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What Are Aliens?

Updated on May 9, 2016

I grew up within an average family. Nothing out of the ordinary. We are five kids, I am child number four. My mother and step father ended up getting divorced when I was 14 years old.
At the age of 16 I started to be fascinated with the "UFO" theory. I wasn't obsessed with it, but I was intrigued with the theory. My oldest brother and youngest sister ended up going to church. A Christian church in which I attended till I was about 19, and again when I was about 20-21. During that time I learned varies things. Such as good and evil. At the age of 22 I began to reach out for information of "UFO's", I read several books and stories about encounters. I remember reading about people who saw lights and different types of unidentify flying objects, these objects were moving at increasing speeds, and changing directions in an unusual way. I remember watching different shows on Netflix about UFO as well. At that point I was wondering if UFO were real or fake. I drifted away from it until the age of 24. That's when I really started to believe. Although, I have never seen any UFO I really do believe they are out there. Now, the only question is, what are UFO's?, or better yet, what are Aliens?

Aliens are described to be 3-4 feet tall with a very distinguished head shape. There are several different types of aliens. From my knowledge there are at least 3-4. Their technology are far advanced then ours. It is said that some of our inventions were reversed engineered by crashed UFO ships. Such as Roger, which was the first known alien ship crash. I came across an article were a man who did Alien research later on became Christian. He said that he was told by God that he should give up his researches and end it. He ended up doing so, but not until he found some interesting new information that he was not aware of. This man interrogated people who claimed to have been abducted. These people said that no matter what, they couldn't talk or scream or move for that matter. Their minds were the only thing active. Afterwards, they found that the couldn't really remember the whole experience. They also stated that they were marked or that they strangely appeared with a mark somewhere in their bodies. They say that you can end up with anxiety as well. The man was told that you can not escape abduction, that you have to lay there and deal with it. He later found out that, that may have very well been a lie. He came across a few people that stated that they sang a song about Jesus, or cried out to Him, or prayed in their mind. He later visited his colleges and notified them of his new discoveries and they replied stating that they were not allowed to disclaim that, and that he isn't allow to let anyone know that. It really had me wondering. Are aliens really demons in disguised? With that knowledge, I was left wondering if aliens are really another type of species or if aliens were really demons. The answer isn't really clear. And, in my eyes, it can very well be either. I believe that aliens is a recondite matter to us. Although, it may seem like we may know a lot.

It seems as if Aliens can pretty much be anything. Different people have their own perspective towards it. Some people do not even believe. And, should they? Who's to say that aliens even do exist. Unless we physically see it with our own eyes, people do not believe. We live in a world of secrets. We may never know the real truth. We the people, have lost privacy, but those above us haven't lost their privacy. We live in a world where things are hidden from the public. With thousands of people indicating that they had an encounter with an alien or seen spacecraft. And, although I haven't physically seen anything myself, I do believe that there are aliens out there. Space is just too big for us to be the only ones here. I'm not all that gullible, there are things that I don't really believe in. I have trouble think that the big foot exist. I find aliens are harder to detect then any living creature in this world. But, what are aliens? Are they demons? Or are they creatures that look upon us to protect us? Can they be from the future? At this point, I really don't think anybody knows what aliens really are. And, I doubt we know if they can be friends or foe.


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