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Weather proof your home

Updated on April 13, 2010

    As many of us know, the times they are a changing. No longer can we or should we spend money like we used to. I am going to give you some weather proofing tips that can save you money. It can cost well over ten thousand dollars plus to replace the windows in your home. They will guarantee you a thirty percent savings by doing this. What they don't tell you it will take thirty years to save what you spent. Here are some ways to save almost that same amount only doing it cheaper. Simply put the laws of thermodynamic state that if an object is hot it wants to cool off. Example: your cup of coffee will cool off unless an external heater is applied to it. We become aware of this law in cooler weather when we feel drafts around the doors and windows. This same thing happens in the summer only in reverse and air conditioning costs more than heating and even more so in the south. To be cost effective you must be diligent the year around. First simply walk around your house. Look for cracks and openings around doors and windows. A good investment is a good storm door front and back. Remove loose caulking and replace it with a good grade filler. Use the store brand sometimes it is cheaper but, don't use the cheapest. It can shrink and start to leak. For large openings expanding foam works well. Next inspect your windows for loose glass and rotted frames. It is easy to putty up a loose window pane. If you find a bad one don't call 911 just measure the inside both vertically and horizontally and write it down. After you have completed your inspection go to your local building supply and get costs for each bad window. Do not let them talk you into replacing all of the windows. You can replace it yourself or hire someone. You will be amazed how cheap it is to do it this way. On the rest of the windows remove the curtains one window at a time. Get a grease pencil and a cheap taper candle. Leave the wick about ¾ inch long so that it gives you a long smokey flame. Beginning at the bottom go around the window. Make sure there is not a fan blowing towards you. A bent flame or horizontal smoke will show you where the leak is. Mark the window with your grease pencil at this spot. It may take you a month of weekends to do this but, the payoff is money saved. Once you have sealed a window go back over it. If you don't open a window cover it with the clear shrink plastic after washing the window. Your home will be more comfortable if you seal up the drafts and you may notice less insects for they also come in the home through openings and cracks. During the summer run your furnace on the on setting on the thermostat. The fan will run all the time and the a/c will cycle less. This will keep the warmer air pushed to the ceiling and the cooler air to the bottom. It cost less to run a fan all the time rather that stop and start. It was designed for this. By doing this the break line where the air changes temperature stays lower and you will feel more comfortable. Remember most of the time you are in a room you are either sitting or laying. Save your money and don't let your home become your money pit.


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