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We must be proud our heritage buildings

Updated on March 21, 2016

The old building


Fatehpur Sikri


Archaeological sources

Archaeological sources are `direct' evidences. They have a significant effect on the writing of history.

They cannot be changed or altered by human beings. They are physical evidences that are available.

Artefacts: the objects of different kinds made humans in the past are called artefacts, for example, things like metal objects, pottery, tools, ornaments, jewellery, weapons and sculptures.

They give us important clues and help us in understanding the cultural life of the past.

The objects found at Harappa and Mohenjo Daro throw light on the developmental aspect of that age. Harappa and Mohenjo Daro are 4,000 years old cities along the banks of River Indus.


Old buildings, ruins of old buildings, temples, stupas, mosques, tombs, caves, palaces and old settlements which are historically important and provide important information of our past heritage are called monuments.

Heritage building


We must be proud of our nation

India is a land of ancient civilisation. There are a large number of monuments in this country. They include palaces and mansions, mosques and tombs, temples and monasteries, pillars and stupas, churches and pagodas. Some of them are ruins today. We must take an interest in knowing about them, either by visiting these sites if we can, or else by collecting information about them. It is a great task on the part of the government having to protect and preserve these monuments.

There are people who are in the habit of making scratches and sketches on the walls of these ancient monuments, others try to climb the walls, rest against the pillars, or even throw paper packets, plastic bottles, etc. And spoil the beauty of the spots. It should never be done. It is not enough to think that policemen should always be on guard and run after people who thus damage our heritage buildings. We should respect ourselves and proud that such monuments exit in our country. It is not only the responsibility of the Archaeological Department to preserve them, but all citizens have the duty to appreciate them and under no circumstances should they damage any structure in any way. Our environment and heritage buildings are our public property. It means they belong to all people of the nation.

Parks, gardens and zoos, entertainment halls and theatres, government buildings, museums, vehicles for public use, toads and railway, shops and market places, schools and colleges, universities and training centers are all public properties. They belong to all of us. We must not damage them. Some of us have the bad habit of spitting at any place, tearing the cover of seats in buses while travelling, scratching at the back of the seats. Other pluck flowers and leaves from plants in the gardens and parks, and throw organs or banana peels at any place, resulting in accidents. Often students destroy the property of educational institutions, such as the furniture, as a ,means of protest against any particular issue that they might not have liked. These are not the correct attitude and behaviour on the part of the citizens.

We must be proud of our nation

Every living beings has the right to live. We must protect our environment, especially our forests and wildlife. We must not harm them.

our forests and wildlife



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