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We have the Power- use it.

Updated on August 5, 2013

We have the Power

By Tony DeLorger © 2011

It is not within the realm of possibility that we mere mortals can accomplish complete control over our paths in life, indeed many of us have little or no control at all. Nevertheless our words and actions do affect outcomes in a physical sense, giving us some control, however small that may appear.

Taking responsibility for our lives and how our words and actions affect others and by consequence ourselves, is the first lesson of a life lived with consciousness. Many people choose to just float along, dealing with what comes up at the time and not considering anything else. This paradigm of thinking, or non-thinking, is an acceptable response to life’s challenges for some people. Personally, I like to know and understand the world and how it works, giving me a more complex aspiration.

I believe the more we understand of our environment, our state of existence and the human mind, capabilities and shortfalls, the easier it is to develop a positive and pragmatic view of how to live in harmony and to find happiness in life. This paradigm for me is a lifelong quest for understanding and knowledge, one that is underpinned by spirituality that for me is the core of my being.

Spirituality, quite apart from any religion, takes the basic premise of morality and uses that as a base for all thought and action. This morality is not a dogma, but a solely individual acceptance of the parameters of what I consider to be rightful and true. This singular view could be seen as existentialism, but in its application I see it as spirituality, the view that love, kindness and compassion are the most important values that a human being can acquire and express in life.

This sense of spirituality has led me to follow a path of learning that has given truth to the understanding that our thoughts and attitudes, words and actions have a profound affect on us, others and the world around us. From years of practising this understanding and watching how it works I have founded in my mind an enduring philosophy about humanity and life on earth.

Clearly, human strife comes form negative thinking and judgement. The state of the world exists because of these beliefs; hated based on difference: racial, religious or political; greed, oppression, dictatorship, corruption and seeking power over others. All these contribute to the chaos we see in our world. The sadness is even deepened more by our complacency and willingness to join the herd and propagate the bias.

Even patriotism can be dangerous as we see wars fort, supposedly on our behalf, and are so willing to hate and despise an enemy and support the propaganda. The enemy, whoever they are, are people just like us, with loving families and dreams. They are not the political or religious machines that creates war. People simply chose to hate, and war persists.

A world filled with positive thoughts would embrace compassion and acceptance; there would be no wars, no hunger and no racial or religious vilification. With positive thoughts follows actions, which in turn create positive responses. There would be a chain of positivity that could flood our little blue planet, resurrecting a paradise that we could attain on earth, if we choose to.

Love is the greatest power on earth, but only if we accept it and learn to relinguish our habitual fears and reassess life by adopting love. Hate begets hate and will continue to do so until we as individuals, change how we think and act.

Personally, I want to live in a paradise. What about you?


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    • Tony DeLorger profile image

      Tony DeLorger 6 years ago from Adelaide, South Australia

      Thanks again for reading and your comment. Glad it connected.

    • dallaswriter profile image

      dallaswriter 6 years ago from North Carolina

      I really enjoyed this! I couldn't agree with you more and am so glad to see someone who gets it! It's a shame though it takes most of us half a lifetime to get it. Your second and third paragraphs come to us when we find we are at a place where balance is shifted and sanity is on the verge of being lost. Oh personal responsibility... now I could write forever about that, just with what I know about my own self:) Voted up and awesome...