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Physical Education Activities And Gym Games for Grade School Through High School

Updated on January 19, 2017

Physical Education Games For High School Classes

They are really just little kids in bigger bodies. That's why it's important to make sure to come up with great Physical Education Activities and Games for Grade School Through High School. I have taught all grade levels in school from Kindergarten to 12th grade. The main ingredient to have successful Physical Education classes is fun. I feel its easiest to come up with physical education activities for elementary students but no matter what age group you need gym games, ideas or physical activities you need to make sure to use the element of fun, or it may be a difficult class.

Physical Education Games

Kids playing
Kids playing

Physical Education Activities

Physical Education Activities For Elementary Students Middle Grades Students and High school Students

My philosophy has always been that although the fitness, teamwork, cooperation, and learning of team sports, individual and lifetime sports are important aspects of teaching Physical Education, it is important to always include the fun, challenging and relaxing aspects into my classes as the students are so much more responsive to those things. I am constantly trying to come up with new Physical Education activities that will be challenging, active and fun for all of the age groups that I teach. I see more and more that many kids have lost the art of just having fun. Their lives seem too be to preoccupied with cell phones and other technology as well as stress that comes from so many different angles in their everyday lives. I feel I have done my job if I present them with a little bit of fun in their Physical Education classes.

As I continue, I will include a few favorites from elementary school, middle school and high school levels. I find that physical education activities, ideas and gym games are hardest to find for High School students. There are several Physical Education activities for Elementary students and Physical Education activities for Middle grades students are not too hard to find either. So that's why I will start with three awesome Physical Education Activities for High School students.

Fun In Physical Education Class


Physical Education Activities Handbook

Favorite Game In Physical Education

What Was Your Favorite Game In Physical Education

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High School PE Games

These are Three very popular High School PE games

1. Speed ball - Use a semi deflated indoor soccer ball. Two goals needed at ends of gym.

Two teams, one with pinnies. Start with a jump ball, then teams try to score by kicking into the goal, shooting a basket or throwing the ball over the end line to a teammate such as in football. Players can not dribble, only air dribble and pass. If ball is rolling or on floor, they cannot pick up, must use feet, the ball can be caught from a kicked ball.

2. Matball with a Twist - kickball with four mats in corners of the gym. Runners run around the bases twice to score. Can be as many runners on a mat as they want at one time. Can get out same ways as in kickball except there is no touching the bases for force outs. The twist is that two pitchers pitch to two kickers simultaneously. All runners can keep going until both balls get back to the pitchers. Instead of using 3 out, we use 6 outs.

3. Racquetball - close gym door and use the wall for racquetball activities - this one sure helps them to get their aggressions out.

Middle grades Students seem to be happy with just about anything that is active. I am always amazed at their willingness to learn and play. My gym classes always involve as little talking as possible and as much activity as possible.

1. Four Corner Steal The Pin - 4 teams each with different color pinnies, divide gym into 4 sections, put three pins in back corner of each section and one hula hoop somewhere in the section too as the jail. Teams try to go into other teams sections and steal a pin and bring it back to their own section without being caught. if they do, the keep the pin if not and are caught, they got to the hoop(jail) in that section. Someone on their team has to sneak over and tag their hand and then they can got a free walk back to their section. First team to lose all their pins loses, team with most pins at that point wins.

2. The Gauntlet. 5-10 Foam Balls, 15-20 items, Sideline player have balls, runners try to run down the gauntlet to other end where items worth 1 point each are and bring them back (one at a time) to other end. If hit, they are out, when everyone is out, count points then switch teams. Team with most points wins

3. Matball - Same as above using one pitcher and one ball.

4. Pirate Ball - Divide the gym into 4 quarters. One team in each section. Each team has a hoop in their back corner and a mat in their section too. Each player has a pinnie of their team color on. In each hoop are 4 small gaterskin balls each a different color.

The object of the game is to steal all of your own color ball. Whenever you're in someone elses territory you can be tagged. If tagged, you go to their mat(jail). To get out of jail, someone from your own team must come and tag you out then you get a free walk back. Person freeing you does not get a free walk

5. Barrel Ball- This is a great game for a filler between units or to play as a unit. It is played by placing one garbage barrel ( big black one you can purchase at any hardware store or Department store) under each basket at the end of the gym. Around the barrel, you make a diamond so that there is about 2 feet from line to center of the barrel on each side.

The game is played with a volleyball or that type of ball. Create two teams. The teams move the ball by passing like in basketball. There is no dribbling. Once you are in possession of the ball you must pass or shoot. You are allowed two steps when in possession of the ball before it would be called travel. No one is allowed in the diamond around the barrel ( not offense and not defense) There are two ways to score. A player can get one point by shooting the ball into the barrel or two points by shooting through the basketball hoop and the ball drops into the barrel. once the ball is shot into the basketball hoop, defensive players must let it drop to see if it goes into the barrel. If so its 2 points, if not free ball.

Out of bounds are used just like in basketball. If fouls or travel is called, other team gets possession.

Elementary students never lack enthusiasm when they come to the gym. But they still have there favorites and because this is the group that I have spent most of my time with over the last 23 years, please take my recommendations when I give them to you and you won't be disappointed.

1. 6 Ball Soccer - Use two goals, two teams and 6 balls, any player can kick any ball, when they score, game continues but they must then go get another ball to score, not same ball, when you bring kids back together, ask if anyone scored and how many. they will have all kinds of numbers for you.

2. Knock Down The Pin - Two teams, 3 pins on each side. Several balls, Object is to roll or throw balls to knock down the other teams pins. Each pin has a hoop around it, One guard is allowed for each pin but pin guard must stand outside of hoop. When pin is knocked down, guard may start throwing balls too.

3. Dogcatcher - 4 mats, groups of kids on three of the mats. give groups dog names like Dalamations, Bulldogs and Beagles. One Dog Catcher in the middle. When the Dog catcher calls your group, run to empty mat. If caught, help dog catchers.

Once in a while, the older kids like to play these games too. You're never too old for a little bit of fun. Its amazing how fast the kids become kids again when they play these games.

Well there you go. Great Physical Education Games and Ideas For High School Students as well as great Physical Education Activities for Elementary and Junior High students.

Have fun playing!

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Sideways Basketball

Play basketball with a Football. There rules of basketball apply with a few exceptions. The boundaries are the same as in basketball. When you are in possession of the football, there are only three things you can do. You can pass it, you can take three steps while holding it or you can shoot it. If the ball is knocked away and hits the floor, anyone can go for it. A point is scored when the football goes through the hoop.

This is a fun High School Physical Education Activity. It is a fun twist to regular game of basketball for High School Physical Education class.

Physical Education Fun

Favorite Physical Education Activity

What did you enjoy most about Physical Education class?

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      malonge 2 years ago from Western New York On Hubpages

      The game is a knock down the pins on scooter game. Students throw yarn balls from their own side of the court to try to know down the other teams pins. There are throwers and there are guards.

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      michelle 2 years ago

      What is the game the kids on the scooters are playing, that looks like something my kidos would like.

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