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We Truly Do Reap What We Sow!

Updated on November 7, 2009




          All of the spiritual paths teach that we truly do reap what we sow.  The wording may be different but the central theme and idea is the same; the circumstances and people we encounter in this lifetime have been determined by our actions, deeds and the way we treated and dealt with people in our past lives.


          There are a lot of people on this beloved planet earth that we humans share.  I think the world population count is at, if not beyond, the five billion mark.  Now what are the chances of us just happening to encounter those people with whom we become involved and find ourselves surrounded by and attracted to?  The answer is that we do not 'just happen' to encounter anyone.  This also does not mean that everyone we encounter has something to teach or give us from a past life or that we owe them anything.  People can come and go in our lives like ships in the night.  But one thing is for certain, those people with whom we become emotionally involved and entangled with in various dynamics have come to us because there is karma to work out and lessons to experience and learn.


          The good news is that there is good and bad karma.  Some spiritual teachers refuse to even use the word karma because they claim that it denotes suffering and sorrow and the hardships that come from paying off old debts.  Suffering and sorrow can certainly be part of the karmic package of paying off old debts, but there is good karma as well where we reap many goodies and gifts from our encounters and relationships.


          Let it be known that nothing happens by chance and on a higher level we choose everything that happens to us, even how we die.  This can be a little hard to swallow when it comes to observing tragedies, brutal murders, raping, and so forth.  But the truth is that the soul chose and needed to have those experiences to learn something from or to repay an old debt.  This is not to say that a murderer necessarily has to be murdered by his victim in his or her next life.  There is the element of 'grace' that is sometimes extended whereby the murderer may be permitted to pay his debt in another fashion.  Perhaps the victim is desperate and contemplating suicide.  The murderer in the next life may show up and be able to help.  We may call such unexpected encounters  'God's little earth angels' that seemingly pop up out of mid-air for the conscious mind ego personality most often is not given privy to such information.  The soul and subconscious, however, know that the meeting was destined to be and would welcome the assistance.   Whereas if the soul had contracted to have an experience of suicide (for it is believed that we humans choose to undergo every type of experience before we return to God or source) then they would not accept the offered assistance.  Should this be the case then the one offering the help would most likely 'not' owe them or be the murderer from another lifetime. 


          Comprehending this concept of karma and reaping what we sow, can be confusing and complicated for there are so many ramifications and no two scenarios are the same.  Nonetheless, I want to share some thoughts and ideas in order to provoke some thought and to remind us all that we are the creators of our destiny.  We are responsible for our each and every deed as well as our each and every thought and feeling.


          Knowing this we are in a position to be much more aware of our thoughts, feelings which lead to our actions.  I love the wicca phrase "An it harm none, love and do as thou wilt."  That is a good philosophy and course of action to follow.  We should all do that to the best of our ability.  And let us keep is mind that life is not always going to be a bouquet of roses or a day in the park due to karma and the lessons we contracted to learn as we sat in counsel with our guides and the masters before we were even born.  Oh, yes, we do meet with our teachers and go over what we need to accomplish in the lifetime we are about to embark upon.


          I can see how a thief could turn this thinking to his advantage and say well, everybody ripped me off in the other life, so I am going to get even and rip them off in this one and the score will be clear and all debts paid off.  This thinking in most cases is of course a fallacy and poor excuse for being a thief, although in some rare cases this could apply.  It could also keep some irresponsible people from working off their karma.  They could say well since we keep coming back until we get it right, I'll just wait until the next life or two before I work out things.  Source or God did endow us all with free will, but from my understanding, each lifetime that we put off paying our karmic debts, the debts accrue and the lessons become more difficult.


          In many cases people whose experiences show that life seems to have dealt them a bad hand of cards, are people who have put off and avoided paying off some old karmic debts.  This is why suicide is almost never the answer.  We take our problems and unresolved conflicts with us to the spirit realm and we are accountable for our every action or lack of action.  We do have to go back and meet our skeletons again and pay off our debts.  Whether we are born into affluence, or poverty and misery; whether we are born with physical afflictions, mental endurance or limitations all depend upon what we need to experience in this lifetime.  The same goes with where we are born and the families we are born into.  This was all prearranged in 'Heaven' so to speak before birth.


          Knowledge is power but it does not necessarily work out our karma.  That takes personal resolution, determination and willingness.  Again, I state once more, and very emphatically, that what we avoid and run from we will face again and again until we deal with it, heal, and then, and only then, can we move on and live successful happy lives.


          Like everything else there are many degrees and levels of karmic encounters.  One area of life where we see karma perhaps the most in operation is in personal relationships; notably romantic ones which lead to emotional attachments.  This can lead to relationships and all that can come with them, good, bad and all shades in between. 


          Why do I speak so confidently?  Because to be quite blunt this has been one hellacious life for me.  Or rather the first forty-five years or so were.  I was born into a family of violence, alcoholism, and about every dysfunction imaginable.  My father frequently brutalized my mother mentally, emotionally and physically and he tortured me mentally and emotionally although he did not beat me physically.  My teen-age years (which are difficult and challenging enough for children in normal households) were spent going from one foster home to another.  It took a lot of soul searching and many years of traditional therapy and later spiritual counseling, before I was able to clear up the baggage and move on and be able to live a somewhat meaningful and satisfied life. 


          Like many people who get rough starts in life, I took some comfort in playing the victim 'poor me' character.  I'd barely meet somebody before I'd give them my 'what a horrible childhood and father' I had story.  This, most often, brought about pity and aroused their sympathy and compassion which I thrived on.  One day my opera coach called me on it and challenged me.  She said, "Michael, you have come so far considering where you came from.  You are intelligent, in college, and have many talents.  You need to stop hanging onto to your miserable childhood.  It is time to move on."


            For some reason, that affected me very deeply, and after some soul searching I decided that she was right.  So that became my new task and in time I was able to stop talking so much about my past.  I still make references in my writings and books, but it is not to solicit pity or compassion, but to be used as a tool of education.  Now I know that I had to go through all the 'bad experiences' to balance the karmic scales.  Many past life regressions and readings showed me when and where much of this karma accumulated.  So I had to give up the 'poor me' and move on.  Or rather I made a choice to do that.


          I could go on and on about how many times my heart was broken and how my love relationships always failed.  Most of us have our stories, but I will spare the reader the miserable love-life stories.  I will speak a bit about my French connection because it has been very pivotal in my understanding both positive and negative characteristics, talents, and qualities I have in this lifetime.


           I jokingly say that I am a tortured artist becoming untortured.  This is actually very true.  I am a poet, singer and a writer and I even gave up a teaching career as a French professor to pursue my writing dream.  But it has only been in the past year at the age of 52 that I have 'really' taken the bull by the horns and have become bound and determined, come what may, to pursue this writing dream whole heartedly with gusto.


          Why did it take so long?  One reason is that I had not healed from all of the childhood abuse where my father would berate and tell me I was  piece of s...t and would never amount to anything.  Another reason is that my very last lifetime I was a French female model and painter and a tortured artist.  I was not able to obtain the success that I thought I was entitled to with all the hard work I put into my art.  I struggled all my life and nearly froze and starved at one point.  At one point I cursed my art and the male painters who discriminated against me and would not help me.  I destroyed my paintings and supplies and wound up in a type of nursing home.  I hated men and I died very bitter in my mid-fifties.


          The good news is that I brought back the same artistic temperament and sensitivity.  But this life my talent is the ability to write, or as one psychic put it, "in this lifetime you chose to paint with words instead of brush and palette."  I also learned fluent French in less than two years and took on German, Spanish and Italian as well.  I received a scholarship to study for a semester in France and I had deja-vu very intensely, especially in Paris.  I might add that I am the only child out of seven who had any interest in higher education or who attended college. 


          The bad news is that all of the old pain, hurts, resentments and struggles were not healed and I had to face and deal with each of them in this lifetime.  Just as the previous life ended very miserably, so did this one begin.  I had to start all over in a sense.  I do confess that I sometimes think I bit off more than I could chew because such intense struggles with self-esteem, confidence, rage, depression, etc. made me chronically depressed and suicidal for years.  But I also brought back a strong mind and a strong will from past lives and that is what kept me from going off the deep end so many times.  Years later it would be my art that would liberate and fulfill me, but it would be a long haul until I arrived at that point.


          I now tell friends and clients that the tortured artist is becoming untortured and I am happy to say that is now the truth.  But oh what struggles and what hells and dark nights of the soul I went through and occasionally still do.  This is why I am so compassionate and a good listener to others undergoing their own trials and tribulations.  I can honestly say I've been there and I survived and so can they.


          My story is very sad but then again all of the hardships turned out to make me stronger and they did liberate me.  If I had it to do over again I would not change anything.  When we work through our karmic struggles then life begins to brighten and lighten up and we don't have to repeat those lessons ever again.  Thank goodness and the powers that be for that.  Often there is more than one past lifetime at play.  For instance, my life before the French female model and painter was that of a French poet.  He touched people's hearts with his beautiful poetry, but his personal life was extremely volatile and difficult and he was an alcoholic.  Since I had not exerted control over the vice to over-indulge in the partaking of the 'spirits' I was born into an alcoholic family to face that old demon again, and I have also struggled with over indulging of the 'spirits' in this lifetime as well.


          As a friend of mine says 'karma smacks and sucks.'  It is not always the big life threatening or major decisions and experiences we go through that are karmic in nature.  It can be the little things as well.  I recall some years ago when I did some shopping at K-mart.  When I came out I noted that this junker of a car had parked very crookedly next to me.  I was so mad that I was careless about pulling out.  I smacked into the junker car and broke his tail light and made a few dents.  At first I thought to write a note and give my phone number.  Then my anger returned and I said "Oh, it's a piece of junk anyway," I ranted.  "Somebody needs to learn how to drive."  I huffed and I drove away.  Two weeks later I had a major accident.  Nobody was hurt but over $2,000 in damage was done to my car.  We may think that nobody is watching, but like that old gospel song says, "there is an all seeing eye watching you.  Ever mind the course that you pursue."


          Our guides and Destiny will often test us to make sure we are not trying to cheat or get away with something we should know better about.  I recall having a nice meal at a restaurant with a friend a few years ago.  I left the waiter a sizeable tip.  When I came out and counted the bills from my change I noted that he gave me an extra $1 bill.  "Oh, the heck with going back in there," I said.  "I gave him a great tip.  It more than pays for it."  My friend whispered the word 'karma' and before you could say one, two, three I was back in that restaurant giving the waiter his dollar bill. 


          Temptation is always around the corner and sometimes I think the tests never end.   People may think nobody is watching or that they can get by with unethical behaviors but they cannot.  Karma will catch up with them sooner or later and now a days it seems to be sooner than later.  Just last week I was having my annual retreat in a cabin at a park a few hours away.  When I left I decided to take the extra roll of toilet paper that had not been opened.  Then my conscience began to hound me.  "That was theft.  That was not like taking a few kleenexes or those free samplers they give you of mouthwash, lotion or conditioner."  I asked my friend Leiah about it and she said, "yes, that was theft, take it back."  I felt terrible then I put the unused roll of toilet paper in my car trunk where it will be returned to my little cabin next year.


          The call compels the response.  Let us always remember this.  We do have guides, angels and many helpers in the visible seen and invisible unseen realms.  If we have any questions about the gray areas let us consult them or some friends.  Then if we are not sure, I say when in doubt don't, for as sure as the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, the law of karma is ever in motion. 


          May we all clear up our karmic bargage, (my new word for baggage and garbage) so that we can live joyous prosperous meaningful lives and have our every wish come true.  For this is our destiny!





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    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      7 years ago

      Thanks for your kind words. Yes, I believe that EVERY ADVERSITY HAS AN EQUAL OR GREATER BENEFIT. Cheers, michael

    • gmwilliams profile image

      Grace Marguerite Williams 

      8 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

      I have read many of your articles. You are an awesome writer. Sometimes a less than perfect childhood and adolescence leads to a great reward in adulthood. Keep up the good work! You are one of God's gifts.

    • Mike Dennis profile imageAUTHOR

      Mike Dennis 

      9 years ago

      Your French, my dog thinks I am another dog, made me howl. You mixed some Spanish in otra is Spanish for other. French is autre as in Mon chien pense que je suis un autre chien. Okay, you brought the French professor in me out. Que puis-je dire? What can I say? FYI I am constantly mixing languges when I write in my journal or talk out loud to myself. Sign of a busy agile mind is what it is. And we both got that going, lol, but true. Thanks for your comments about karma, probabilities and possibilities. I will look forward to your upcoming hub. blessings, michael

    • LaughingRain profile image

      Alysia McAlister 

      9 years ago from Arizona

      Hi Mike, French professor huh? cool. when my twins entered college I decided to go to college too. I took French 1st the teacher was hard on us!

      here's what I remember: correct me please the spelling:

      btw: I got the teacher to laff! ma chien pense que je suis a' otra chien.

      About Karma: speaking personally of course. every thing you say is to my pov correct.

      Destiny is never set in stone, but we come here with certain intentions which are like probabilities, and perhaps some possibilities also. It always looks easier from the other higher viewpoint.

      We do have much assistance, such as the ask and you will receive idea.

      now you gave me an idea for a hub. I will write about my mother and me, and how we worked it off together. our karma. I will be writing about it the rest of my life I think. It's like my main triumph, that I got it all cleared up.

      thanks for the hub, as usual, you come from the heart. LR


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