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We are but a Fragment

Updated on September 28, 2014

We are but a Fragment

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

We spend much of our lives wishing we were someone else, wishing we were famous, wealthy, powerful or successful beyond our dreams. It seems we persist in wanting everything we don’t have and ignoring the meaning and challenges of the life we are given. So why do we think that life in anyone else’s circumstance is better than our own?

You could say its human nature to want what you haven’t got, but I think it goes deeper than that. We see a circumstance and judge it better based on a superficial appearance, a perceived advantage. We think money will solve our problems, adoration will make us complete or power will make us superior. But will it?

The reality is that each circumstance in life carries with it its own set of challenges and inherent problems to be overcome. Judging one over another is simply misguided as appearances are often deceiving. What may be better in your eyes is merely one aspect and certainly not representative of the whole. So why do we do this, apart from wishing our lives were easier? Why do we yearn to be someone else?

Looking at the core of the problem, I believe life is a progression of learning and experience, the nature of our individual lives a product of particular need and knowledge. We are as we should be to experience various aspects of life that circumstance delivers. We may well want to be someone else but that would of course be counterproductive.

I believe in reincarnation, a series of given lives that offer the necessary experiences and learning that will raise the consciousness and purity of what is commonly called the soul. My understanding is slightly different in concept in that I believe we are small fragment of a whole, each life completed to return to the whole. This conglomerated soul of which we are all minute fragments to my understanding is what most people refer to as God.

So we are not some experiment, or made in the image of God, we are in fact small fragment of God, an infinitely omniscient whole that is in a constant state of renewal and aspiring purity. Much the same as the ‘animal group soul’ we humans are given a small fragment of a soul with which to experience and learn and return again and again until our fragment is sufficiently elevated to remain with the whole. This is our purpose.

To judge someone else’s life then is purposeless because we will have to or already have experienced what we are judging. We are all on a path of learning, all at different stages of the same path, none better than another, just different. What we see as negative may be what that person requires now, to in fact complete a necessary learning.

In this scenario you can see how pointless judging someone is and how externalising God is misguided. We, in our ignorance, try to place God in a tangible box, give him an image so we can have place, meaning and a perception of balance. The reality is we ourselves are each a vessel of God, with a divine potential within us. Externalisation is the comfort of relinquishing responsibility; pass it off to a greater power when in fact that divine potential resides within us. That responsibility is a part of the path of learning that gives us our purpose.

These fragments of souls are so many that often we can relate to them in other people, carry some subconscious memory that instantly make someone recognisable or relatable. I’m sure you’ve met people and had that feeling. The reality is that we are all the one soul, however fragmented, and how and what we do to one another in the physical life only hurts ourselves. So those clichés about being one and brotherhood have far more meaning than imagined. The physical vessels we inhabit are merely that, the differences part of the challenges in each life, the path of learning. In the end there is no division, just differences.

This perspective gives rise to a more balanced view of our existence on this tiny blue planet. Much of the subconscious memories and experiences of past incarnations on this planet and others, have resulted in many ideas and realities within popular culture. We may see them as imagination but often these ideas have substance.

The universe is vast and life within it abundant. Each one of us is a potential of good, a real part of a divinely perfect existence. Our choices in life are ours alone and it is us who bare the consequences. The paths of experience we create are necessary in their outcomes, to nurture the God within us. If we perhaps acknowledged this reality, our planet would become more harmonious rather than at war. The choice is ours.


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