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Ways To Attract Humming Birds

Updated on March 15, 2011

There are a number of ways to attract humming birds to your yard and this article will give you a few ideas that can help you out. Before you begin you will need to make sure humming birds are in your area. If they are not you may not get to many visiting your yard. There are many resources out there if you are not sure if they are in your area. One suggested resource is a field guide. Field guides can not only tell what areas humming birds live in but they can help identify species you come across as well as interesting facts. You can purchase a guide from one of the links on this page. Once you know humming birds are in your area you can start attracting them. Below are some ideas.


One way to attract humming birds is to hang one or more humming bird feeders around your yard. There are many varieties out there but the best color to get is bright red. They can see bright red better from a distance. You can purchase one from one of the links on this page. Hang them about 30 feet apart by windows, flower beds or anywhere else you choose. You can make a mixture to fill your feeder by mixing 1 part sugar to 4 parts water.


Humming birds eat nectar from flowers. They are also attracted to the bright colors. You can plant them in pots, in the garden or other places around the yard. One suggestion is near the humming bird feeder. Below is a list of flowers that attract humming birds. Please note this is not extensive:

Trumpet Vine

Honey Suckle

Butterfly Weed



Holley Hock





Humming birds need water just like anything else. They will drink it and play in it. It will also attract other birds as well. Make sure it is clean and fresh so the humming birds stay healthy.


Cats like to kill birds. Often times they do it because they can and not just to eat them. I know this because at my moms houseer was alot of quail until my mom got a cat. They disappeared shortly after. Birds will also avoid places with cats or other predators.


 Humming birds just like any bird does not like to be close to people. The less people in an area the more likely to have birds in general. This does not mean they will not come at all if there are people. When people come by they tend to hide or fly away. If they feel safe they will probably stay.


Humming birds are attracted to bright colors such as bright red

Humming birds are attracted to flowers an nectar not the smell of the flowers

Humming birds drink nectar. They do not eat seeds or bugs like other birds.

Humming birds need water just like people.

Humming birds tend to avoid people unless they feel safe.

Predators such as cats will harm the humming birds and scare them away.


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    • profile image

      Janet 7 years ago

      your information is not correct, hummingbirds do eat nectar for energy but also have to eat bugs for protein. A hummingbird could NOT survive on nectar alone.

    • profile image

      Monica 8 years ago

      check your spelling!!!