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What Are the Effects of Wind Energy on Wildlife?

Updated on April 12, 2015

Lucus Putting Together the Wind Turbine Experiments Kit


Science fair projects usually have a singular focus, i.e. biology or energy. However, the more complex project can take a collaborative approach and combine concepts from multiple subjects areas. One great combination of scientific areas of concentration that works well for science fair projects is the combination of wind energy and wildlife. When combining these two foci in a single project you will need to explore how they impact and interact with one another.

Above you see a 7th grader assembling the wind turbine for his science fair project. He lives in a small town in Canada and they featured his experiment in the local drug store window. When kids do these projects they become aware of environmental issues.

The Ecology of Wind Energy

When you crack into your discount packages for wind turbine experiment kits you need to be thinking about how you want to approach your science fair projects. If you want to examine how wind energy impacts wildlife, then you will want to start by examining the ecology of wind energy. Ecology is a field of study that examines systems of life. These systems include both organic and inorganic factors.

Theecology of wind energy needs to focus on some aspect of wind energy. For example, you can explore how mining for raw materials used in producing wind turbines impacts ecosystem stability, or you can explore how wind farms impact local ecosystems. Asking questions about how wind farms change ecosystems is a great place to start learning about the ecology of wind energy.

Wind Turbine & Solar Science Fair Kit - Intermediate

Wildlife Science Fair Projects

Wildlife science fair projects are very popular. This is because they deal with animals and because they can take advantage of local wildlife populations. In order to develop a winning wildlife science fair project you need to be innovative. This means that you need to find an angle that will make your project stand out from all of the others at the science fair. A good way to do this is to pair wildlife concepts with wind energy concepts.

A fascinating project that you can develop will examine how wildlife responds to wind farms. For this project to be practical you will need to live near a wind farm and you will need permission to conduct your observations on the wind farm and on another patch of land that has a similar size, but that is not used as a wind farm. The non-wind farm patch of land will act as your control site and the wind farm will be your test site. You will make observations about the number of species that are found on the farm, the type of animals that are on the farm and the types of behaviors that they are demonstrating. You can then note any differences between the non-wind farm site and the wind farm site.

Wind Farm Impacts

When it comes to impacts onwildlife wind farms have the largest impact. To start with a wind farm requires a lot of open space. In order to acquire this open space trees and plant life need to be removed. The land may also be leveled to make installing the wind turbines easier to do. These processes of changing the landscape destroy native ecosystems and displace many species of plants, animals and insects. This in turn impacts food chains and natural biotic balances.

Once a wind farm has been established wildlife has to deal with the physical properties of wind turbines. Wind turbines produce an air obstacle for birds and other flying animals. The turning of the blades can produce turbulence and disturbances to natural wind currents and impact the ability of birds to migrate safely through a specific area. Wind turbines also produce noise pollution. This noise pollution can scare off animals and even damage the hearing of animals with sensitive hearing systems.


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    • ScienceFairLady profile image

      ScienceFairLady 7 years ago

      It is true that it seems that other forms of energy have more detrimental effects on life at the same time are we trading one effect for another?

      There is a new windmill that has just been developed that does not affect bird as well as being much quieter. Hope this one is better than what we have.

      What is so amazing about humans is that we are equally resourceful when it comes to improvement as well as destruction.. like the ying and yang of life!

    • profile image

      khmohsin 7 years ago

      I've read your hub and found it really interesting. Wind energy is really effecting on wild life.. but according to my personal analysis I have seen many adverse effects of other energy generation ways like, coal burning, atomic energy etc...

      Energy from Wind and water have minimum effects on environment, but other sources of energy generation are highly dangerous. Please also write a hub on the benefits of Wind Energy.

      They era, we are living now, are totally dependent on energy - electricity. And we can't think to live without it. I am not against your views but I want you to write also on the benefits and advantages of Wind Energy.


      Thanks for writing such informative hub.

      I really appreciate your efforts.