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We go to school in to get knowledge, not to get high score

Updated on April 15, 2016

We maybe have forgotten the value of education!

Everyone knows that we have to school because of going to school is an integral part of life. In former days, children were sent to school in order to learn new, interesting things and develope understanding. Through knowledge, we have invented many useful things, helped people and built a better life. In the other hand, knowledge is a measure of human value. So, the purposesof learning is to get knowledge. But nowadays, some people have forgotten that purpose. They go to school to get high score, to show everyone how excellent they are. And we know that it is not good, right?

The purpose of learning

Learning is a process of acquiring and accumulating knowledge. From this process, we learn what is needed in life to do inventory. Having learn, we have enough knowledge to solve problem and achieve success in our life. Learning to do, learning to know, learning to live, learning to assert ourself.

Learning to know is the first purpose of learning

Human knowledge is extremely rich. But what we know is only a small drop of water while what we do not know is the immense ocean. So there are many domain needs our knowledge discovery learning. The aim of studying is to know more domain knowledge to the world around you open with a colorful future, not to open the darkness. There so we cannot backward to the era and the increasing requirements of the society.


Learning to do

"Learning means to go with practicing". Today, acquiring knowledge without forgetting what we had learned yesterday, that is what I call true learning. If we wanted that, we would study the theory of knowledge and then apply it outside the actual work to further understand this and remember that knowledge further,in order to help family, society. It is also a chance to develop our creature.

Learning to live

The study also give people the understanding of human moral. It teaches us how to deal with people in your life. In learning process, we will have many moral lessons, many good story about kindness,...Thus forming consciousness, we will practice human personality, the beautiful behavior to work well and to help other people with the virtue and necessity in the life of everyone.

Learning to assert ourself!

Learning to assert ourself is a good idea, to help us try, explore and absorb more.. The young people seem to enjoy their days with prominent, more shine. Maybe from there, that people have will power, embrace ambitious dreams, the goal of our life is more active in our life to know and achieve success. This conception has important influence is everyone's thoughts. It helps us get rid of lazy, negative thought about the school that has the will to learn, expand the mind, knowledge and endless intellectual capital worldwide.


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