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Was He In World War II? A Story Of War From My Great Uncle 1942 Experience

Updated on July 29, 2012

World War 2

World War II

Was he in World War II? It wasn't until I heard a story of war from my great uncle's1942 experience that I actually realized that he was a veteran who could tell of several stories that so many didn't live to tell or who have since passed away and taken the stories with them. As I listened, I knew, that I should take every word in and try to imagine what it was that this man went through as there are not too many people left to tell of the trials and tribulations or the memories that came with the participation in WorldWar II.

Of a few stories that I have heard from my uncle and from my father-in-law there are some imparticular that stand out in my mind as significant World War II stories.

Homesick For The Safe Place They Had Left Behind

Here they were, hard working guys, young boys really, thrown into a situation to defend their country with a gun in their hand killing other people who they were told were the enemies when some of them probably not even really understanding the realm of what they were really fighting for. Years later, it is clearer as we have our freedom and the war has been over for many years but back then, they were just boys doing what they were told and homesick for the safe place that they had left behind.

It was one night after the soldiers in his unit had just gotten done with a mission that they were given permission to take some time off and have a little bit of time to themselves. At this point my uncle and some of his buddies went into a small place to have some cold refreshments and just relax for a little while until their duties took them back to places that they might not want to go. As the night went on, my uncles thoughts would often turn to home where he wished he could be instead of fighting in the War. It was taking it's toll on all the guys and it wasn't easy. As for tonight they could relax and have a little fun.

As time went by that night, my uncle being as social as he was, mingled with alot of people and the place was full of soldiers, pilots, and all sorts of Service men from all over the world. As my uncle gazed around the room at one point during the evening, he saw a man that looked somewhat familiar from behind and wandered over his way. As he got closer and closer, he was almost sure it was someone he knew from back home but could it be?. Behind the man, he could now see his manerisms and here his voice. It was. It was my uncles brother. Three of five brothers in the family had been drafted. Excitement overtook him. He tapped the soldier on the back and within seconds there was a happy reunion and a happy moment for these two brothers who had not seen each other in so long. After that, the night went by way too fast as they told of their experiences, their losses, their fear, their heartaches and their anxiousness to return home. But for a few moments each of them felt the comfort of home if only for a few minutes.


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    • John MacNab profile image

      John MacNab 5 years ago from the banks of the St. Lawrence

      An nteresting hub, Malonge. I lived thru WWll, but in the UK and from the civilian point of view.