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Weather Newscasts - Can You Depend On Them?

Updated on January 15, 2009

Now I know weather people are not psychics, but over the last several years I have noticed that when the weather report says that it's going to snow a lot, to the point where they give a Weather Advisory, it either doesn't snow at all or it snows less than an inch. Then there are times when I hear nothing about snow and walk outside into a driving snow, like what happened this morning.

Perhaps the weather satellites and barometers are off. I told myself to disregard weather reports and just go with how my body feels and with how the sky looks to me. I find that provides a pretty good read for me on what's gonna come out of the sky.

Anyone else do the same?

As I write this I think about movies like Groundhog Day.  As much as I'm sometimes disappointed that a recent weather report was wrong, especially when I'm expecting it to snow (I love the snow!), I can only imagine what it must feel like to be a weather reporter.  They probably don't even monitor the weather machines, but instead simply read the report.  LOL!  Imagine being a weather reporter in your city and getting the weather wrong several times in a month.  Can't you see your friends coming up to you and asking "what's going on?" or "What's up with the weather?"

If there are any weather reporters at Hub Pages, God bless you!  I just wish you all would call the snow right more often.  I get all psyched up to enjoy the snow and not so much as one flake hits the ground after some weather reports.  The rain?  Never mind the rain; I don't care if I get wet or not.  How about you?

And how's the weather where you live? Can you rely on it?


Dee Webbing It Up!


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