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We are the universe

Updated on October 6, 2017

Everything is true

Science, religion and conspiracy are but alternative angles of our perception. We are completely right and yet so wrong because we are simply two sides of the same coin. Heads or tails is our decision and not that of the coin. We manifested its existence and then perceived what it signifies. We made the rules and then complied by them. We decided the possible versus the impossible, the believable versus the unbelievable, our present and the future. It is our choice and we affect it.

Sound, light, dimension, time, distance, colour, creed, race, nationality and existence are our inventions, the measures of our consciousness. Yet they are dependant on what we perceive rather than what we know. Manipulating our reality is not discovery but simply mixing its eternal soup to create different waves. But it will always settle back to the reality that creation is, without denial and what it is, cannot be questioned. We are and have always been, regardless of the manifestations that we determine.

How you feel about this will affect me because my consciousness is yours.

Over to you...

© 2017 Jefsaid


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