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How to Imagine and Understand the 4th Dimension

Updated on January 20, 2019
Julli Iana profile image

Iana is a college student who is always been interested in the aspects of the universe. ^_^

Let us first differentiate these dimensions: 0D, 2D, 3D and 4D

Here, I will ask you a favor and draw a dot on a paper.

That, my friends, is described to be 0 dimensional. No width. No height. No length. No direction.

It is only a small point that cannot move. It stays only in its place.

But if you manage to draw from that point, (move your pencil in a straight direction across the paper and, yes draw it) and stop on a specific point,

A line is considered 1 dimensional which can move back and forth. Time is also 1 dimensional. If it requires to move forward, can we go back also?

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What is created? Bam. A line. That line that you just drew, is what you called, 1st dimension. It has length and it has a direction. mainly, backward and forward.

Now, the 2nd dimension, which is after the 1st dimension, has length and width.

Go ahead and complete your line into a square shape. This 2 dimensional object also has a direction,which is left-right and forward and backward.

Now, to the 3rd dimension, our example here is the cube. With width, length, and height. It also has a direction which are: forward-backward, left-right, and up-down.

4th Dimension

ou may be wondering, Hmmmm, now how does the 4th dimensional object look like?

Oh no no, you haven't quite understand it this far, I guess.

Explaining you the 4th dimension can be hard but you need to understand first what it's like to be a 2 dimensional creature (which I will be going to discuss in a minute)

Now back to the topic..

You see, when we discuss these dimensions it has a pattern.

A dot makes a line. A lines makes a shape, a shape makes a cube, and a cube makes a.....what exactly?

Here is an example of a tesseract to help show the 4th dimension.

The tesseract might be a good example in our topic. But, the tesseract is not yet the 4 dimensional object. It is only made to help us imagine the 4D.

And yes, you can refer the one from the Avengers, but it is not the actual tesseract that we are looking for.

Do you think that Aliens are the 4th dimensional creatures?

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How to imagine the 4th dimension

To imagine the 4th dimension(which is hard to imagine) we need to put our selves first in the situation of a 2 dimensional creature.


Okay, okay first....

To introduce, you as a human being, is a 3 dimensional creature. You can move in 3 main directions. You can walk to the left and to the right. You can move forward and backward. And you can move your body up and down.

We also have a length, width and height.

As a 3 dimensional creature, it is hard for you to comprehend the 4th dimensional space, hard for you to imagine it and therefore, do not accept it. Because, you cannot see it with your own two eyeballs.

You cannot accept the fact that there is a 4th dimension, because you think that moving in this dimension is impossible.


This is also the case of a 2 dimensional creature.

They do not see the 3 dimensional world, therefore it is hard for them to understand.

They do not have a height like us 3 dimensional creatures. They cannot move up and down like us 3 dimensional creatures.

Why? Because they are flat!

(I do not mean that they are flat chested)

I mean, they are literally flat. The square shape that you drew on you paper(If you did draw) is a 2 dimensional object.

Measure its length, measure its width,but you cannot measure its height. The same goes for every shape. Circle, Triangle, Oval, name it.

Now, let's say that these 2 dimensional shape creatures live in flat land.

In flat land, where they can only move forward and backward, left and right.

In result, they can only see a line of everything in their world. Because their world is flat. Therefore they see their friends flat, houses as flat, because their eyes are are also flat and they are flat.

Here is a video for you to understand.

In the video, you see, a 3 dimensional object passes through flat land. We are the sphere that visited the flat land that showed the 2 dimensional creature our world, but unable to visit or enter the 4th dimension.

Ways to let you imagine 4th dimension

1.Video games

Video games, really has a unique way to show dimensions.

Super Mario
Super Mario
Papa Louie: when pizzas attack
Papa Louie: when pizzas attack

Do you know these games? Well, what is it that they have in common: they are 2 dimensional video games

Let us take for example the Super Mario video game

If we will think out of the box, Super Mario is playing in a vertical standing plane

His world is a 2 dimensional space and if you will see him in another angle, you will see a flat Mario.

In the Super Mario video game, all is a 2 dimensional creature.

And that explains, when a character is blocked by something on its way, (taller than his highest tall)
how can you make a character go to the other side?

Here's a video that can explain you more about it

2. Geometrical shapes

Thanks to math(a mind cracking subject) imagining the 4th dimension is easy. The following video explains if a 4th dimensional object passes our 3 dimensional world.

It seems hard to understand at first but, he first made the situation easy: we 3d as a 2d being.



You think:
Why do we have to know the these dimensions? 2D, 3d and the 4d thing?

Tesseract at motion
Tesseract at motion

You know, these dimensions are part of our universe. Our universe is 4 dimensional. It is believed that our universe is once created from a single point and extended from its origin forward, creating a space and the time.

Some scientists think that 5 dimension exists. The 11 dimension exists. They believe that there are several dimension!

Because as it says in the logic, if there is 1, there is 2. If there is 4, there is 5. And this numbers continue to will go on and go on. So as these dimensions.

It is also believed that the 4th dimension is time/duration. What does it mean? Some scientists, believe that time travel is possible. Through jumping multiple dimension in order to travel through the future and the past.

And that is folks for now. Hope you understand these mind blowing fascinating dimensions.


© 2019 JC Laron


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    • Bambe profile image


      5 weeks ago from Philippines

      I'm blown away. I believe that there are still yet to discover knowledge. Well, we are on a 3-dimensional world and 3D body so, that's how our mind limits so far. Anyways, Great article.


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