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Science fiction | Walking Through The Future

Updated on March 20, 2013

Walking through the future

-Do you hear me?

Someone was asking. I stared all around. No one was there except a peculiar football like thing. No it was not exactly a football. The body seemed very smooth like human skin and there were two big eyes on it which were blinking sometime.

Suddenly a thought came to me. Who am I? Where am I now? I could not remember anything.

I was sitting on a big rock. I could not find any house tree or any living being around. There was deep blue water all around the rock.

- Do you here me?

The question came again. But who was saying that? Is it that football?

-Who are you?

I tried to say but could not hear my own voice.

-You are trying to produce sound wave. It won’t work here. There is no air. We made a vacuum here for you. Although your respiratory system is not working here, we made an alternative arrangement.

Any way – there are lot of things you have to know. But first of all you have to learn to communicate with me. Don’t try to speak. Just concentrate on the sentence you like to communicate.

-Are this man or whatever it is mad?

- That’s fine! You have successfully communicated.

I was nervous. Whatever I thought, he (or she?) was able to know.

- Never mind. I am happy that you have finally learnt to communicate with me. It will help me a lot. I will explain everything to you. But let me first introduce me. I am Shakuntala. Can you remember your name?

-Shakuntala- Shakuntala – the name seemed very familiar but still I couldn’t remember. I couldn’t remember my own name also!

-Don’t be so impatient. I will tell you everything.

My name may be familiar to you, because it is taken from your literature. Well let me explain – The place you are sitting is your own planet. One million years ago it used to be beautiful planet. Human like you were happily living here. Your scientist made huge progress in the field of atomic energy, computer science, bio science etc. But they made one mistake. Like your Kalidas, they cut the same brunch where they were sitting. And one day everything were destroyed.

- Who are you and how do you know all about this? If everything were destroyed then how I am still alive?

- Wait – wait. I am going to reply all of your questions one by one.

I told you my name. I am a scientist from another planet. We came to know from our record that one million years ago your scientist was almost at par with our scientist. The made a great invention of storing data in the black hole of the space. May be some of your scientist might have thought that one day your planet was going to be destroyed. So they converted your entire information including your literature into digital form and stored in one of the black hole. Our scientist was also trying the same at almost the same time.

One day when one of our scientists was trying to store some data into a black hole, he received some ‘not null’ value in that. He was confused but didn’t ignore it and retrieved a huge amount of data from it.

It took quite a few years to decode those data by a team of our top scientist.

There was huge information about your planet. Soon our scientist discovered that your science, your cultures were more advanced than that of ours. Then they found your planet which was already destroyed. But luckily we found you submerged in water. Since then you are in our lab. Our scientists were able to re-establish the physical systems of your body but were not able to communicate with you. And now it seems that at last we have succeeded.

- Have you any idea about how our planet was destroyed?

- You were using harmful chemicals, gases and not taking care of the ecological balances, not protecting the protecting layer of your atmosphere, using atomic energy in the wrong direction. Any one of these or the combined effect of some of these may be the cause of the destruction of your planet.

- Well but why you are so much interested in me?

- Yes we are interested in you because we want to know something from you. As I told you we have explored your entire information. Most of that knowledge we have used for our progress. But a few things we could not understand. We need your help for that.

- What are those?

- Well – something in your literature- like love, emotion, affection etc. Without knowing the meaning of these words we are unable to utilize your literature and we desperately want your help for this.

- I was thinking that how could I make this football understand the meaning of love, affection and emotion?

My thought transmitted to Shakuntala. I saw anger in her eyes. Suddenly she started spinning and moving towards me. Would she hit me? I tried to shout – help – help.

Suddenly I felt a gentle push on my back. I opened my eyes and saw my wife standing near my bed “what happened – have you seen a bad dream?”

I could not reply. Was it a bad dream? I looked at the clock- it was already 8.30AM. Certainly I will be let today.


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    • cupid51 profile image

      cupid51 7 years ago from INDIA

      Thank you very much wrenfrost56, You are the first to comment on any of my Hubs. I feel very much concerned about global warming. This one is my little contribution to the awareness regarding that. Thank you again. You may like to see my other hubs also.

    • wrenfrost56 profile image

      wrenfrost56 7 years ago from U.K.

      Some interesting ideas you have here, is there anymore?