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We Have Something in Christ

Updated on November 29, 2011

We have something in Christ, God planned this long ago for His purpose, He works out everything, God decides what He wants.

We were chosen in Christ - His blood has set us free, we have forgiveness of sins! God's gracious love is so rich! It overwhelms us with all kinds of wisdom and understanding.

Praise God! He is the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, in Christ, God blessed us with every spiritual blessing in heaven, in Christ, God chose us before the world began, He wanted us to be holy and spotless before Him in love.

God's love has been shown to you thro Him giving up His only Son to go to the cross to bear all your sins, as God can not see you because of all the sin on you, so Jesus came to take it upon Himself, He took the load from those who want to open up their hearts to let Jesus enter in, as Jesus said, "No one can go to the Father except thro Me". so, for us to do that we are to surrender our life over to Jesus and He will forgive us our sins.

While we were spiritually dead in sins, God made us alive with Christ, and now we can be saved by God's gracious love.

You have heard the true message, the Good News about salvation, after you are saved you are sealed by the Blood of Christ.

And God raised us from spiritual death and seated us in the heavenly world with Christ Jesus.

God wanted to show us His gracious love for all time, He did this by using Jesus to be kind to us.

We are what God made, in Christ Jesus we have been created for doing good deeds and God prepared these good deeds long ago, so that we could live by them.

Jesus Christ is our Peace

re-written by permission from Nyora


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