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Ways To Show Teacher Appreciation

Updated on August 9, 2011
Respect not an apple is a better way to show teacher appreciation.
Respect not an apple is a better way to show teacher appreciation.

How to show your teacher you appreciate them.

Our teachers do play a key role n the development of the minds of youth and adults. The importance of what they do is often underplayed and go unnoticed by many.

When one has the pleasure of working with a good teacher, it leaves a lasting impression on their life. A lot of hard work goes into education a person and there are many situations where funds for doing so are limited.

The following are just a few suggestions on how a student can show their teacher that they appreciate the effort and hard work to assisting them go learn what they need to get the most out of life.

You’re now a student and you want to make a good an permanent impression on your teacher. Follow thesis steps closely and you are certain to become a star pupil and have years of making teachers happy.

1.) BE ON TIME TO CLASS. No one likes to be interrupted. When you’re late you put a negative effect on the class and the students who made an effort to be on time and ready to listen. In the event that you must be late, where possible give advance notice to your instructor.

2.) LOOK INTO YOUR TEACHERS EYES. In order to show a person that you are truly interested in what they have to say it is imperative that you look at them, especially when they re speaking to them.

3.) CHECK YOUR ATTITUDE AT THE DOOR. A teacher is in charge of their classroom. This is the case if they are the permanent teacher of the class or a substitute for a period of time. It is important that the student respects this and listen and obey the request of the teacher and the rules set out by them. Speak politely and respectfully when addressing your teacher whether you agree with what they say or not.

4.) RAISE YOUR HAND. Class participation shows the teacher that you want to learn. If you didn’t hear something then raise your hand and ask for clarification. Participation is also beneficial and encouraging to your fellow students.

5.) SAY MY NAME. Yes Beyonce’s song says it well. When speaking to your teacher user their name. Just as you appreciate when your instructor knows you by name, they like it when you call them by their name.

6.) TURN IN ASSIGNMENTS NEAT AND ON TIME. Respect yourself and the work you produce. This is shown when your work isn’t rushed, and it is legible and turned in on time.

7.) ASK QUESTIONS. The teachers primary concern is to be certain you understand the material given. It is your responsibility to ask questions if you do not. A teacher becomes one because they want to help people learn. Let your teacher help you.

8.) SAY THANK YOU. Need I say more?

9.) FINANCIAL DONATIONS. When attending a college there is an alumni fund. Making financial donations to for the support the alumni gives to continuing education and teacher’s causes is always appreciated.


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    • fordie profile image

      fordie 6 years ago from China

      People forget that school is for learning more than just the subject matter. All of these points are great skills for life

    • profile image

      Just Life 6 years ago

      Simple, direct, and to the point! Well writen, and great advise!

    • jwhitman profile image

      jwhitman 6 years ago from Albany, New York

      Like Jerry, I am also a teacher and I'd take a thank you from a student over a box of candy anyday of the week!

    • JerryTillotson profile image

      JerryTillotson 6 years ago from Montpelier, VT

      As a teacher, I thank you for this thoughtfulness.