 1990. "Wow," I said. "I go back some twenty years with that aspect of my spiritual work. I looked at my collection of tapes I had made at my channelings and relived many wonderful pleasant memories. I even listened to pieces from a few of the channelings: Mother Mary, Kuan Yin, Nostradamus, St. Germain, Mother Teresa, Helen Keller, St. Francis and many others. Tears came to my eyes because every single channeling is full of loving, compassionate teachings, wisdom, and humor. I always get a lot out of listening to my channelings and am as much a student of them as my clients are.

The next day I was looking through my folder on new age bookstores I had found contact information for. I had quite a list of bookstores to contact. My metaphysical new age book, Morning Coffee With God was released in March, 2010, and I was eager to get it stocked in bookstores. I had called most of the local BN and Borders stores and gotten copies stocked, and arranged a few book signings, but I had not contacted but a couple new age bookstores. A friend told me I was sort of barking up the wrong tree and needed to contact the specialty bookstores who specialize in the type of book I wrote. That instantly rang a bell. Why hadn't I figured it out? Perhaps I had been too busy with all the other marketing strategies and projects I had going on.

As I read through the contact information on the papers, the Inner Path New Age Center & Bookstore in Indianapolis, IN immediately caught my attention. It was as though a green neon light lit up in front of me. I noticed the date at the bottom of the sheet where I had printed it off the internet. It was Feb 26, 2010. That's a long time to just leave that information in a pile of papers, I reprimanded myself. I took a little mental journey down memory lane. Inner Path was owned and operated by the son of a dear friend of mine who has her own new age store on the other side of town in Indianapolis. I had been a special guest many times for over ten years, and had been friends with the owner for over twenty years. I had even sung and recited poetry at her wedding and I met her step-son, the owner of Inner Path, at the reception. I wondered if he would remember me. I had also been to his store and center several times and loved it. The atmosphere is so cozy, accommodating, welcoming, warm and healing. Just to take in the wonderful positive vibes and smell the incense and walk around is spiritually refreshing.

With that thought in mind I picked up the telephone and called Inner Path. A young man answered and I asked if I could speak with the manager. Then I asked him if Chris is still the owner. "Yes, he is," the man said. I proceeded to tell him that I knew Chris for several years and even sang at his wedding.

"Hold on," he replied. "Chris is here. Let me get him for you."

When Chris said hello, I greeted him and said," Chris, this is Michael Dennis. Do you remember who I am?"

"I sure do," he replied. "You sang at my wedding and you worked at Dad and Janet's store many times."

"Yes," I recalled. "It's good to talk to you. Say, I was wondering if you'd consider carrying my recently published new age book, Morning Coffee With God?

"Sure, Michael, can you send me a copy?"

"My publisher takes care of that. By the way, I recall that you have kids. Are you wanting another one? I hear a baby crying."

"As a matter of fact I am. Are you still doing channelings and readings at spiritual centers?"

"Yes, funny you should mention it. Just lately, I've just been thinking I want to do more."

"We had this lady from Florida recently and she was booked solid all weekend. Would you like to set something up?"

"I would love to and maybe we could fit in a book signing too."


Chris and I picked the dates for early November and I offered to design a flyer and mail it to him. "Intention and focus," I heard after we said our goodbyes.

I realized that I had moved my focus and anger energy from the two ladies that stood me up for the readings, to what I wanted to create-some more gigs at spiritual centers. Apparently, I had given my dream and intention enough energy because Chris and I made that connection right away and it came up early in the conversation. It's good to state and name our intentions and give them focus, thought, feeling and energy. It's a miracle when the universe hears our message and responds. As we move more into the new era, many of us are finding that those responses are coming in faster than ever before.

Walk on with hope in your heart is my advice for you even when the storms of life come. The good news is that they do pass and the more we work with our focused intension and the universal law of attraction, the quicker our dreams manifest. I could have kept my head hanging low this morning when the ladies stood me up. I did moan and whine and have a little pity party, but then I chose to hold my head up high and dwell on the 'positive' that I wanted to manifest.

I do not by any means profess to always be in the flow. My dreams sometimes do not manifest. There can be many variables that influence our personal manifesting abilities: childhood fears and old belief systems, old conditioning that we have not outgrown, unhealed pain, internal baggage and demons and skeletons in the closet of our soul and psyche that have not been let out, acknowledged and dealt with. Sometimes we have to do some internal searching and housecleaning. If we are sincere and desirous of positive change, our guides and soul will help us discover and remove the blocks that limit or negate our 'manifesting' abilities.

Dare to reach for your dreams! Dare to walk on with hope in your hope and know that you are never alone!


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    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      8 years ago

      HEy Electro,

      Yeah my book MORNING COFFEE WITH GOD came out in March and it's been busy as a bee promoting it. Plus I just finished the final editing of the sequel God's Many Mansions. These, mind you are deeply metaphysical new age books, and not 'religious' as the titles could imply. So yeah, been at it and am editing first book HALFWAY TO HEAVEN which I just got rights back too. Need to make some dough $ for all my writing. Got carpal tunnel in both wrists to prove it. ARGG. I stretch every day to maintain. No want to get cut on.

      CONGRATS on your writing too. Cheers. and Keep it up.


      Hey Ginger,

      Glad the article/hub.

      Maybe the one submitted

      8.10.2010 may help too.

      Blessings, Michael

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Perfect timing for me to read your article! Very inspirational and very useful for me for what I am trying to accomplish right now with my life and business.

    • Electro-Denizen profile image


      8 years ago from Wales, UK

      Nice to read your hubs again. You'd gone off the radar for while, welcome back...

      It's a tough thing handling annoyance and anger. I still haven't found a permanent solution, except from re-affirming intentions and becoming calmer in the long-run. Ongoing work... For me personally, I know it's got a lot to do with ego, and what I think 'ought' to be said or done, what I project. How free it must feel to not project expectations in any circumstance, and take each moment as it comes.

    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      8 years ago

      Thank you. My pleasure.

    • msorensson profile image


      8 years ago

      Beautiful. Thank you for sharing.


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