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Weather News is not what it used to be; Is this the end

Updated on November 9, 2016

Crazy weather

I have to admit it has been some time since I sat down and wrote anything. Lately my life has been so busy and time just gets delegated else where. So here I am once more typing away at the keys not even sure where to begin. I guess first and for most I should just tell you what has compelled me to sit here in my kitchen clicking the letters on the keyboard.
Friends, the world it self has got my mind spinning. I am not talking about the crazy politics of the world I mean that in its self could takes forever to write about. The truth is I'm noticing a horrible pattern emerging around our very planet, something big and something scary. I am talking about the end of what we all know as this current world. The changing weather and up rise in natural disasters is forever changing our world.

2016 destructive weather

The earthquakes that struck Kumamoto in Japan on 14–15 April 2016 also caused a huge landslide.
The earthquakes that struck Kumamoto in Japan on 14–15 April 2016 also caused a huge landslide. | Source
6.4 earthquake February 2016 Taiwan
6.4 earthquake February 2016 Taiwan | Source
sinkholes are appearing all over the world
sinkholes are appearing all over the world | Source
south africa January 2016
south africa January 2016 | Source

Is it the apocalypse

In the past several years natural disasters have increased by and expediental rate. More then a dozen 500 year weather events has occurred this year in the united states alone. I've always been a bit of a doomsday-er and prepper, but this past year has really woken up the food preserving pantry stocking nutter in me.
I have spoken to many people from all over the world who believe we are in the end times according to biblical prophecy. I myself can not believe in the bibles written text because as a researcher i know many of the stories where taken from previous accounts in mans earlier history. I believe the book provides many things, historic text not being one of them. That is not to say the stories are not based on truths, because I believe they are. As far as the apocalypse predictions I can not say.

I do however see truths that are occurring everyday that are affecting the whole world. It has also come to my attention that this information is not world wide and there for suppressed by most media and localised. Its a sad state of affairs when the governments of the world cant seem to come to gather and say hey something bigger then global warming is happening to our planet. The seismic activity and volcano eruptions are off the charts. world wide flooding is beyond epic proportions. I am not a fear monger but its time to spread the word about what is happening.

Here are some alarming facts.

This year alone has had as of November 8th 40,597 earthquakes 1.5 or greater across the world. That number is a bit scary. Not to mention the ridiculous amount ongoing through out the what is going on.

Thousands of floods continue to plague our world. Just in past week Indonesia and Vietnam have been hit with floods and heavy rain. This year in the USA several states some multiple times have been hit.

Iowa, Mississippi, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas,Arkansas, Kansas, North and South Carolina, Florida, Virginia, Missouri,Oklahoma, Nevada, California, new york, Colorado, Pennsylvanian, Tennessee. new jersey, Wisconsin....just to name a few..

All across the globe flooding has become a real issue. This spring and summer Europe had some major flooding in multiple countries. Germany and France got it bad, as well as Belgium, Austria, Moldova, Netherlands, Romania and many more. Major flooding all throughout Asia has displaced millions this year, India, Pakistan, many parts of China, all the islands, like Taiwan, Philippines, Indonesia and even all the way down under. Lots of flooding in Australia and surrounding countries. This mass flooding is everywhere, perhaps this is our tribulation.

These aren't the only disasters either, sinkholes are on the rise. Strange electrical storms killing people and livestock, Tropical storms are increasing year by year. Fires, drought, meteors and fireballs, and on and on. Lets not even get into the mass animal deaths across the globe this year. 56% of our animals are disappearing.

World Wide Flooding

Vietnam flooding
Vietnam flooding | Source
spring floods USA 2016
spring floods USA 2016 | Source
Albania, Montenegro
Albania, Montenegro | Source
Europe Floods
Europe Floods | Source

Not Just Global Warming

I know for the most part people will say global warming is the only explanation, well research tell us this is not the case. If it was, then why is the hole darn solar system changing. I'm not saying global warming isn't real or isn't caused by humans I'am only saying there is so much more causing whats going on.

So what is going on?

That's really the biggest question and too be honest there are many theories which in my mind could all have a hand in our recent weather phenomenon. Many theories can be way out there so I will stick to few possible ones. Obviously global warming has a lot to do with our own earth changes. The pollutants and air quality around the world has become so poisonous in places that humans should not even be living there. Besides mans discretion s, the sun it self has been causing a lot of chaos. Our sun has been on the fritz for some time. Even in recent news President Obama issued an executive order in regards to solar interference.

Scientist have long know about a mystery planetary system with in our own solar system. This system has a black dwarf star not visible without infrared spectrum, this star is our binary twin. Bet you didn't know we had a twin...anyway this system is believed to have a elongated orbit if possibly 3400 years. There is much evidence out there to convince me and many others this system is already nearing us and has been for a while causing a shift with in the whole galaxy. Our solar system could be tilting as much as six degrees. Scientist now believe this sun is draining our sun and causing more magnetic fluctuation, which has major affects on earth and all the planets.

Changing Planets

Jupiter has changed
Jupiter has changed | Source
top of Saturn..strange hexagon
top of Saturn..strange hexagon | Source

Who remembers growing up learning about our nine planets, like giants Jupiter with its enormous red spot. The storm of all storms! Well that red spot is barely there, where did it go? Well I don't know because I'm no expert but the whole planet looks different then it did 10 years ago. How about Saturn has an oddly shaped magnetosphere at the top of the planet and it has recently changes colours. Is it Autumn on Saturn? And, mars our friendly neighbour well if anyone's paying attention mars has been awakening. Yes that's right, Mars has had water discovered on it and signs of a possible atmosphere emerging. WHAT? little by little NASA and other government puppets have been slowly releasing data on all this information. Its not headline news because they don't want us to wake up and see that we truly are not the centre of the universe.So what there's another planetary system reeking havoc on our home what can we do and is this the only thing going on. well to be honest there's not much we can do except try to be prepared for anything and everything.

What other theories are out there that could be another pull on the thread to our global disasters? Well how about HAARP or CERN, what are they doing and is it weather manipulation? I definitely can not answer that but I can tell you there are plenty of people out there who believe that both these places as well as many other secret facilities around the world are contributing to strange weather phenomenon. Whether they are or aren't what they do is against the natural order,and they especially CERN might be messing with the fabric of reality its self. Who knows, but its scary and science isn't worth the destruction and dismay can causes. Sometimes we just cant have all the answers.

So what ever is going on with our planet and our whole solar system just know we are all in this together. WE all live on this earth no matter coluor religion or gender its time to embrace our home because we truly never know when these are our last days. Live happy, simply and remember family is most important. Love yourself, love one another and love our home.

Planet X... Nibiru...Wormwood....Nemisi, is it real?

Planet X information, interview, charts, maps


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