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Welcome the Grey Man

Updated on January 9, 2015

Grey Man and Women

In a beautiful and wonderful society that we live in today, we are drowning ourselves in social media with sites like twitter, instagram, and facebook. As we feed on the approval from others or strive to keep in touch with our loved ones and family, in turn we become more reliant on others and technology then ourselves. As we upload more information about our lifestyles and routines, we become easier to understand and allow our next actions and thoughts to become predictable. As I see things, the bigger a target becomes, then the easier it is to take out. As people profess their deepest secrets, share private photos, and information, they become an easy target to eliminate. So this brings me to the grey man theory in which I stumbled upon a while back that led me to write this for you all. I will start with, being a grey man or women does not mean you need to disappear or vanish from your society but the key is to blend in. As you learn to blend in, you will go unrecognized, unnoticed and essentially you will be unidentifiable, safe, and FREE. The converting into the Grey Man/Women will NOT be recognized or awarded upon your transformation by others. Although in the end you will be awarded by yourself with FREEDOM.

I want to express the difficultly and hardship that letting go causes. Letting go of your social media sites, your status uploads of every move you make, your flashy clothing/cars/houses, your addiction to technology. Change is not easy; it becomes exciting at first but as the conditioning and change is occurring, it becomes more and more difficult. But like every mountain you climb, you are ecstatic at the beginning as you look face to face with the massive rock formation, as you climb, your body breaks down and the thoughts of turning back and giving up are embedded in your mind. But at that point is where DISCIPLINE needs to kicks in. As you continue climbing you reach the peak of the snow covered mountain and look over the landscape in amazement. That is the struggle of change but if you stay disciplined, joy and happiness will surround you.

With what I covered above, the understanding more into what the grey man theory is needed in order for change.

In my own definition and expression, I will interpret my rendition of the grey man.

The grey man is at peace with the world and themselves

The grey man lives for peace but is always prepared for war

The grey man can not be identified in crowds, he/she is just a blur among faces

The grey man NEVER shows off or draws attention to themselves

The grey man is one you can trust with your life, for they know what life is worth

The grey man knows how to defend themselves and loved ones with proficiency in weapons and the understanding of when and where to use them

The grey man lives a simple but fulfulling life

The grey man is agile and excellent with their mind and hands

The grey man does not rely on others to accomplish their goals, nothing is giving but EARNED

The grey man is the hardest to track for they do not leave footprints, they cover their tracks on multiple occasions and leave no trace.

The grey man uses cash and trades goods

The grey man is one with nature, they know how to grow vegetables, hunt/clean animals, they are masters of anatomy

The grey man might appear to be clueless of what is going around them, but inside they have complete and total control with their surrounds. They are fine-tuned with their environment

The grey man seeks knowledge, they strive to educate and nurture their mind and soul


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