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Were There Blood Moons in the 90's?

Updated on February 19, 2019
Lukestclair profile image

Luke has been playing video games and reading comic books since childhood. He's a bearded family man in plaid.


No Moon Puns Allowed

There's a Super Snow Moon tonight and I'm going to stay up late to see it. Just like I did for the last Blood Moon. China landed on the moon last month. I can see why the moon is so popular. It's a beautiful celestial body that does a great job with the tides and keeping bluejeans companies in business on account of all the werewolves. The Moon's schedule has been really full the past few years it seems, but there's something about the moon that has been bugging me.

Did we have Super Moons and Blood Moons in the 90's? I'm one hundred percent sure that I'd remember seeing or hearing about something so metal called a Blood Moon as a kid. Now, we've all seen a full moon. The moon coming out early in the daytime is no big deal. But with titles like Blood and Super, I'd never shut up about it as a kid.

"Luke, make sure that you stay up and see the Super Moon tonight!"
"Oh I will! I'm never going to bed again because there's literally something in the world called a Super Moon!"

Asking the Hard Hitting Moon Related Questions

Why does it feel like these moon phenomenons are just a recent occurrence to me? It could be that information in the 90's did not travel as fast as it does now, which is a huge factor. I have a rectangle in my pocket that has all the knowledge in the whole world. I have access to news as it happens which is an incredible accomplishment for humanity. That's how I found out about tonight's free Moon show.

And don't get me started on why the moon doesn't even have a proper name.

Presumed Innocent?

So who is to blame?

  • My parents? They were busy keeping 4 kids alive before Amazon Prime. My wife and I are saved the horrors of putting our children into a car and lugging them through a crowded grocery store through programs like Kroger's Clicklist. You fill out your grocery list and an employee brings it out to you and loads it into your car. It's a free service and highly recommended.
  • Teachers? They were just as stressed and underpaid as they are now. They are the human embodiment of angels and should be cherished. We'd have lost our minds on them with this Moon craziness.
  • My local Meteorologist? Now, they have no excuse. Growing up in Texas, we needed these people to be on their toes when it came to tornadoes and floods. So you know these people had to have the skinny when it came to Moon knowledge. They knew that moon goings-on should have been easily a number two after tornadoes on their priority list.

So it was the weatherman. Justice has been served. Now that I know who the culprit is, I feel like I finally have some closure. The only thing I can do now is make sure that something like this doesn't happen to any child I know. The only thing is that they'd have to stay up past their bedtime.

Hold on just a second.

It was a combination, a conspiracy that my parents and the local weatherman cooked up to keep this knowledge from me. So now the real question is "what do I do with this new information?"

What do you think?

(Read in a Jerry Seinfeld voice) What's the deal with the moon?

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