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What Builds Confidence - See a Perfect Entertaining Example!

Updated on September 30, 2017
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Imran is an anthropologist, communications manager, and trainer who coaches people in self-improvement.

A Must Have Quality

Confidence. We must all have it.
The presence of it makes you shine whereas its absence breaks and fails you.
You and I know much about confidence, but are we truly really always confident?
We are only humans and can't be perfect. We still do wonders. Don't we?
Being nearly perfect we achieve success in many tasks, can you think and wonder, if you are adequately confident every time, what better can become of yourself?
This article will give you a demonstration of how confidence succeeded and overshadowed the nervousness that once briefly existed in the same task.
Watch it and find yourselves, believers.
Let's first accede what builds the confidence.

Attributes That Showcase Confidence

Don't think much. It's no incomprehensible theory. It's rather easy. In simple words, it's you.
Yes, it's you who builds your confidence.
You do it through belief. The belief in yourself.

Then comes how you move further with the use of these:

  • i) Presentation

Well, you must certainly know and have the way you are going to put forth your performance or any other activity. Leave the uncertainties to the minimum.

  • ii) Voice

The tone of your voice could be very impactful if used correctly. The thing is, the proper inflection of your voice just doesn't last for a moment. It becomes a memory. Whenever I perform, the tone of my voice benefits me in delivering the right message in the most powerful manner.

  • iii) Expressions

Over expressions kill the essence of any good activity. Be assertive if nothing. You are at a place to convince others with confidence. Not to make a fool of yourself.

  • iv) Body language

If you have learned your task/project/activity appropriately with the right attention to the essential details, your body language will correctly correspond to the action. Otherwise, you will only be a fool indeed.

Nervousness, incomplete knowledge, fear, lack of skill, and everything else (circumstantially) that may weaken you are the enemies of your confidence.
Have them in you and you may not succeed. And if you somehow do, it will be less satisfactory; not wow though.
Having said that, you have also learned what you cannot lack.
Let's begin to have a closer look.

Do Not Lack These

  • 1) Belief:

If you can't believe you can do it, you better not. Leave it and do something you have more faith in.
You don't want to face bitter experiences, do you?
So don't be unsure of this fundamental characteristic.

  • 2) Lack of skill:

Many a times, you like something, but you are not good at it as you don't have the trait.
Hey! Don't worry.
The best thing about a skill is that you can learn it.
Willpower, determination, and hard work will develop the skill in you. Once you have learned it, you shall find an exceptional boost in your confidence.
On the other hand, lack the skill, and kill your performance.

  • 3) Missing strength, boldness, and bravery:

You need to be strong.
Strength is weird, expansive, hopeful, and abstract.
It's not physical only. It's more valuable and effective intangibly.
Heard of a strong mind? That's what I am talking about.
If your mind, thinking, and facts are strong, even if you are weak in communication, you will communicate confidently - good enough to make all understand and believe you.
Boldness, as ever, is intimidating and shut many mouths.
Brave people are confident and confident ones are brave.
Try these and see yourselves racing ahead of all.

What is Okay for the Decline in the Confidence But Needs Overcoming?

  • 1) Fear

Call it nervousness, fear or worry.
It's okay to be afraid, but don't over think and worry much.
If you have the talent, knowledge, and strength, you can't disappoint. If you are too afraid, you are not sufficiently prepared.
Common, don't spoil your performance when you can create wonders.
What a shame it would be if you messed up just because you were alarmingly and inadequately nervous or fearful.

Helpful Tip 1:

A) Do roleplay.

B) Note down the crucial points.

C) Remind yourself of those points.

D) Don't memorize - Keep keywords in mind.

  • 2) Circumstances:

Remember, at times, things will not go as you planned. That will hit your confidence highly.
Confidence is real when you show it in unexpected and unforeseen circumstances.

Helpful Tip 2:

A) Be alert.

B) Be prepared that you might face uncertainties.

C) Have a plan B.

D) Remember, you need to improvise not to worsen situations further.

How can Confidence Build If Everything Else Goes Wrong?

One thing that will boost your performance immensely upward is QUALITY.
If your task/job/work is qualitative, you will end up doing it confidently.
The level of your interest and passion will make you ideal.
The standard of your hard work, concentration, determination, and meticulousness will define your quality.

A Must Watch Video

This video is a wonderful explanation of how a nervous candidate managed to win cheers, applause, and admiration from everybody.
Look, enjoy, and see how quality and confidence made him succeed.

The song was sung in English, but the conversational language was not English.
Did it really matter?
The demonstration solemnly and singularly speaks all about how his confidence glorified him.

Initially, he was nervous; so nervous that he couldn't bring out the best of himself. Lack of confidence also made the poor guy cough at the start of the song. But, he didn't give up. He took his time, kept faith in himself, improved his quality, continued believing, kept on performing, and, BANG! He rocked it!

At last, all of them cheered for him and applauded for his brilliant performance. All the judges wanted him in their teams!

Your confidence can make you win!!

What Makes You More Confident?

Practicing your tasks well before it actually happens helps you adapt and adjust and gain a comfort level.
If the focus is crystal clear in your memory, it pivots the way to success. Living the scene in the mind will give a De javu experience when it actually happens.

How to Become Blindly Confident?

The answer is easy. Through experience.
Your experience helps you get the knack of the environment and atmosphere of your trait and profession. Whereas learnings make you become more confident than before.
If you do tasks as they are your mojo, soon; you may not require practice as well. You will be automatically confident.
That's what must be the goal.
That gives more courage and assurance to try other tasks as well.

Confidence is you!

To sum-up, you are the controller of your surety. You can easily represent yourself with it. The way you do is, is in your hands and personality.

I will end this article with a proverb that I made:

''The thing about confidence is that, Do not break it by yourself because there are already many out there wanting to destroy it.”... Imran Khan

© 2017 Imran Khan


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