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Animal hunting, animal cruelty, whale hunting - stop killing animals, protect animals,right whale population decline

Updated on August 24, 2012

Animal testing and experimentation

bloody whaling
bloody whaling

Whaling – whales hunting

Whale population is diminishing in the oceans of the East Coast of theUnited States. If you take a look at whale population trend you would be amazed to see the decline. Whales were once abundantly found in the oceans of these areas. Human hunting of whales made whale population decline. A study made by Proceedings of the National Academy of Science stated that as per the present scenario, the whale population is doomed to extinction, and that in less than 200 years, the last right whale will die with no descendants. North Atlantic right whale is in the verge of extinction. Right whale population trends says so. These areas that were the home to large number of whales is now deprived of whales and other varieties of sea resources Gray whales the popular variety among whale species were abundantly founding the oceans ofUnited States. Extensive whaling has made these gray whales very scarce. Whaling is driving the nation to a day when a single whale will not found in the seas. Only a few hundred of them remain as per the recent reports.

Whale hunting – fall in whale population

Only about 350 North Atlantic right whales still inhabit the waters off the East Coast of theUnited StatesandCanada, according to recent population assessments, and the news only gets worse. This tiny population faces extinction in less than two centuries unless theU.S.government seriously begins to address the causes of right whale mortality. Until the early 1990s, whale population exhibited a slight increase. But commercial whaling made a big drop in whale population. However, recent studies indicate that the survival rate of right whales has declined significantly, because of hunting activities by humans. It is still a mystery why this cruel killing is allowed in seas. Authorities show a blind eye towards cruel whale killing. Human hunting of whales is very destructive.

cruel slaughter - whaling
cruel slaughter - whaling

Commercial hunting – whaling

Commercial hunting is found to be the chief cause of whale population decrease in the North Eastern United States. Whales are extensively hunted to prepare oil to cook and to heat homes, a good reason as these areas were the colder areas of theUnited States. But, as a result of the population growth, more and more oil was needed and more whales were slaughtered. This appears to be a justifiable reason but very soon the whale was driven to the brink of extinction. Numerous species of animals have become extinct as they were widely hunted by human beings for commercial and other purposes.

Commercial whaling is neither humane nor sustainable and should be banned as soon as possible. If whaling resumes we will see the decline of many species and the possible extinction of other species. Human beings, however, are least bothered about the value of these majestic creatures in sea. They hunt them down for their personal benefit. They forget the fact that the oceans are the greatest gift given to mankind and its resources should be properly taken care. The humanity’s view about ocean resources needs to change. Ocean resources must be deemed precious and must be dealt with due care. The year 1998 had ‘oceans’ as its focal point so that human beings might realize the true values of ocean resources. The human perception about oceans resources needs to undergo a big change. Human beings need a heartfelt repentance about the way they destroy ocean resources like whales and dolphins. The actual capacity and the food-producing potential of these big water bodies are wrongly estimated by human community. The wealth inside the hidden world of oceans is much below the present human estimation. The traditional view of human beings regarding oceans is that they are inexhaustible, indestructible and limitless. People still think that no matter how many whales we take out from oceans, they are millions more of them inside the waters. This is completely wrong. Oceans are going down in their resourcefulness because of several careless human activities. Human beings are completely unaware of the real consequences of their destructive activities on oceans. They always think that ocean is always capable and ‘there are more resources left’.

Antartic whaling
Antartic whaling

Stop whaling – Protect whales

People are of the belief that oceans are indestructible. They hunt extinct varieties of species in Sea. The number of whales and dolphins can be well counted. Several organisms have already become extinct. Human beings are also yet to understand that unlike what they think oceans are not limitless. Limitless oceans are available only in Arabian tales. No more there are any hidden corners in seas where human hands have not reached. Entire oceans are traced by navigators are every part is fully exploited. Human beings do not understand how much careful they should be while pulling out resource from seas. They do not understand how to deal with the rare fauna and flora. Certain variety of whales has completely disappeared from waters and some are in the brim of extinction. There are fishermen who do not even know that dolphins if caught are to be left back to the sea unharmed. The nations that catch whales have decided to fight against the global moratorium on whaling so that they can restart hunting whales. They do not mind if these precious creatures vanish away completely from the ocean face.

Sea wealth is diminishing at a fast rate due to careless human activity. The only possible way to save oceans is to control the human activity on oceans. Endangered species of flora and fauna must be protected. Rare varieties of whales and dolphins should not be allowed to be hunted by people. People should be made aware of the consequences of their thoughtless activities. Anti whaling initiatives are the need of the hour.


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    • profile image

      3 years ago

      It's Man who distory this Earth it was Man who has no careing in Life Creachers that s way God will distory them ! Who cares for them will live for ever those don't will not.

    • dhannyya profile image

      dhannyya 5 years ago

      thanks for the comment clairemy

    • clairemy profile image

      Claire 5 years ago

      I do not know how you got such graphic images, but they serve a purpose, and very well too.

      A great hub, voted up and up.