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Water Bottle Labels

Updated on March 15, 2010

Water bottle labels are something you probably don't think about much, you just buy the water you like and drink it without ever thinking about the label. It doesn't really tell you much because water is pretty much water, no matter what the companies that sell it want you to think. In fact a large portion of the water sold is just water from municipal supplies that's been purified. You can pretty much get a filtration pitcher from your local big box store and get the equivalent of bottled water. Still there are some times when bottled water can make sense. If you're traveling, or in a disaster situation, or in a situation where you're having an even or party and a tap isn't readily available. If you'd like to personalize your event, you can even get personalized water bottle labels (or wine bottle labels) with the date or whatever info you want on it. It's not really too much more than water from the store itself, what will really cost you is the shipping. Water is heavy, 8.3 pounds per gallon heavy. Still it might be nice to have personalized wedding water bottle labels or a custom water bottle label for anniversary or whatever event you're having. Instead of buying water with personalized water bottle labels already on them you could buy water at the store and make the custom labeled bottled water yourself. Just find some bottled water labels that are easily removed, like the plastic (not paper) labels. Then print out your custom water bottle labels on regular paper and spray them with sealant for pastel drawings that you get from the art store. Then attach them to your bottles with spray adhesive. Inexpensive and easy.

Bottled Water Labels

photo by MissTechmacher via Flickr.  These bottles are made of biodegradable plant matter.
photo by MissTechmacher via Flickr. These bottles are made of biodegradable plant matter.

What You Don't Think About With Water Bottle Labels

A lot of consumers like to think that they're doing themselves and the environment a favor by drinking bottled water, but bottled water is one of the least green things you can do.  In the U.S. you can turn on your tap and get safe to drink water for roughly a penny a bottle.  If you think it's not safe enough you can run it through a filtration system for a few more cents.  Consider the cost to bottle water though.  Bottles have to be made (from plastic which is hardly environmentally friendly).  Then the water is put into the bottles and capped (after it comes out of a tap most likely) which takes energy.  Then they've got to be loaded on trucks and shipped which again takes energy and fuel.  Not to mention that a semi truck cannot take a full load of water - it's too heavy.  When they operate under capacity it's less efficient and wasteful.  

There's even been a huge controversy with Fiji water which is promoting itself as green.  However the factory that produces it runs on diesel engines 24 hours a day.  Then the water must be loaded into planes or ships and transported to the US or Europe.  Once in port it's loaded on trucks and shipped to stores.  All that energy to produce something you can get right from the faucets in your house.  In fact there's a very popular brand of water produced not far from where I live.  It actually does come from a spring - however all the tap water in that city comes from the same spring.  So for the people in that city, the water from their tap and the water from the bottles is identical.  It is shipped all over the U.S. so not everybody can say the same.  Still, it's a big business and people seem to be buying it, so look at your water bottle labels next time and see where your water comes from.


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