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We Are Killing This Planet

Updated on February 4, 2019

What we do

The average person throws away 4.5 pounds of garbage per day, The world produces 1 million pounds of CO2 every second, 150 acres of rain forest are destroyed every minute. All of these things are destroying our world. Don't get to worried, it is not to late to save our dying planet, and here you will learn how we can do that.


How did this happen?

Back in the day, right before the industrial revolution, Nikolaus Otto and √Čtienne Lenoir, both developed something that would change the world. The internal combustion engine. Running on petroium, it would revolutionize the world in every way conceivable. With the new invention reaching a height in popularity, more and more oil was needed, and with this oil, more CO2 pollution was being released into the atmosphere. The industrial revolution was just the start of how we began to kill our planet.

How did it get so out of hand?

There are many factors that caused pollution to get out of hand, lobbyists, fights for power, etc. I would like to tell you about a man who caused all of our cars to be gas, by introducing this one tool, he changed the world forever. That man is Henry R Ford, and that tool is the assembly line. In 1913 while cars first were taking to the streets, there was a battle between electric and gasoline, they were neck and neck until Henry introduced his new invention, making car production faster and cheaper. Therefore pushing gasoline past electric and making gas cars the cars of the future.

Car production before and after the production line

Car production time
Before 1913
12 hours
After 1913
2 hours 30 min
Here we see the car and CO2 production before and after the introduction of the production line

A first look

Another way we kill our planet

We produce so much waste as a race. 4.4 pounds of garbage are produced from each person each day, at that rate, 1 human would fill a landfill in about 62 years, not bad right? Well except that one land fill is about 600 acres. Since there are 7.53 billion people and the overall average life expectancy is 70 years, then lets call it 700 acres per person in their lifetime for all their garbage. This means that we need 4,518,000,000,000 acres of land just for this generation for our garbage alone. This is outargues, and I won't even begin on all of the fossil fuels, CO2 and methane production from these landfills.

What our future looks like

What we need to do,

If we keep up our habits and routines, we will kill our planet in no time, however there is hope. If we all conserve a little, it can go a long way. By using a reusable coffee cup, or a reusable straw, by car pooling or buying an electric car, that can all make a difference. The big companies also need to get into this mindset. Switching to cleaner sources of energy, like solar or wind, or by using recyclable products. Here is one last thing to think about before this is done, think about everything you throw away for a week and either write it down or remember it. Then the next week, try to throw away one less thing, or eat up one more left over, and do that for a month. This alone can make a huge difference. You can make a difference in your every day life, by living conservatively.

Some products to help save the people

Reusable straws are great way to reduce waste

Solar Powered chargers for phones are excellent for reducing energy consumption

Biodegradable Products are a great way to help reduce garbage production


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