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Messages From Walt Disney

Updated on November 29, 2009

From my upcoming book "Wisdom From Heavenly Spheres"


Walt Disney has been one of my favorite people and heroes for many years. How could I possibly turn down the opportunity to be in his wonderful energy and presence and to listen to what he has to say? I think he is one of the most creative, ingenious, brilliant human beings to ever grace the planet.

Those Sunday nights of Disney’s TV show, The Wonderful World of Disney got me through a difficult childhood. When Tinkerbell would fly and flutter above and around Cinderella castle, tossing her magic sparkling wand about, a big smile and glow would come over me and I knew that my for the next hour my troubles would be miles away, as a popular Christmas song says. For the next hour I entered a world of magic where dreams come true and nothing is impossible.

Now I invite you to join me and enter the wonderful world of a very special man, Walter Elias Disney.

“Greetings fellow dreamers who believe in fantasy, magic and the wonderful world of the imagination. Let your soul soar and glide on the wings of your imagination to magical places unheard of except in dreams. It is indeed a joy and pleasure to take time from my busy schedule to stop by and pay you a visit. As you may surmise we spirits are indeed very busy up here. This is true even though we have passed on through the experience commonly known as death or the physical transition as some put it. Put another way let me say that we have passed on for those uncomfortable using the words die or death.

“If you think we remain idle you are most mistaken. There are some spirits who choose to remain idle and sleep for however long they choose just as some people on the earth do. And some indeed need a rest before they acclimate themselves to their new home and environment. But many more spirits on this side of life, as you refer to the realm of spirit, indeed are very active and involved in various projects and endeavors. To think that the soul is suspended after physical death in a type of limbo is a fallacy that needs to be addressed and many spirits have done so in various writings and books.

“As a spirit now, instead of dwelling in a physical vehicle, I will say that life is not much different than it was on the earth. The soul transfers itself after physical death to the level of consciousness it has earned the right to inhabit. It can and will create according to its propensities, talents, and interests. If the person has been kind, caring, and considerate of others, extending the hand of good will and charity, then it shall find itself upon a realm whereupon it has much freedom of creativity and self-expression. .

“With that said, please allow me to say what a delight and a great honor, I might add, it is to speak to you via this type of communication. For as you probably know, The Wonderful World of Disney was one of the names of my TV show that aired for many years.

“I will say that many of you dear people on the earth are indeed members of my soul family; it is natural that you would be drawn to me. Likewise, am I drawn to many of you. Let me add that from my perspective and current whereabouts, I have far more resources and means at my disposal to make contact with you than you might believe. Now I see that I had many wonderful spirit friends and companions who were partly responsible for my creative visions and creations. I actually visited many of them during my dream journeys and adventures and was taken on excursions where I beheld splendiferous magical kingdoms on spirit realms.

“I unconsciously recalled some of these tours when I awoke, and some of them would provide the ideas that came to me. Now I see how I am able to project ideas upon people. Disney World is a magical place, a symbolic reminder of the magical place that exists within everyone where dreams are meant to be dreamed and to come true.

“I invite you all to create your own smaller scale magical kingdom. String up the lights and have your own Illuminations show. Some go to Disney World to enjoy the magic, lights, fun and laughter. Others create their own mini magical kingdoms. Big or little. Grandiose or small matters not. It’s all in the mind first. What you believe and perceive determine what you create. Never forget this! The universal law of attraction is constantly in operation. The world of make-believe is real if it makes you believe in your hopes and dreams and gives you the faith that they can come true. If make-believe takes away depression then so be it. People take pills, drink alcohol, overeat and fall victim to any number of vices to numb themselves from despair, apathy, and misery.

“I know that it was my belief in magic and my childlike sense of wonder that enabled me to create all the magic that the Disney Enterprises offers.

“Dare to dream for dreams do come true. Yes, the magical kingdom is the place where dreams come true, and the magical kingdom is but an outer mirror and reflection of the magical kingdom that dwells inside each of us. We have but to take the inner journey to access those magical kingdoms of the soul which transform our lives in magical and miraculous ways we could never imagine even in our dreams.

When you complete your tasks upon the earth, you will make the transition and come to a world that is more colorful and magical than even Disney World. You will behold dazzling displays of fireworks that make the Epcot IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth nightly light and fireworks show and display look like mere matchsticks. Please do not misunderstand me. The IlluminNations spectacle is breathtaking and stands on its own as one of the marvels of our time. How my heart glowed in thrilling excitement when IllumiNations premiered in October of 1999 as IllumiNations 2000: Reflections of Earth as part of the Walt Disney World Millenium Celebration. Then it became so popular the 2000 was dropped from the name and the display has continued to this very day. Alas, do I give gratitude for the wonders of technology, devoted skilled workers, and good financial backing and resources. It thrills and excites me to see how so many of my dreams came true and I am here to tell you that yours can come true as well. That they announce at the display that Disney world is the place where dreams come true makes my heart sing in joyous delight. Disney World is a place where dreams come true, and especially if you take some of “magic” back home with you. If you can ignite the flames of hope and the sparks of soul fire that feed your dreams, you can truly accomplish anything your heart desires. I do encourage you to treat yourself to the IllumiNations display. It will blow you away!”

“At the grand IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth display please allow yourself to join with people from all lands, from all times and places and historical periods and share the light. Then take the dazzling experience home with you and create your own stories to share with your loved ones. The very capitalized letter “N” is an indicator of a deeper significance of the word “illumination.” To illuminate means to illumine, to light, to light up, to enlighten. Add the word nation and there is additional significance to the word. It now means to light up, or to enlighten the nation, or the people of the world.

“The light is the very essence of your soul essence and being. I will say now that I have some access to the astrological understanding and knowledge the channel possesses. I now see that my being a December baby, one of the fire signs, explained a lot about my fiery temperament and the lightning thoughts that poured through me at what seemed at times the speed of light. I now better understand why people are so enthralled by dazzling fireworks and light displays. A deep chord is touched and some faint soul memories are brought to surface each time you behold brilliant lights, of which some of the most bedazzling are the stars in the night sky.

“We are also here to lighten up and take delight in what we do. It makes my soul grieve when I see so many people stuck in miserable jobs and not receiving the compensation that they deserve. Fortunately, more people are taking their power back and one means to do so is to become self-employed where you create your own rules, your own agenda, schedule and so forth. It takes creativity, initiative and persistent drive but many rewards are the result. Going out on my own with my brother was a very pioneering and innovative move and risk I might add. But such is the way and style of entrepreneurs! We are some of the most stalwart and adamant risk takers in the world, and the world, I might add, is a better and more interesting place because of us and our contributions. I have nothing but the deepest respect for those who are daring and bold enough to pursue their dreams, no matter how unconventional or unlikely they may appear or even if it seems they are doomed to failure. Lord knows I had my share of doomsayers around me who predicted that only disaster would result with my pioneering innovative endeavors and wild ideas. One of my grand dreams was feature length animated films. Standing up against and facing a constant army of doomsayers, so it seemed, it was not always easy to remain optimistic and positive.

“I am proud to say that I persevered and over the next few decades I delighted children of all ages and many an adult as well with the adventures of Snow White, Pinocchio, Bambi, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo and later Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and many more. My enthusiasm never waned when I began the planning and building of Disneyland and during many other endeavors and projects I was involved in. I never let a single one of them dishearten or discourage me, and I send the same encouraging thoughts to all dreamers who are creative and audacious to dance to the beat of your own drums. Let the cymbals sound! It is time for the voices of the dreamers to be heard and heeded, I might add.

I confess that my own character Mickey Mouse kept me going often when despondency set in. Mickey was a little guy born out of the depression. He taught people how to laugh. More importantly, he dreamed big and his dreams were universal. He represents a childlike goodness and he is known for his innocent charm. That among his other qualities are what made the crowds flock to see the films. The small mouse I brought to life went on to star in over one hundred movies. He is the star in the Disney theme parks. I fondly recall how people were constantly asking the ticket takers if they were running a “Mickey” before they would purchase their tickets. So the theatres began displaying posters that said “Mickey Mouse playing today.

“The thirties were his golden age. How I loved producing those many cartoon shorts starring the multi-talented mouse. He played everything from plumber, detective, cowboy, inventor, you name it. I was delighted that those cartoons gave life to an entire family of animated characters: Minnie Mouse, Goofy, Donald Duck, Pluto and many others. The anthropomorphic mouse, that many consider my alter ego, has certainly come a long way as the saying goes. He has come from being a character in animated cartoons and comic strips to become one of the most beloved and recognizable symbols in the world.

“It has been said that I possessed one of the most unique and fertile imaginations the world has ever known; that I could take the dreams of America and make them come true. Well, yes I was a creator, I admit and very imaginative. I am happy that even after my death people still remember my creations and everything I did and I am proud of the various titles that have been assigned to me: multiple Academy-Award winning American film producer, voice actor, screen writer, animator, TV host, showman, entrepreneur and philanthropist. Yes, I indeed wear many hats as the saying goes. I wore many hats even as a boy and young man. As you may have read I had a very early interest in drawing and art. I sold small sketches and drawings to neighbors when I was seven years old.

“Often instead of doing my school work I doodled pictures of animals and nature. In high school I also picked up a knack for acting and performing. I began entertaining my friends by imitating my silent screen hero, Charlie Chaplin. My teachers would ask me to tell stories to my classmates, while illustrating on the chalkboard. Later on I’d sneak out of the house and perform comical skits at local theatres. My father wanted to tan my hide on more than one occasion for doing that against his permission.

‘Perhaps you are wondering how I had such drive and energy to do so much. Well part of it is simply due to my natural disposition and temperament. To draw upon some of the channel’s knowledge of astrology, I see that my fiery spirit which is represented by my astrological fire sign of sagitarius which is ruled by the mighty and expansive planet Jupiter. It was my destiny to dream big and create big and wonderful things to bring cheer and merriment and to open people and children of all ages to the wonderful world of magic, fun and laughter.

“As you may know everything has meaning. Since Michael dabbles in numerology I can access his knowledge on the subject. I would like to profit from that to make a few comments.

“Numerology wise those “5’s in my name, which the letters n,e, and w reduce to, it was certainly not a lifetime to be a hermit. I came back quite frankly to mingle with humanity and what a better way than through the “entertainment business network,” Fives do like to get their hands into everything and they are not fearful of trying new things. When something does not work, we get up and try something else. I was never one to rest or stand still. It is not by chance that I was born on December “5”th and died on December “15”, both being the month of the holiday Christmas season and both days having the number “5” in it. Plus the first letter in my name “W” Walter or Walt as I was known, is also a “5.” My middle name “Elias” begins with an “E” which is also a “5”. And last but not least my brother died on Dec 20, 1971, during the holiday Christmas month as well. Plus Roy died “5” years after my death in 1966. On certain levels everything has significance and from up here, I find such little tidbits of information very interesting.

“The success of the Walt Disney Company proves that much bounty, blessings and ample prosperity await those whose imaginations are fertile and highly activated and developed. Do not misunderstand me. It was not always roses and cupcakes. All entrepreneurs and dreamers will have their share of challenges and obstacles to overcome. There were times when the cash flow was low, but I never let such times dampen my spirit or my belief and faith in what the Walt Disney entertainment corporation was all about. There were some long talks with my brother Roy, who would give into doubts and frets, but I always knew we would pull ourselves up by our bootstraps as the saying goes. And we always did. It is a great honor to be tested and a greater one to know that with faith, ingenuity, action and a sense of humor, any hurdle can be surmounted. You are wise to remember this!

“And solvent we always became. So for those who would ridicule or mock dreamers with active fertile imaginations, I rest my case. As they say “the proof is in the pudding.” Successful people know that the imagination plays a tremendous role in helping to bring dreams into manifestation from the mental realm whence they originate.

“Magic is indeed very real and that is why people the world over flock to “the magical kingdom” in Disney World in the millions. A nickname for “the magical kingdom is “the most magical place on earth.” If I have my figures up to date, the magic kingdom in Orlando, Florida is the most visited theme park in the world. What an auspicious day it was on October 1, 1971 when Disney World officially opened and again on October 25, when the official dedication was given in the magic kingdom. My brother Roy stood in town square with Mickey Mouse and read the dedication plaque.

“Walt Disney World is a tribute to the philosophy and life of Walt Elias Disney and to the talents, the dedication and the loyalty of the entire Disney organization that made Walt Disney’s dream come true. May Walt Disney World bring joy and inspiration and new knowledge to all who come to this happy place….a Magic Kingdom where the young at heart of all ages can laugh and play and learn-together.”

Dedication this 25th day of October, 1971

“Although I was not there in the physical sense, you can bet your bottom that I, along with countless spirit comrades were there in our spirit bodies. There were people with more intuitive dispositions who sensed our presence, and that made the occasion even more enjoyable and memorable.

“As the theme parks and cartoon characters reveal, the world of magic and animation was so very important and real to me. Even though I didn’t realize that fairy like beings like Tinkerbell are real, I still realized the need to give them life via animation. Now I know that Tinkerbell and the gang are real on the astral plane. I also realize that the realm of the imagination is far more complex and vast than I ever imagined it to be when I was on the earth. It is rather fascinating at just how much I was tuning into the spirit world without even realizing it. I shall have a lot to say about “animation” and my deep love for it, which has been dear to my heart since I was a young child. The world of magic that animation gives life to has always been so very real to me. Even as a child when I was so drawn to illustrations, enjoy the pun, and made my attempts at cartooning, did I sense the magic and wonder in the cartoons. There is something very special and wondrous about animation. It has been a subject with which I am very fascinated.

“There is a special power and magic in animation that does not exist in what you call the everyday life experience. “On the spirit realms, bi-location is not only very possible but is one means of common transporting. Animated characters are bigger than life in a certain sense. All is very dramatic with these endearing characters. They aim for the stars, fall in the pit and like Road Runner, get up again and go forward ever to fulfill their destinies at road runner pace while running from Wile E. Coyote and whatever culprits would detract them from their destinations. You lose yourself in these beloved animated characters. Their dreams and struggles become yours. They represent and mirror a humanity you have not yet seen. Their exaggerated grimaces, and gestures remind you on a subconscious level of just how much more there is to life than you are aware of.

“Let me remind you of how attached you have become to these various animated characters. Their lives remind you of your own. Viewing these magical characters fills you with a sense of the greater as I would refer to it. And being filled with the sense of the greater you are drawn to know and experience it. The greater always inspires the smaller to aspire to more. So when you sense that there is more going on than meets the eye when you behold these many animated “toons” as you call them you are filled with a sense of something far greater than your human mortality. The rich emotional expression of these animated characters stirs a chord deep within your human psyche because you know that the human soul is ever desirous to fully reveal and express itself. Such is its nature. It can be repressed and denied and not acknowledged, but the human soul is very playful by nature and ever desirous to play with and relate to fellow souls in its vicinity or even souls further away. For like the animated characters, time and space do not exist for the child as they do for adult.

“One of the things that many people fail to realize is that there is a “child” who still lives inside us, and this child remembers what it is like to behold wonder, color, delight. It subconsciously recalls its soul flights and journeys and the beautiful colors so real on the spirit realms whence it came. It is to this inner child, and to the children that the more than life images of the animated cartoons appeal. I never lost that child like sense of awe and wonder and my goal for Disney World and the films was for that inner child to constantly be filled with renewed awe and wonder via their imagination.

“The realm of the child’s imagination is just as real as the realm of what it sees outside itself. The imagination awakens the inner vision so that the child sees with its imaginary or magical eyes. On imaginary wanderings the child receives a visual image and the imagination seeks to give life and form to these images via pictures and drawings. This is why some children are often amazingly adept at painting or drawing. Children and animated characters have much in common. The world of magic is real to animated characters and most children believe in magic as well. It is nothing for a child to constantly speak to imaginary friends and companions. Children do not experience the same boundaries as adults tend to. Likewise with animated cartoons and characters. They are often able to bypass ordinary laws of physics and gravity to get where they need to go.

“The wondrous realm of the imagination is one of the greatest gifts the creator endows to his creatures. And the imagination should be cultivated and developed much more than it is. I myself spent most of my life endeavoring to give the imagination free reign to see the light of day through films, comics, amusement parks. Children love to visit amusement parks. To get a hug by one of the cartoon characters fill their little hearts with so much joy and occasionally even the adults will get in on the fun and indulge in a hug or perhaps sit on the knee of Goofy or some Disney character while someone snaps a photo.

“Disneyworld and other amusement parks serve to remind the soul of what it inherently knows-that thought can indeed create anything and there are no limitations where a fertile imagination coupled with some good common sense. So many of the Disney popular songs speak about this soul truth. When you wish upon a star from Pinocchio, A dream is a wish your heart makes from Cinderella are two examples. People smile and are filled with glee when they hear these tunes for the soul responds to the magic the songs refer to.

“Without the imagination there would be no music, no art, no poetry. My imagination was my best friend. So please encourage your children to play with their imagination. Encourage them to draw and give form to what their imagination shows them. Create a sense of expectancy and anticipation by planning trips to amusement parks and to see animated films where the magic of the imagination comes to life on the full screen. Remember that the tremendous popularity of Disney World proves that there is a magical child inside all of us and this child is very connected to our soul. It is from soul contact that dreams originate and manifest.

“It has been my joy to speak with you. I am going to take my leave now, for speaking of imagination, it is Michael’s fired up imagination that has attracted a host of other spirits who wish for him to be the vehicle through which they can communicate to humanity. It has been a very satisfying experience and I hope you take my ideas to heart and start implementing them so your life can take on fulfillment and satisfaction to “magical proportions.”

“As Tinkerbell waves her sparkling wand across the big screen, know that I, Walt Disney, wave at you one and all every time you behold a Disney cartoon or film. And I shall toss a little stardust your way to fire up your imagination!”



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      candy 6 years ago


      i am candy from india i want to tell u that in our country we can't be able to watch hannah montan,suite life on deck,wizards of waverly place,sonny with a chance,joenas brothers we can't watch this shows coz in india it is on 1:30 am.first on disney all this shows always saturday sunday come on 6:30 pm to 10 pm and all the kids watch it.but nowadays no is able is able to watch it.sir i heartly request u plz show all the programes on correct time so we can watch it.please sir plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz