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Water Turbines

Updated on June 7, 2013

Water Turbines

Water Turbines

Volume 2, Issue 9A, June 7, 2013

Water turbines are used in or mostly at sea for fueling and generating energy for oil rigs and in some cases a remote community. The actual name of the turbine is called a hydro-electrical turbine, but it is a thermo-nuclear electrical generator that is powered by water turbines spinning at a velocity unknown by the swiftness of waves, movement of water, or by the winds moving water that are produced by rivers, streams, seas or oceans. The water turbine is a high velocity rotary engine that is powered by the movement of waves or motion of the water. It has actually been around for thousands of years when men in Egypt, Mayan, and Roman temples, in the 3rd or 4th century, introduced it to the world. A French engineer made it more modern, and thought out an energy producing wheel in the 19th century that rotated and swirled with water to create a water pipeline energy system and electrical vortex to sustain a community with water and electricity. As history will have it the Mayan temples had a circular water wheel that stood upright and was propelled by water to move to and from different sections of the temples and Mayan empire and community. It was the same type of water system used and produced for the Roman and Egyptian Empires. It is also the centerpiece of each of the respective communities or empires where water was moved and swirled into the community to quench the thirst of visitors and native people alike. Most of these communities gathered in their main centers of trade and sales to sell goods and trade with outside communities and empires that apparently shared there concepts of water systems with each other.

Normally the water turbines look like a slanted wheel in a circular shaft that spins and swirls as the water moves through and rotates the turbine and it creates energy in water or thermal energy or hydro-velocity spinning vortex of electricity.

Not only are these water turbines used for water systems but they produce electrical energy through its spinning velocity and speed for other objects or community generators. These water turbines produce hydro electrical energy to light up or produce the energy for electricity in a community, residence or business.

Although most of the turbines are seen and used to propel sea craft (propellers) they can be used to produce energy indoors. This is the most popular type of water turbine a propeller that is a fixture for water craft, sea vessels, boats, and submarines. It has a 90% energy production rate. There are also two types of water energy systems that are called reaction turbines and impulse turbines.

The most notable and amazing use of energy for thermo-nuclear and hydro-nuclear electrical energy is Niagara Falls where this system is maintained and has a dynamic, spectacular, and wonderfully scenic energy spectacle. This energy system produces approximately 2,200 kilowatts in 1893 and close to 2 million kilowatts today, and it provides energy for the communities of Queenston and Chippewa, Canada and a large part of Canada. It also provides hydro-electrical power to the American side of Lewiston Pump Generating Plant and Robert Moses Niagara Power Plant together it produces about 2.4 million kilowatts of electricity since 1958. This spectacular view of how powerful water is and the energy it produces could be seen on film. Vacations to this wonder of the world are frequent and as anyone can see the visual panoramic views of this wonder are beyond comprehension.

EBay and Amazon carry water turbine kits that you can assemble for the home or business and they can be placed in rivers and streams if available.

Water turbines


Water turbine


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