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Warnings against Un-authorized package shipments

Updated on November 27, 2007

Christmas Rush

I just want to share a very unfortunate happening I am going through...It has to do with packages being shipped to me that I have not ordered and are not being charged to any credit card of mine, but to some other poor victom by an Internet thief.

The first sign I received was from a Sporting Goods Co. who received a first time order for $720.00.that was to be shipped to my address, being suspicious they called me to varify the order (how they got my phone number is a mystery..since I am non-pub and no address in the phone book), at any rate they gave me an account number of a card I do use, but it wasn't even close to my number. I told them it was not me that ordered and to please cancel the order and make a note about this. They were very nice and I thought all was well....

Well then 2 days later I get a shipment from the same company of around (a guess) 10 pair of what seemed like baseball shoes??? which I refused and told the driver about what had already taken place. So he put a note on his little computer tracking machine and sent the order back. I also took down all the information I could off of the label. He again marked it Not Ordered and refused delivery and flagged the order again.

Then the Holiday came and all was well..the next day we were outside stacking wood and another delivery company pulls up with 3 boxes of items from 3 different companies..which again I had not ordered, so we went through the same procedure and was advised to call the police and make a report..To also put up a notice to delivery trucks not to leave any packages without my signature .

Well it wasn't an hour later and another delivery truck pulls up with more packages..and need i say we went through the same procedure again???

Well this time we made some phone calls to the companies that had sent the orders. First thing we found out was the phone number given to call was not a good number. So we get on-line and looked up the company and got the number we needed. Talking to the people at the company we found out that usually someone will ask you to forward these packages because they are unable to or promise you something, I guess there are many things they try...but NO ONE has called me and asked me to do anything for them. I just keep getting packages that I refuse.

They said sometimes, because they have a tracking number they will know when it is delivered and come by and pick it up if it is left outside on your porch, and you wouldn't even know. Luckily for me I work from my home far I have been here for each shipment.

I even got an order for what looked like $2500.00 worth of USA Postage stamps delivered to my mailbox. Of course I wrote refused on it, did not order. and suspect fraud and took it back to the Post Office and dropped it in their mailbox. (they were closed and I didn't want it around).

Also the delivery companies are not responsible for knowing if some one is there or not. But it has been a big help to place the notice in the front where the delivery trucks can see it and they ring the bell. they have been very helpfull, and concerned.

I have made my Police report and have to call them and report any of the new attempts of delivery. Although an internet thief is hard to track it can be done. Not only am I a victom, but the people who's cards are being charges are also victoms and need to also make a Police report.

One of these orders originated from Nigeria Africa but was charged to someone in Kentucky. It could also be a local person who knows me or just some weirdo causing trouble during the Christmas season with so many shipments being made.

Luckily for me I only have one credit card and no one has charged anything against me...just shipping stuff here by the boxes...So please pay attention and don't get caught up in a mess like me, if you can avoid it.

What is still to happen I am not sure of but will report any helpful new happenings. :o) Keep smiling..I am P.S. Am open to any advise given . :O)


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    • Bonnie Ramsey profile image

      Bonnie Ramsey 10 years ago from United States

      Wow! This is really wierd! You have to wonder what these people gain from this type of thing! It never ceases to amaze me what some people will do to steal from others! I guess if they had been lucky enough for you to be gone and the boxes just dropped, they would have their merchandise. But if they are in Nigeria, seems like it would be cheaper for them to pay for the order, doesn't it? LOL. I guess these fraudsters will always keep us guessing! Thanks for the heads up and keep us updated!

      Bonnie Ramsey

    • profile image

      Charlene Theriault 10 years ago

      Thanks very much for the advice Merle, now i really seehow dangerous, things can be i haveno credit card at all i`m scare to have one,getting trolublre which i don`t nead,i`m too vulnerable for that kind of problems thank for the advice, which conferm my prudence,thanks i apreciate your advice i`m not the only one to which it had helped i`m sure,i appreciates everything you post in your Hubbs , thank to be my friend, Sincerely, yopur Canadian Friend, Charlene